At least it feels like that to me sometimes, and I’m sure it does to many of you also.
I was beginning to feel like we were in a slowing down phase for the need for more masks, and then this afternoon I received a call from the Newport Hospital with a new request.  They are opening up some of their clinics and requiring anyone coming in to wear a mask.  If they don’t have one, the hospital is providing one for them.  They are already experiencing getting close to running out, and so have asked if we could provide them with more masks.  I am making what I believe will be my last delivery to the school district on Wednesday, but I have some set aside to give to the hospital also.
Please keep making masks for our community.  Our drop off locations are now:
Quiliters Cove, weekdays 11:30 to 2
Ruth’s Family Fabrics, Tu – Sat, 2 – 4 (back door)
I plan to pick up on Wednesdays for sure and maybe Fridays as well.  Both shops now have elastic for sale.  I also have some elastic and can deliver it to you if you give me a call.
Thanks so much to all of you for your continuing support.  I hope you appreciate and understand the importance of your work.