OCQG Weekly Posts thru Fri., May 17, 2024 (4 posts)

Finishing School

Finishing School will be meeting on May 23 from 10-4 at the Carriage House at the Lincoln County Historical Museum at 545 SW 9th St, Newport.

It is a great time to work on a project without being interrupted. You may bring your machine or hand work, and we will have an iron there for you to use. You may come at any time and stay as long as you like. Bring a sack lunch or go out, whatever you would rather do. It is also a great way to get to know other Guild members and get help on a project that you need advice on. Fun time is had by all.

2024 Quilt Show Volunteers Update

Here is the most recent schedule of our volunteers for the quilt show. It’s looking a bit thin. When I look at last year’s schedule, I see lots of folks who have not yet signed up for this year. Or maybe you are relatively new to the Guild and are not sure what is being asked.

These volunteer spots are fun! They help us serve the folks who come to see the show. Plus, we get to meet new people and share our enthusiasm for quilting!  We have available positions for those folks who like to stand, smile and give directions. We have seated positions for those who do better sitting, smiling and sharing information.

Please contact me with your preferred spots, and I will sign you up!

Pamela Potter


My phone number is is our directory.

Program for June Guild Meeting

The May guild meeting was SO much fun! We are sorry if you missed it. Congratulations to those ladies who won those Nifty Notions. The Program Committee members were having so much fun that we forgot to announce the program for the June meeting!

As in past years, the June meeting program will again be “Finally Finished.” This is always a fun meeting, as members share the stories behind their projects that are FINALLY finished!

So, be thinking about your own project, create a great story about its journey with you, and you might be lucky enough to win a prize!

Lynn, Pamela, and Penni

Program Committee


The May 2024 General Meeting Minutes are available on the website at https://oregoncoastalquilters.org/minutes-of-meetings/