Month: May 2020

Veteran’s Quilt Project Update and 2020 Raffle Ticket Sales

Veteran's Quilt News [caption id="attachment_5242" align="alignnone" width="617"] Jerry Pryor receiving a Veteran's Quilt via "Porch Drop" presentation.[/caption]    The March 20th Quilt Presentation was canceled b[...] Read More »


At least it feels like that to me sometimes, and I'm sure it does to many of you also. I was beginning to feel like we were in a slowing down phase for the need for more masks, and then this afternoon I received a c[...] Read More »

Keeping in Touch

Hello Guild Members: Here are the contributions I received for our post on keeping in touch with one another . I'd like to highlight the Round Robin Quilt Medallions that many of you helped make for Community Quilt[...] Read More »

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