Month: March 2020


Today (3/23) I delivered 133 masks to our hospital in Newport.  These were made by only 6 members! From what I can ascertain, our two hospitals have set aside Mon, Tue and Wed of this week from 2 to 4 pm to accept [...] Read More »

More info on Hospital Masks

I’ve had a lot of questions come in today about the facemasks for the hospital. I thought I would summarize them and put them out for everyone to read, and hopefully this will clear up some of the confusion. 1. The in[...] Read More »

Healthcare Masks Needed!

COMMUNITY QUILTERS We have received a request from our local hospitals (Newport and Lincoln City) to make cotton masks in the wake of shortages they are experiencing currently with this pandemic.  I'm attaching a PDF[...] Read More »

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