Thanks Volunteers! Only 22 more Quilt Show Volunteers Needed

Hello Everyone!

Thank you everyone who volunteered!

Below is my final table of the volunteers for the quilt show. As you can see, we have just a few holes. Send me an email if you can fill any holes. I will be camping with my family in Washington state from July 25-29. I will be offline (email and phone) during that time. On Saturday, July 30, I will answer any email associated with the volunteer schedule. My email is:

7-24-22 Fin Quilt Show Signups 22 Open Spots

Some notes:
1. If your name does not match what you requested, but the time will work for you, I appreciate your flexibility.
2. The Roamers are coordinated by Gail Chipman. If you signed up as a roamer, please clarify your assignment with her. Apologies for any confusion.

I am learning about quilting from this experience. It takes many varied and contrasting pieces to make a beautiful quilt. Although the vision is there, sometimes we don’t see the total beauty of the quilt until it is completed! You volunteers are important pieces in our quilt!

Peace and blessings,