Meeting Minutes for November 8 General Meeting

Oregon Coastal Quilters General Meeting November 8, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 1 p.m. by President, Phoebe Hein.


Cindy McEntee moved for acceptance of the October general meeting minutes.  Motion was seconded  by Jackie Stankey and approved by members present.


President Phoebe Hein presented the Slate of Officers for 2019.

President – Diane Tillotson

Vice President – Meralee Wilson

Treasurer – Janet Sylvester

Secretary – Marian Brown

Jean Amundson moved to accept the Slate of Officers as presented.  The motion was seconded by Toni Brodie and approved by a vote of those present.

Phoebe announced that the old and new officers and committee chairs should be at the Executive Board Meeting next Thursday, November 15th at 10 a.m. at the Carriage House.

Phoebe presented the 2019 Budget and Joan Johnson moved for acceptance of the budget as presented. The motion was seconded by Shirley Gilmore and approved by vote of the members present.

Parlimentarian Jean Amundson presented the proposed changes to the OCQG Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policies (attached to minutes).  The membership was reminded that changes to the ByLaws require a 10 day written notice to the general membership; Standing Rules are changed by a vote of the membership and Policy Changes are made by the executive board.  Be prepared to vote on the ByLaws changes at the December general meeting.  

– A motion was made by Toni Brodie to accept the proposed Standing Rules changes as presented.

The motion was seconded by Jackie Stankey and passed by vote of the members present.

– A discussion regarding dues and delinquent timeline followed with agreement that membership renewals are due by the January meeting as printed in the membership booklet.

-Jean requested the membership to review the Proposed Policy Changes and to contact a member of the Executive Board if you have questions, before the Executive Board Meeting on November 15t

Linanne Perdue announced that Little Whale Cove will hold their Artist Showcase on November 10th from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.

-2020 Raffle Quilt suggestions were presented by Ann Flescher, Georgia Sabourin and Deb Smith.  All three themes were Coastal Sea themes so the three will work together to design one quilt and bring it back for approval at the December meeting.  

-December meeting will be a potluck hosted by the hospitality committee.  Everyone is to bring their own placemat and table setting.  There will be a modified Table Walk starting at 12:30 p.m. with the potluck at 1:00 p.m.  Veterans Quilts will be presented at the beginning of the potluck.

-Diane Tillotson reported that we need more committee chairs for the Programs/Workshops committee.


Community Quilters – no report, packets at the back table for pick-up.

2019 Raffle Quilt – Jane Szabo reported it is currently being “blinged”.

2019 Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reporter there is one person on the waiting list.  Final payment is due on or before the December meeting.  Be sure to sign-up for the classes: Rugs – $10,00;  Magic Wallet – $2.00.

2019 Challenge Quilt – Ginger Dale showed samples to the membership. The challenge quilts will be medallions for the center of the Veterans Quilts.  All appplique needs to be securely attached.  the medallions  need to be 24 ½ inches square or a 24” x 36” rectangle.  The committee will supply 3 fat quarters to each participant and hope to have at least 59 participants.  The quilts will be completed with the veterans block of the month squares. If using embroidery thread be sure to test for bleeding.  Kits can be picked up at the January meeting and returned finished at the June meeting.  Voting will take place in June and July and the quilts will be hung at the Quilt Show in August.  The committee asks that material scraps be returned to the committee.

Documentation – The last documentation for the year will be held tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the Carriage House.

2019 Quilt Show – No report

Membership – Ruth Johnson reported that there were 72 members, 3 new members and 6 guests at the meeting.


Cindy McEntee introduced our guest speaker, Dawn White who presented  “Recurring Motifs as Springboard for Inspiration” as our meeting program and she will also do a Billie Bag Workshop tomorrow.  Dawn is a member of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild and said that a joy for sewing runs in her family.  Dawn started off sewing garments and then started quilting.  She shared a trunk show of her beautiful quilts.  


Dawn White Patterns were won by:

Gail Chipman – Four Patch w/Twist

Karen Oetjen – Seasons to Taste

Joy Peterson – Full Moon Rising

Velma Freudenthal won a Sidewinder donated by Kathy Lambert

Jane Szabo won push pins donated by Marie Hunter

Ruth Johnson won a bobbin holder donated by Marie Hunter

Marian Brown won fabric donated by Marie Hunger

Quilters Surprise – Georgia Sabourin won batting and a Stash’n sStore organizer

Nifty Notions – Ann Flescher won a container of thread

SABLE   winners were Lindanne Perdue and Gail Chipman

Block of the Month – winners were Jan McQueen, Twy Hoch, Melisa Hollenbeck, Carla Pickering, Ruth Hutmacher, Beverly Ohngren.

Show & Share

Rosanne Berton shared a bag, “Rag Bag Gals” Christmas ornaments made from wool, muslim scraps and buttons.

Anne-Marie Mann showed a “Birdcage” wall hanging, community quilts Teddy Bear, lap size Tumbler Blocks quilt  and a modern hexagon lap size quilt.

Diane Tillotson  showed a Snowmen wall hanging, a December Reindeer table runner and a shades of purples and blues queen size quilt for her daughter.

Jane Szabo showed a beautiful, colorful quilt made for community quilts from President’s Quilt Scraps.

Dee Hill showed a multi-colored Disappearing Hour Glass quilt.

Marylynn Kleemann showed a Black Cat Quilt with kitty backing.

Melissas Hollenbeck showed a Cathedral Window table runner and a pieced/glued dog photograph wall hanging.

Teecia Cornelius showed the Samaritan House Tea raffle quilt “A Touch of Paris”.

Lois Drell showed a Judy Niemeyer Vintage Compass quilt and a Sew Kind of Wonderful quilt in bright colors.

Paulette Stenberg showed her red, black and white Taco Night II Quilt and shared a story about Mary Gilleland and showed her appliqued shades of blues quilt that she calls Mary’s Went Down The Hill Quilt.

Lindanne Perdue showed a Baby Quilt with trees, bears and a lumberjack plaid backing.

Rummage Sale.

Michelle Tegner showed a rectanglur jelly roll rug and a jelly roll basket with wooden buttons

Phoebe reminded the membership to cash any outstanding guild checks before the end of November.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.


Jr. Billie Bag Part 2 Workshop – November 9th – 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. at Atonement Lutheran Church

Documentation – November 10th – 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 pm at Carriage House

Executive Board Meeting – November 15th – 10-11:30 a.m. at Carriage House

Community Quilters – December 6th – 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Ruth’s Fabrics in Waldport

December General Meeting/Potluck – December 13th, Table Walk at 12:30 p.m. – Potluck at 1 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, OCQG Secretary 

Proposed Changes to OCQG Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Policies

NOTE: These changes are necessitated by the change in the fiscal year (from Dec-Nov to Jan-Dec) that was approved at the October 2018 meeting. They are all administrative in nature, kind of a “cleanup” after the vote to change the fiscal year.

Our rules state that such changes must follow one of three processes, depending on whether the change is to our bylaws, standing rules, or policies, as follows:

Bylaw amendments must be submitted in writing to all members at least 10 days prior to any general membership vote. This document, which will also be in the November blog, fulfills that requirement. We will vote on these bylaw changes at the December meeting.

Standing rule changes can be changed by a vote of the membership without prior publication of the changes. We can therefore vote on these changes tonight.

Policy changes can be changed by the Executive Board after consultation with the membership. The board hereby consults and requests your inputs tonight. 

Proposed Bylaw changes, to be voted on at the December general meeting:

Article VI: Executive Board, Section 1, item d: The December [change to November] Executive Board meeting shal include outgoing and incoming officers and committee chairs . . .

Article IX: Election of Officers, Section 1: Officers shall be elected at the November membership meeting and assume office at the December [January] meeting, after installation [at the December meeting].

Proposed Standing Rule changes, to be voted on at this meeting:

Workshops, Item D: If a participant cannot attend the workshop, she [or he] may find a substitute to attend the class.

Library: “ . . . If they are not returned in one month, fines will [change to “may”] be assessed as stated in the procedures.

Financial: Item C: Dues are paid annually, for the fiscal year January 1 to December 31. Dues are delinquent after the January general meeting and the member’s name will be dropped from the roster February 1.

Proposed Policy changes, general membership consultation hereby requested:

Finance: See below.

Suggested changes to Policies


  1. The Guild has adopted a fund accounting system.  Money collected for guild approved funds as outlined in the chart of accounts must be spent for the expressed purpose of the fund.  Transfers between funds must be authorized by the Executive Board.
  2. No change
  3. No change
  4. Eliminate
  5. Becomes 4.  As stated …; therefore any income realized above budgeted expenses will be allocated at the close of the fiscal year as follows:
    1. Any amount remaining in the General Operating Fund and the Quilt Show Fund will be distributed to the Reserve fund, the Capital Fund and/or the Outreach Fund as decided by the Executive Board at the January meeting.
    2. Any monies in the Outreach fund may be awarded to non-profit organizations that expressly relate to the purpose of the Guild as stated in Article II of the By-Laws.  The distribution will be recommended by the executive board and approved by the membership at the May general meeting.  No amount of the Outreach Fund may be used to reduce member dues as per IRS regulation of 501(c)7 organizations.
    3. The Reserve fund may be used to offset unrealized income or unbudgeted or emergency expenses as regulated by the Standing Rules (Financial: A and B).  The Reserve Fund at the end of the fiscal year should not exceed 15% of the consolidated budget for the next fiscal year.
    4. All other funds carry over into the next fiscal year.
  6. Becomes 5. No change
  7. Becomes 6. No change


  1. A full Treasurer’s Report for the previous month will be e-mailed to members of the Executive Board no later than Monday before the next board meeting.  The full report is available to any member upon request.
  2. No change


Challenge: … add The budget for the challenge should be adjusted as necessary before the October meeting.

Printable Version:


Important Reminders


Dear Members:

Please read this post before the Thursday, 11/8 meeting.  We’ll be covering some end-of-the year business that you won’t want to miss.

Coyote & Multnomah Falls by Mireille Schaal, France. Quilts in this post were shown at the International Challenge Art Quilt Show in Yachats. The theme was Fairy Tales.

November Program

The Program  is ‘Recurring Motifs as Springboards to Inspiration’ by Dawn White.  

The Ugly Duckling by Francoise Bourdale, France

Voting: (Tis the Week Folks)

From President Phoebe Hein

New Officers:  The 2019-2020 Officers will be presented and voted on.

December Board Meeting Elimination:  There will be a motion to eliminate the  December Executive Board Meeting from By-Laws Article VI Sec 1d & Sec 4.

2020 Raffle Quilt ideas:  Be ready to present your ideas & vote on the 2020 Raffle Quilt.

2019 Board Approved Budget:  You will be asked to vote on the 2019 Board Approved Budget.   If you have questions we’ll do our  best to answer them before the vote.

Janet Sylvester

Link to 2019 Budget: Budget Board Approved.pdf

A Note from Jean Amundson

Bylaw Amendment Motion:

As Parliamentarian, I’ll be making the bylaw amendment motion. In addition to the Article VI, Section 1, item d change, I’ll be adding a change to Article IX, Section 1. I’ll present the motion for amendments and have a copy for everyone, and hopefully someone will second it. However, we won’t vote on the changes until the Dec mtg, thus fulfilling the requirement to give the membership at least 10 days’ notice before the vote.  Jean

Changes to the Standing Rules and Policies:  I’ll also give notice to some changes to the Standing Rules and Policies. We can vote on the Standing Rules at Thursday’s meeting, and the Exec Board will vote on the Policy changes at their meeting next week; this notice will fulfill the requirement to consult with the membership before changing them . . .
All of these changes are necessitated by the vote to change the fiscal year.
Ugh. Guess that’s enough parliamentary gobbly-gook for now. (But then it IS almost Thanksgiving, gobble, gobble . . .)
Regards, Jean
Hansel & Gretal by Benedicte Hanot, France
Membership Renewal:  Its the time of year to renew your membership.  Bring your $25.00/year cash or check (payable to Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild) along with your membership form from the Guild’s directory on page 16. Indicate on the form any of your contact information that has changed. (Pay $29.00 if you wish the directory mailed to you. Membership forms will be available at the Membership Table, also.)
If you can’t attend the November, December or January meetings please mail a completed Membership Form and your payment to: Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild, PO Box 382, South Beach, OR 97366. The deadline for your payment so you will be included in the Directory is January 24, 2019. I anticipate the Directory will be available at the February Guild meeting.
Two new members joined the Guild at the October meeting. They are: Kathy Franz, Florence, OR and Joy Johnson, Newport, CA. Welcome to the Guild!
We have 190 members for the 2018 year and five members have paid for the 2019 year.
Ruth Johnson, Membership Chair

Advertise Your Business!

Do you have a business or service that you’d like advertised in the 2019 Directory? Contact me or someone at the Membership Table.

Ruth Johnson

Snow Woman by Laura Jaszkowski, USA

Community Quilters

A Note from Sue Stephenson

If you missed our 1st Thursday at Ruth’s on 11/1, boy did you miss out!  Such a great group of ladies, and we got so much done!  We completed 12 “sit upon” pillows for kids at Seashore Literacy and 5 pillows for the hospital.  We also made up 3 quilt top kits and 12 kits to make chemo bags. This was an incredibly productive 4 hours!  Now comes your part – at the guild meeting this week we will have chemo bag kits, quilt top kits, teddy bear patterns and quilt bundles (top, batting and back to quilt) for you to take home and complete.Please come by our table and pick up something to help out those in need in our community.

Additionally, for any of you who took home the materials for the hospital’s Christmas baby stockings, it’s time to get those returned to us for delivery to the hospital in time for those December births!

Updated stats for 2018:

  • Quilts delivered 146
  • Quilts in inventory 40                                                                                                                
  • Teddy bears delivered 4                                                                                                        
  • Hospital pillows delivered 33                                                                                                         
  • Sit upon pillows delivered 32                                                                                                    
  • Totes delivered 39                                                                                                                       
  • Totes inventory 10                                                                                                                       
  • Pillow cases delivered 25                                                                                                           
  • Burp rags delivered 35                                                                                                              
  • Burp rags inventory 48

Going forward, our biggest need is small/med quilts, 40” square up to a lap size.   We are trying to use flannel to back kid’s quilts as much as possible.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in any way with Community Quilters.  There are so many needs out there!

Talkative Turtle by Marie Claude Bertin, France

Documentation:  This coming Saturday November 10 from 9-3:00 is the last one for 2018.  If you’ve signed up to work or to have a quilt documented we look forward to seeing you there.  If you’re interested in helping please contact me.

Toni Brodie

Rec. Center Quilts Needed:  Please remember to bring in Thanksgiving and Christmas quilts for the Rec Center.

Debbie Mosley

Snow White by Chiharu Ishizuka, Japan


New Requests for Community Quilters

New Needs for Oncology Department & Head Start Kids

Hey Community Quilters (aka EVERY Guild member!)

Don’t forget that we will be meeting at Ruth’s Family Fabrics in Waldport this coming Thursday, 11/1, from 10 to approximately 2.  We have a lot of “projects” we will be working on, but you don’t need to bring a sewing machine, just your creativeness and willingness to work!

Oncology Department Chemotherapy Bags

We’ve received a call just this week from the Oncology Dept at the Newport Hospital.  They need little bags with straps to hold the container containing chemo drugs.  Patients can put the container into the bag and carry it discretely.  We have a “template” and we will be creating these bags this week.

Nap Quilts for Head Start Preschoolers

We are now supplying Head Start with small quilts for the children to nap on.  There are a lot of kids in these programs, and they are ultimately going to need over 100 quilts!  Ultimately they would like to be able to send the quilts home with the children once they have “graduated,” so the need will be ongoing.  We have already supplied them with 40 quilts, so we are well on our way.  Now, we need to fire up those sewing machines and make a bunch of small quilts, minimum 40” square up to 4X5.

Hope to see a bunch of you on Thursday!

Sue Stephenson

On the Fabric Row by Benita Goodheart


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