Quilt Guild Boutique Procedures

The “Boutique” part of the Quilt Show is a place for members to sell hand made items, books, magazines, fabric, etc. The guild will receive 13% of each member’s sales.  An increase was approved in 2011 to cover the cost of credit card sales which amount to about ½ of total sales.

Procedures are as follows:
Call or e-mail the Boutique Co-Chairperson, Joan Johnson, at 541-547-5498 to obtain a consignment number.  You may also sign up at the May, June, and July Guild meetings.

All entrants in the Boutique MUST complete an inventory form covering all of their items.  Please make sure that each entry has a UNIQUE Item Number.  Forms are available on the guild web site either as a fill-in form with Word or as a PDF which you can print and fill in manually.  Make and keep a copy for your records.

To maintain consistency, we provide white string tags which may be obtained at the May, June, or July Guild meetings.  Use only these tags.  You may use your own tags if they are STRING TAGS of the same size.  Attach to textile items with a small safety pin.  No straight pins should be used for ANY purpose on ANY item. On hard surface items, attach white string tag with adhesive dots or tape. These price tags need only three bits of information: consignee’s identification number, item number and price. It helps if you list what the item is in case a tag becomes detached.
The following format works best:


The first number is the consignee number, the second is the item number, and at the bottom is the price.  SO if you have 10 pincushions you would number them 110-1, 110-2, 110-3 etc. even if they are identical.  We need an item number for each item.

Please bundle and tie fat quarters in groups if at all possible. Please do not price items less than $1.00 and in increments of 50 and up.  On larger fabric pieces, please tie in neat bundle and indicate total yardage. (Avoid plastic bags for fabric pieces – they tend to slip off the table!)

On Thursday – Set up day for the show – bring the following to the Boutique area and wait your turn to be checked in.

  • Your completed inventory form (keep a copy for your records)
  • A signed insurance waiver if you do NOT have entries in the show
  • Your priced and tagged items to match your inventory form

On Saturday, after the close of the show, left over merchandise needs to be inventoried with a boutique worker prior to removal from the Boutique. Please be patient, we’ll do this close out as promptly as we possibly can.

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