Quilt Documentation Dates for 2023

Newport documentations take place at various locations from 9:30 to 3:30. Members are invited to bring brown bag lunches for the break at noon. Please call if you would like to schedule a date for your quilt or if you know of non-members who have quilts, tops, etc. of all ages to document.  Members interested in quilt and textile history are invited to participate.  If you have any questions please call JoAnne Sedlacek, 541-602-7360.

Dates for 2023 are: Lincoln County Historical Society Carriage House, Newport, 4/15, 9/23, and 10/14.  North Lincoln County Museum, Lincoln City, 5/13.

If you have any older quilt you want documented or have finished a quilt or two, please contact Janice Hamner at 541-999-5244 or her email at We are looking forward to seeing you.