Paperless Paper Piecing Tutorial


Paper piecing makes this block crisp and bright. If you are careful and frugal in your use of the red and white provided, you may have enough to make 2 blocks. Use one for a jaunty community quilts pillow. You will need to find a medium blue and a dark blue from your stash. When blocks are sewn together, the red becomes a star where four blocks intersect.


I used the paperless piecing method to create the pinwheel block. Because you are not tearing the paper, the templates can be used over and over again. Trace the two templates on the non shiny side of a piece of freezer paper, number them and indicate fabric selection to speed the piecing.
Cut out the fabric as indicated except if you want to make two blocks, don't precut the rectangle to be used as the triangle in the corner. I found that there was enough excess in the center cream piece to make the triangle piece. You also should be able to get two of the red pieces from one of the precut rectangle pieces. Use one of the larger pieces of the cream tone on tone and iron it to the shiny side of the freezer paper - wrong side to shiny side. This will hold the fabric to the template and eliminate the need for pins.
Fold back the paper along the line between piece 1 and 2. Trim seam to 1//4" and place the medium blue pinwheel piece with right side to right side of background. Just by folding the paper back, you can easily check to make sure you have good coverage with the blue piece. It should fit within the folded back template with a 1/4 inch seam allowance all around.
Sew close to the folded edge of the paper.
Fold the second piece out and press the seam. This will also secure your second piece to the template.
Repeat the previous steps with the red piece and the background triangle. Each seam should be right along the folded edge of the paper - not through the paper.
Trim the unit to include the 1/4" joining seam allowance.
Carefully peel the freezer paper template and reuse. You will make 4 of the I units and 4 II units.
Sew one I unit to one II unit being careful to match the seams of the red stripe. Press. Make 4 blocks like this.
Square up these four blocks to 6.5 inches.
Sew the four blocks together to create the pinwheel. Press and square to 12.5 inches.
Write your name on a seam allowance on the back. Repeat the process to make a pillow if you like.



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