A Note from Diane:


Can you imagine standing in front of your home and seeing a pile of ash?  Can you imagine having  your home completely damaged by smoke from the fire? Can you imagine the feelings that rush through your body from losing everything that you have worked so hard for… gone?  Can you imagine the sadness of your keepsakes all up in ashes?  Can you imagine your quilting room completely gone!!?  Can you imagine the feelings when seeing your house gone??…….I CAN NOT IMAGINE, but one of our guild members, Nancy Cross, can!  There are also several of our members that have homes damaged by smoke: Pat Lay, Nancy Payne, Diane Church, Kathleen Holt, Michelle Newman, Jacque VanDamme, Pat Clark and other Otis and Lyons homes were smoked damaged!  Guild members, you may not be able to imagine having your home damaged or burnt by fire but you can help our sisters in the guild by giving.  Yes, our guild is collecting cash (checks) donations and/or gift cards (Amazon preferred) for these ladies that have suffered so much.  100% of what is collected will be donated to our guild ladies that have needs from the fires.  So please give generously to this fund!  Please send your checks made out to OCQG marked Fire Fund, and/or gift card donations to our post office box OCQG, PO Box 382 South Beach, OR 97366.   Any questions please call Diane Tillotson 541-223-1093 or Rose Shaw 541-961-2959.  

Thank you ladies for being a giving, generous guild and blessing our sisters in need!!  You are loved!

Diane Tillotson, President 541-223-1093