Newport Rec Center Craft Show Opportunity

Craft Show Opportunity

The Newport recreation Center has announced a craft sale opportunity for Saturday, November 13. Participants may rent an 8-ft table for $35 ($40 for a corner with two tables). Items must be handmade. The tables will be spaced “socially distant” and masks must be worn.

Reservations and payments are due by October 27. Email Jenni Remillard at for more information.

Quilt Auction Update – Have you checked out our Online Auction?

Hello Everyone this is Chris pestering you again  

Have you checked out our Online Auction?  Many of the members are having fun following the activity and some are participating in the bidding.  Many of the items have sold outright.  Thank you to all of the members that donated their beautiful quilts and the members that are supporting the Auction.  

Go online and join the fun.  The Address is:

Gems of the Ocean III Quilt Competition

Polly Plumb Productions of Yachats, Oregon is excited to announce another juried art quilt show. We will be awarding $2000 in cash prizes. We would love to have your artwork in our upcoming show! Quilts have to be original designs and not made from a pattern.

For more info visit:

Congrats to JoAnn Ballantine!

Guild member JoAnne Ballantine’s fiber Art is being featured in the Fiber Arts Gallery, Lincoln City Cultural Center, from September 3 through October 31. Her creations incorporate collage and other art quilting techniques. (Remember her wonderful entry in the guild’s 2020 “Women’s Right to Vote” challenge?)

JoAnne’s talents aren’t limited to quilting: she is also a photographer, writer, and walker. And—we can’t wait to see it—she’s a member of the OCQG 2022 raffle quilt committee!

Congratulations, JoAnne—we look forward to seeing more of your work!

Sign Up for our Oct. 15-16 Bumble Bee Workshop

Bees Will Buzz Around These Flowers!

How does your garden grow? You can use ombre fabric or scraps (check out the photos!), but your rainbow garden will blossom for sure when you take the “Bumblebee Blossoms” online workshop this October!

Bumblebee workshop Oct 2021

Seattle, Washington quilter and pattern designer Krista Moser will teach the workshop via Zoom on Friday & Saturday, October 15-16, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. The cost of the class is $75 plus the “Bumblebee Blossoms” pattern. A supply list and coupon code for the pattern will be given when registration is complete.

To register contact Jane Szabo at 541-270-6130 or via email

Moser will also present a program to the guild via Zoom on Thursday, October 13, 2021.

“Bumblebee Blossoms” is a popular pattern throughout the United States. The quilt top has three main blocks: the flowers, the bees, and the leaves. Each one incorporates a different and useful technique. Moser states that it gives a complicated look without tedious piecing. Ombre fabrics can be employed to give shade and value, or scraps from your stash will give more of an eclectic look.

Moser says, “I started sneaking off to the sewing during Mom’s naptime when I was eight years old. Since I couldn’t yet read patterns, everything was made from my imagination.”

She began her professional sewing and machine quilting career a few years later, at fourteen, and is still teaching and designing more than twenty years later. Her work has been featured in quilting magazines, published by Martingale Press, and hung in quilt shops around the country.

Some fun facts about bumble bees: they have not been domesticated. They’re fast workers and better pollinators than honey bees, and actually pollinate many of our food crops. And—they don’t make honey!

New Simple & Quick Face Mask – Community Quilts

Here’s a new way of making face masks.  No pleats, so no broken or bent needles.
Nan Scott found it and says she can make a mask in 9 minutes!  I haven’t tried it yet because my quilt room is incapacitated  right now, so let me know how you like it.
Please make a few masks for our agencies and drop them at Quilters Cove.

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