2021 Quilt Auction Update

Hello everyone, we are making progress on our new project “The Online Quilt Auction”.

We have been given many beautiful quilts, table runners and a beautiful handbag for our Auction.  Thank you everyone that has donated one or more of your pieces of ART.  Since this is new to all of us, we have determined that we need the “Donatee’s” (the people that donate) to fill out a form for each item they donate.  We realize there are some that will not be identified, and we humbly accept them.  But in our research, we have discovered that when there is a lot of information about an item, people get interested in the provenance of the project and become attached to the Quilt.

Auction Quilt Form (pdf)

If possible, please fill out the form for any items that you have donated for our Auction.  I know that many of you have already taken your items to the Stations and if not possible we understand.  These forms are available on our OCQG WEB.  We must write up statements for the Auction and the more information we have the better our writeups will be.

Auction Quilt Form (pdf)

Each wall quilt should have a hanging sleeve on wall quilts and every item should have a label with:

    • maker name
    • quilter’s name
    • the date created
    • your location

Here are some key things for our Auction:

  • By Aug. 15th, Drop off your auction quilt and projects with the completed Auction Quilt Form (pdf) at any of these locations:

Stations (Homes)

Yachats                        Viki West

Waldport                     Jane Szabo

Newport                      Jean Amundson

Lincoln City                  Rosanne Berton

  • By Aug. 15th Volunteers are needed to help hang the quilts for our photo shoot on Aug 17th, please call Chris Benedetti 206-707-3919 by Aug 15th. We will be hanging one Quilt for pictures and taking down another most of the day.  We could use a few extra hands.
  • Aug. 17th Quilt Auction photos being taken at the Newport Library from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Photos will be used on 32Auctions.com WEB site.
  • Sep. 5th through Sep. 26th – Online Quilt Auction – Chris will be confirming the web address and more information will be available at a later date about the Auction.
  • We want all of your help to get the word out to Family and friends closer to the Auction time.   Don’t forget to share our auction with family and friends that are far away.  Have them tell their family and friends.  The beauty of this Auction is that People around the World can participate.  Your Quilts can be loved in any country around the world.