Membership Fees and Online Vendor Shopping

A Note from Maria Hunter regarding Guild Membership

Hello everyone:
It is that time of year again to remind us all to renew our memberships with the OCQG.
I know we are all feeling the loss of the fellowship that we gain from this fabulous group of ours. It is amazing the hard work of so many people that so much of our guild programs and community commitments remain on track and thriving. I know that Community Quilters has been very busy getting a new space arranged and set up to continue on their mission. And I am amazed at the group who continue to do Veteran’s Quilt of Honor projects. They never seem to slow down!
That being said, beyond those two arms of our guild, there is still so much going on behind the scenes to keep the foundation of the guild up and running through the executive board and other members. We discuss each month how to cover our baseline needs and financial commitments. We still have storage rent, printing costs, etc to cover. That is where our membership dues come in to play. They make the wheels go round on this bus of ours.
So ladies and gents, time to fill out our forms and send in our checks as a vote of hope that this next year will be better. It will be forever different, but better would be nice.
The instructions are on the form in our Guild directory. You can use the form from the directory itself or print it from the website
Please fill out the form and send with a check to the Guild’s PO Box. Checks are to be made payable to OCQG or Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild.
Please write NO CHANGES on your form is you have not contact information to be changed in the directory. This saves us countless hours of checking to compare information between your check and the directory. Thank you for that.
Membership dues are due by December 31, 2020 (who else hopes that day is the end of this current climate of disaster?) and are delinquent after January 14, 2021. A delinquent account means that you will not be included in the 2021 (year of change!) directory and we would NOT want to have that!
So fill out your forms, write your checks, and hope for a better year!!!!

Quilt Show Vendor Shopping Opportunities!

Did you miss getting to shop at our quilt show? Are you having symptoms of “Quilts by the Sea” shopping withdrawal? Thanks to Kathleen Ritzman, who signed potential vendors early and to Darcy de la Rosa, who saved the list, we have a dozen of vendors who would love to hear from you!

Here is the list, with online addresses as available, so shop away:

Quilted Pictures, (Eugene), photos on fabric, patterns

Silver Quilts, email (Newport), fabric, patterns, etc

Sew Hound, (Siletz), fabric, patterns, etc.

LC Brown Creations, email, also in Etsy (Elk City, OR)

Sojourn Collection, email (North Plains, OR), hand dyes, silk, batiks

Chicks and a Rooster, (Sutherlin, OR), quilting supplies and fabrics

Threads that Bind, (Coos Bay), quilt fabric and supplies

Quiltin’ Time, on Facebook (Springfield, OR), wide backs

The Wool Club, (Salem), wool, patterns

Grammy G’s Treasures and Notions, on Facebook (Palouse, WA)

Bee Unique Designs, (Omak, WA), embroidery software designs

B J’s Quilts, on Facebook (Cloverdale) fabric, notions, patterns

And while you’re at it, don’t forget the wonderful “brick and mortar” shops in Lincoln, Lane, Linn, Tillamook, and Benton counties! These local area stores are valued supporters of our guild. We also are lucky enough to have wonderful longarm quilters: Lisa Taylor, PT Quilters, Jen Reinhart, and Twisted Sisters.

Last but definitely not least, consider our own OCQG merchandise: panels, clothing, and who knows what all they’ll come up with! Contact Becky Mershon, Rose Shaw, Elda Lee Carnes, and Judy McCoy.

Jean Amundson