Hanging Sleeve Instructions

Extra fullness on the sleeve accommodates the rod without bulging.  Measure the width of the quilt between the bindings but not including them.  Cut a strip 9” wide by this length.  If the length requires two strips, join the strips with a 1/4” seam allowance; press seam allowances to one side.  Hem the short ends by folding under 1/2”, pressing, then folding and pressing once more.  Blindstitch by hand or topstitch close to the edge of the hem.  Fold the sleeve in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and press.  Bring each cut edge to the center fold and press.  These two folds are your sewing guides -- press them crisply.  Unfold and, wrong sides together, sew the length of sleeve with a 1/2” seam allowance.  Finger press the seam open.

With seam allowance against the lining, center the sleeve and pin the top fold about 1” below the binding.  Smooth the sleeve against the lining and pin at bottom fold.  Using thread to match, blindstitch along both folds and ends of sleeve.  To reduce the pull on the lining, catch some of the batting in the stitches (but not the front of the quilt!).

Remove any quilt marking that still shows. A nice finishing touch is to label your quilt by embroidering your name, city and date on the back of the quilt.



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