April Blog “EXTRA”

Here are a few articles that should have been included in the April Blog so you get an “EXTRA” this month – nothing fancy, just the facts, M’am.

Quilt Show Roster

The quilt show co-chairs are thrilled with the sub-committee signups! There are only two positions left, and when they get filled, our roster will be complete. We still need someone to coordinate demonstrations at the show, and boutique chair Jan McQueen needs someone to do boutique computer work (spreadsheets, mostly). Please contact Jean Amundson (541-265-5544, or if you can do one of these important tasks.

And don’t worry, if you miss out on signing up to fill these jobs, there will be hundreds of slots available for helping with judging, setting up the show, and working during the actual show!

Christmas Placemat

A reminder from Shirley Gilmore:  we are making Christmas placemats which should be brought to the guild meeting in June or July and given to Shirley Gilmore or Betty Wilson so we can include them in our quilt show in August ~  Not to be judged, just displayed.

Be sure that your name is on the back of the placemat.  Members can contact either Shirley or Betty for information.

Betty    541-444-7157
Shirley  541-574-0596

The Elemental Challenge

It’s not too late to join the 2018 “Earth – Wind – Fire – Water” Challenge!  You can feature one or more of these four medieval elements in your quilt.  This is a reminder that the quilt should be turned in on Thursday, June 14, 2018 (at the OCQG meeting).  Please note that in addition to the other requirements, a hanging sleeve would also be needed on your quilt.

Three quilts will be designated winners of this challenge through voting by OCQG members.  Voting will be at the June 14 and July 12 general membership meetings.  Winners will be revealed at the quilt show, where all quilts will be displayed in a special section.

See the poster display at the next few Guild meetings to get an information and sign up sheet.  Or simply drop an email to Becky Mershon or Judy McCoy

April Blog

In this issue:

Evening Meetings
From the Registrar
Raffle Tickets
From Membership
Blog Editor

Evening Meetings

Now that we have “sprung ahead” into daylight savings time, our general membership meetings will move to evening with Table Walk starting at 5:30.  This will allow those who work to attend the meetings, and we should be finished with enough time to get home before dark.  Evening meetings will continue for the next six months.

April’s meeting on the 12th will feature Sheila McKay and her experience in working with Minky and Cuddle Fabrics.  She will teach a hands-on mini minky projects workshop the following day.

From the Registrar

Quilt Registration for the show is underway, and so far we have 14 quilts registered.  Register early ( to avoid the last minute rush and to be sure that your quilt is judged and eligible for ribbons if that is your wish.  Only the first 180 quilts identified for judging will be judged so early registration is advised.  Registration numbers will be updated every few weeks and more often as the July 5th deadline approaches.  You can find that tally on the Events tab under Quilt Show ( If you need someone to take a picture of your quilts, bring them to the meeting and I will take a picture for the record.  My co-registrar, Janet DeSau and I will set up times in June to visit Lincoln City, Newport, and Waldport to help with registration if you need it, and we will point you to the right category by using Show and Share examples.  We can’t have a quilt show without quilts so let’s hear those sewing machines hum!

Raffle Tickets

The raffle quilt is making the rounds of quilt shops in the valley, and 49% of all tickets are out for sale, while 23% have been purchased and stubs returned.  With the quilt winning the cover of The Quilt Shop Navigator, tickets should be an easy sell.  Please pick up a packet (or 2 or 3) and increase our sales in advance of the show.  My goal is to sell every last one of the 10,000 printed.  A prize will be awarded to the member selling the most tickets.


The dates for documentation for the rest of the year are on the calendar are as follows:

April 14th at Carriage House, Newport,  May 19th,  Lincoln City Museum, Sept 15th Carriage House, Nov 10th  Carriage House.

We will be documenting quilts at the Carriage House on April 14th and would love to do some of yours.  Please call Twy Hoch at 541-563-3899 to schedule a time.


From Membership

Three paid memberships were accepted at the March 8th meeting. One was a renewal (Letitia Epperson) and two were new members: Sage Kramer, Philomath (member Cheryl Kramer’s granddaughter) and Debbie Spicer, Newport. We now have 182 members!

The membership table has a few items for sale. About 20 directories will be set aside for new members. That count leaves twenty some directories that may be purchased for $3/each first come first serve.

Also, we have some extra name tag holders. Some have a lanyard and some have a magnet. Your choice. These may be purchased for $2.00/each.

Do remember to wear your name tag. There is a $.25 charge for not wearing a name tag at the meeting…

Blog Editor

The blog is a little late this month.  When I returned from my trip to New Zealand at the end of the month, I learned that Paula Hnyda had a serious medical emergency and is at OHSU in Portland in intensive care after spinal cord surgery to clear infection.

If you had sent information to Paula for the blog, but it was not included in this edition, and if it is time sensitive before the meeting on the 12th, please send it to me (Nan Scott) and I will post an “Extra” before the 12th.

Please keep Paula and her family in your prayers.  Life is so precious.  At this point she needs to focus her energies on regaining her health and mobility without the pressures of deadlines.  I will assume her blog duties until another volunteer steps forward or Paula is back on board.

Thank you for your understanding,

Tina McCann Wins Again!

Congratulations to Tina for “Roots and Branches”, Best Wall Quilt award at AQS Lancaster PA. Tina, your beautiful work for this and the wolf are on a roll!

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