• We encourage each member to enter at least one quilted item in the show. Entries must be a finished quilted piece, consisting of three layers and quilted by hand, machine, or tied (excluding Art Quilts).
  • Only OCQG members in good standing by the June general membership meeting prior to the show are eligible to enter quilts/items. Quilts must be made by or owned by an OCQG member. If made or quilted by someone else, identify them on the entry form.
  • A 4" sleeve is required for all quilts except wearables, miniatures, and For the Furniture.  In addition, miniatures and other “flat” items such as table runners must also have a sleeve, but it can be smaller—just wide enough that a ½” dowel will fit through it.   Quilts without adequate sleeves will not be accepted for the show.   Sleeve instructions will be published in the OCQG newsletter and on the OCQG web site.
  • Entry forms may be submitted anytime up to the July 5th deadline—No exceptions!
  • Multiple entries will be accepted in each category. If there is insufficient hanging space for all entries, the hanging committee will make the choice of items that give each member an opportunity to show their work. A completed entry registration is required for each item.
  • Individual quilts will be hung at the discretion of the quilt show chairperson(s), taking into account the number of entries from each member, number of entries in a given category, etc.
  • Fill out the label provided with entry forms and baste it to the lower right hand corner (as you look at the back) of your quilt , or on the inside of the garment. No pins are allowed.
  • Quilts for sale hanging in the show will have a "FOR SALE" tag attached with the owner's name, phone number, and price. You must indicate on your entry form if the quilt is for sale or not.  Sales will be through the boutique. Owners will pay 13% commission to the guild.  Lists of quilts for sale will be at the boutique.
  • Quilts must be completely finished including hanging sleeve and delivered to Attonement Lutheran Church on Monday the week of the quilt show. If you are unable to come to Newport on Monday, your entries must be delivered to your chosen depot by the Saturday before. No entries will be accepted at the show site.   Bring the completed receipt for each entry to the drop off site. It will be signed, numbered, and returned to you to keep for the return of your quilts after the show. You must have your signed receipt to pick up your quilts.
  • Items for Activity area, Boutique, or Children's Corner are to be delivered to the Quilt Show Site Thursday before the start of the show.
  • Take down will be Saturday after 4:00 p.m. No items may be removed prior to that time. Your items may be retrieved from your Depot Chairman at the show site between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. or you may make arrangements with your Depot Chairman to pick up your quilts the following week. If you have not made arrangements to pick up your quilt(s), or with someone else to pick them up, or with your depot person for return, we cannot guarantee that your quilt(s) will be returned in a timely manner. This is YOUR responsibility.

Quilt Show Policy for group items entered for display only:
Quilts produced from challenges by satellite groups within the guild or by members at large in the guild may be entered and hung together for display purposes only with the following stipulations:

  • A chairperson will be named for the challenge group whose responsibility will be to:
    • Notify the quilt show chairs of the request for a challenge display by the May general meeting
    • Notify the hanging committee by the deadline for registration of the number of quilts and the size of each so that space requirements can be calculated and allocated
    • Notify the registrar by the registration deadline with the following to be included in the program book
      • The challenge rules and requirements
      • The names of each participant
    • Collect and hold insurance waivers for each quilt
    • Collect and hold quilts and bring to the show site on hanging day
    • Hang the quilts in the space designated by the hanging committee
    • Return quilts to participants after the show
  • Quilts entered for display only will not be assigned entry numbers in the show and will therefore not be eligible for show ribbons or viewer’s choice awards 
  • In the event that there is limited hanging space, show entries will be given highest priority followed by the official guild challenge and row robin entries and finally satellite group displays.
  • Quilt Show co-chairs have the final authority on whether or not displays will be hung.



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