2020 Challenge Quilts Displayed Online

All current members with an email address should have received an email invitation Saturday (6/13) to view the entries and cast a ballot.  In case you missed the email or did not receive it for some reason, here is what you missed:

We have some amazing creativity in this guild! Click HERE to go directly to the web site to see the entries.  Every entry has 2 pictures: one of the entire quilt and one of some detail within the quilt.  There are 15 entries eligible to receive a vote.  The 16th was disqualified because it was entered past the deadline, but it is certainly worthy of display.  Scroll through as many times as you like.  I know it will be hard to make up your mind.  Write down the entry number of your choice for first, second, and third place among the entries.

Because we are not able to meet together to cast and collect ballots, we had to get a little creative to find a way to do this fairly and efficiently.  When you click on the link to cast your ballot, you will be taken to a Google form that records your email address and name and your choices.  Email addresses and names will be separated from your vote before tallying so your vote will be anonymous.  Names are required to ensure member only voting and your email address allows you to get a receipt confirming that your vote was received.  One vote per member, please. No ballot stuffing, especially considering we’re celebrating our right to vote!  All ballots must be submitted no later than July 9 by midnight.

Then when you are ready, click HERE to cast your ballot online.

Thanks for voting!

Winners will be announced sometime after voting closes on July 9th.  Stay tuned.

Nan for Jean Amundson and Velma Freudenthal (co-chairs)