QS-Committee Chairs

Quilt Show Committee Co-Chairs

Jackie Stankey, Jean Amundson
Darcy de la Rosa

Sub-Committee Responsibilities

We need to fill in the blanks!

Quilt Show Task Responsible Person

Angell Job Corps coord

Diane Tillotson

Ballot counting

Phoebe Hein


Gail Chipman, Judy Line, and others

Budget/finance tracking

Janet Sylvester

Café decorations

Challenge Committee

Challenge quilts

Ginger Dale and Phoebe Hein

Children’s corner

Georgia Sabourin and Janice Sushereba


Flyer distribution

Meralee Wilsoon

Grab bags

Bev Ohngren

Guild Activities

Lois Pleger, Beth Nicholson

Hostess coord (workers @show)

Inside signs

Linda MacKown

Judge contract

Jean Amundson

Judging support

Pat Laub, Lana Pries, Marylynn Kleeman, Linda


Large gym hanging coord


Rose Shaw, Becky Mershon

Newspaper publicity

Jean Amundson

Outdoor signs

Janet Webster and crew

Parking coordination

Saturday Mkt, Jean Amundson

Pipe, drape stand coord

Posters, PC design

Susan Cronenwett

Pre-show publications, ads

Program book editor

Ruth Johnson and Velma Freudenthal

Program book ads

Darcy de la Rosa

Quilt intake, return

Pat Laub, Lana Pries, Marylynn

Kleemann, Linda Stroup

Quilt sales coordinator

Debbie Mosley

Raffle quilt ticket sales

Phyllis Mitchell

Rec Center interface

Jackie Stankey and Jean Amundson


Melissa Hollenbeck

Ribbon ordering

Linda Reeve and Jane Towsley

Ribbon pinning

Janet Scanlon and Janet DeSau

Show layout

Jane Szabo

Small gym hanging coord

Small quilt auction

Lisa Taylor, Joy Johnson, Laura


Sponsored ribbons

Teecia Cornelius

Storage coordination

Diane Tillotson

Takedown table coord

Thursday potluck

Barbara Kenzel and Guild Hospitality Committee

Treasure hunt

Ruth Hutmacher

Truck rental, load, unload

Diane and Steve Tillotson

Upper railing hanging coord

Ruth Johnson

Vendors, café

Kathleen Ritzman, Meralee Wilson, Lindanne Purdue

Venue clear-out coord

Nan Scott

Veterans quilt project

Sonny Hamner, Twy Hoch