Feb. 10th Program MaryBetts Sinclair – Preventing upper body tension

MaryBetts SinclairMaryBetts Sinclair has been a massage therapist for 45 years and is a former Emergency Medical Technician. She has practiced massage in many different environments, including chiropractic and physical therapy clinics, Third world clinics, homeless shelters, and decades of seeing people right in Corvallis. She also writes massage therapy textbooks. She as made tremendous improvements in her own eyesight and taught natural vision classes for many years as well. However, it was not until spending many years trying to help clients with chronic upper body tension, that she came to understand how vision issues can undo the effects of massage in a very short time, and tension return again in no time.. She is also a dedicated sewer and has decades of happy memories of making quilts, clothing and gifts- from hot water bottle covers to bicycle saddlebags- for her friends and family.

Reminder: This months meeting will be Zoom only – No in person meeting

To find out more visit: https://www.marybettssinclair.com