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Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild General Meeting February 14, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 1 p.m. by President, Diane Tillotson.


Due to the bad weather conditions, we had our program ahead of the business meeting so Marie could get on the road, back to Bend.


Diane introduced Marie Bostwick, an author and quilter who presented an enlightening, humorous program to the guild about her life, well lived. Marie showed pictures of quilts that accompanied her stories, the quilts were beautiful and filled with meaning and her stories delightful. We learned “author secrets”, heard a humor filled biography of Marie, enjoyed her bumper sticker “Marie for President – Lets Make America Great for Quilting” and a hush fell over the group as she shared her son’s story. Marie has published several books, starting with A Single Thread. Her newest book Hope on the Inside will be available for purchase on March 28th. Guild members received the gift of chocolate hearts from Marie as well as a program filled with wit and humor.


Fran Whited moved for acceptance of the January general meeting minutes. Motion was seconded by Dolores Wagner and approved by members present.

2020 Raffle Quilt – Ann Flescher and Deb Smith presented a pattern for a quilt made from 12 1/2” blocks of Coastal Area Activites for the 2020 Raffle Quilt. Discussion followed.
Jean Amundson moved for acceptance of the design. Motion was seconded by Darcy de la Rosa and approved by members present. Ann Flescher and Deb Smith will co-chair the project.

Quilt Show – Darcy de la Rosa thanked the members for signing up at the last meeting to be chairpersons. The quilt show still needs the following chairpersons – demonstrations, hostess coordinator, large and small gym hanging, pipe draping and table take down. Quilt Show meeting will be held next Thursday, February 21st at 1:15 p.m. at the Carriage House.

2019 Raffle Quilt – Jane Szabo announced that approximately 3000 tickets have been checked out, approximately $800 received. Brochures on the quilt and guild are available to pick up from Jane. The guild has a facebook page that has over 650 followers. A request was received for help on a memory quilt, see Jane if you are interested in helping. The Albany Quilt Show sold 200 raffle tickets, next year the raffle quilts will be in a “more visible area”. The raffle quilt is currently at Ruth’s in Waldport.

Community Quilters – Diane read a thank you from Doernbecker Childrens Hospital.
Sue Stephenson – reported distributions of 10 quilts, 9 oncology bags, 25 burp cloths, 15 toiletry bags. Oncology bags and burp cloths are ongoing needs. Patterns for both are available at our table. Additionally, the pattern for the oncology bag is now available on the website. We also need more

quilts in the 4 X 5 range for Head Start. Please stop by our table and take home a quilt top kit to complete, or take home a quilt “bundle” to be quilted. March Guild meeting program is Community Quilters – How your participation helps others. Date is March 14th at 1 p.m. We will have speakers, demonstrations and displays. March workshop is Community Quilters, date is March 23 at Atonement Lutheran Church beginning at 8 a.m. There will be many activities to choose from. We will have a quilt tying workshop, “Make a Top” workshop and others. For all of you who have been saving those scraps for dog beds, Twy will be conducting a Dog/Cat Bed workshop and you will be amazed at the quality of the finished product! No need to sign up, but please mark your calendars and plan to attend this workshop. There will be more information on the blog as we approach the date.

Merchandising – Becky Mershon announced that we have some “new items” for sale. Bumper sticker “Driver Carries No Cash – Wife Is A Quilter” $2.00 and Note Cards packets of 10 cards/envelopes for $10. The committee will have a table set up with merchandising items for sale at the next meeting.

Membership – Diane thanked the committee for having the new directory and membership cards available at today’s meeting. Ruth Johnson reported that there are 188 members in the directory. Today there are 86 members and 6 guests present. Memberships paid after printing of directory and 2 new members joining today = 192 guild members.

Meeting Set-Up/Take-Down – Janet DeSau announced that additional helpers are needed for this committee, please let her know if you can help.

Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg announced next Finishing School date is February 28th, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Carriage House.

Documentation – Twy Hoch reported February 23rd date is full. Next documentation will be in Lincoln City on April 13th, please sign-up.

Veterans Projects – Ginger Dale reported there will be a Bayshore workshop on March lst. A date for a Newport workshop will be set up later.

Challenge Quilts – Ginger Dale reported there are still kits available. The project is to make the center block for a veterans quilt, kits available with material, block size 24-1/2” square or 24-1/2” by 36-1/2” rectangle. Quilts will be displayed at the 2019 Quilt Show.

Mid Valley Quilt Show at Oregon State Fairgrounds entry forms are online and due April 13th. Ginger is willing to take quilts over, please contact her for more information.

Willamette Valley Quilt Show in Albany was a great success and many of our guild members won ribbons. Congratulations!

Guild Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reported “IT WAS FUN”, thank you to everyone that helped with set-up. A special thank you to Gail Chipman and Nan Scott for the classes. The committee members for the 2020 Retreat are Gail Chipman, Jan McQueen and Cindy Wentz. Sign-up will be available after

the Willamette Valley Quilt show dates are confirmed. Be sure to sign-up early and “bring your sense of humor to the retreat”.

Rec Center Hangings – Debbie Mosley, floral quilts will be displayed next month, please make sure there is a hanging sleeve on the quilt.

Quilters Surprise & Nifty Notions – A big thank you to Marie Hunter for providing several donations for the drawing.
Twy Hoch won an organizer
Marylynn Kleemann won charm packs

Lana Pries won finished quilting blocks, fabric and thread
Chris Benedetti won a jelly roll
Janet DeSau won a Scissor Keeper
Bev Hergenrader won a tape measure, scissors, small pattern and small charm pack Ruth Johnson won aquarium tickets

Judy McCoy won patterns
SABLE – Tisha Cornelius – no fat quarters were received today, March is 30’s & 40’s Fabric

Block of the Month – Meralee Wilson and Jan McQueen announced winners, Judy Ruder, Janet DeSau, Teri Taraba, Shirley Kemnitz, Beverly Hergenrader, Phyllis Mitchell and Fran Whited.

Workshop – Janet DeSau announced a Barn Board Painting Class Workshop on April 12th, cost for materials and instruction $55, class size limited to 35.

Show & Share – Lots of Retreat Projects

Diane Tillotson – Seascape Runner for Quilt Show Silent Auction
Melissa Hollenbeck – collage quilt of her Kitty in red & black
Jan McQueen – Jelly roll mat ; magic wallet; squares for a quilt top; yellow and gray wedding quilt; quilt for nephew in grays and greens; community quilt made by Kathy Lambert in pinks and purple Becky Mershon & Judy McCoy – small quilts made from left over flowers
Judy McCoy – block of the month quilt in Broken Heart blocks in pinks and reds
Doris Rhoades – hand quilted wall hanging an original pattern
Cheryl Kramer – friendship sampler and quilt top of stars
Toni Brodie – Crows wall hanging, Witches Candy quilt and her third Crown Royal Bag quilt
Twy Hoch – appliqued table topper and quilt top for her son
Cindy McEntee – Sailboat Quilt top
Betty Wilson – Montana Cartwheel class
Dolores Wagner – small quilt for auction, Umbrella & Boot
Joy Johnson – fish top, jelly roll rug
Maria Hunter – Community Quilt with tablecloth backing, front bright stripes and flowers
Anne-Marie Mann – Little Log Cabin blue and white pattern with shells for a small quilt, jelly roll rug, Christmas wall hanging, modern quilt “tic-tac-toe”
Lisa Taylor – small quilt in blues for auction, panel blocks of birds
Janet Sylvester – jelly roll rug

Paulette Stenberg – Rusty Red quilt worked on at Finishing School, red, white and blue connecting thread kit, The Oregon Garden Girls quilt
Fran Whited – fabric “friendship quilt” from June 1996, blue and yellow community quilt, 2 1/2” x 4 1/2” square strips multi colored quilt

Pam Grindell – microwave bowl, kulti colored squares quilting Rose Shaw – 9th retreat attended, chenille pot holders
Lindanne Perdue – Lighthouses and Quilters Ark paper pieced Dolores Wagner – Christmas Wall Hanging

Meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.


Executive Board Meeting – February 21st – 10-11:30a.m. at the Carriage House Quilt Show Meeting – February 21st – 1:15p.m. at the Carriage House
Fiinishing School – February 28th – 10a.m.-4p.m. at the Carriage House Documentation – February 23rd – 9a.m.-3p.m. at the Carriage House
Community Quilters – March 7th – 10a.m.-2p.m. at Ruth’s Family Fabrics, Waldport General Membership Meeting – March 14th at Atonement Lutheran Church

(Table Walk – 12:30 p.m. – Business Meeting – 1:00p.m. )

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, OCQG Secretary

Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild Executive Board Meeting February 21, 2019

The meeting was called to order by President Diane Tillotson at 10:05 a.m.  A quorum was present.

A motion was made  by Twy Hoch to approve the minutes of the Executive Board Meeting on January 2019.  The motion was seconded by Jackie Stankey and passed by a voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Janet Sylvester and accepted as corrected.  Janet said that she likes the new system and that it is still a learning process.

Diane announced that the Grants Pass Quilt Show will be held May 10-11, 2019.

Old Business – None

New Business

Nan Scott reported that we use the Carriage House extensively for meeting space including monthly board meetings, quilt show meetings, finishing school and documentation (approximately 120 hours a year) and therefore made the following motion. Motion: I move that we establish an on-going annual budgeted donation of $700 payable to Lincoln County Historical Museum each January until such time as this action is cancelled or modified by a vote of the Executive Board.  Motion was seconded by Jean Amundson.  Discussion followed and then the motion was approved by a voice vote.

Nan Scott reported that when we purchased the accounting software, six months of telephone support and upgrades were included.  That support will expire in April.  We are early in this transition process and the treasurer is learning fast, but there is a lot to learn.  When our support expires, we will no longer have free telephone support to answer questions and resolve problems.  An updated version of the software comes out at least once a year as the software is made more efficient and updated to current fund accounting practices.  After our support expires, we will no longer receive those updates.  Because we did not budget for on-going support after the initial six months. Motion: I move that the treasurer be authorized to renew support of Church Windows Accounting Software for six months (until October 1, 2019) for a cost of $63.  Motion was seconded by Darcy de la Rosa.  Discussion followed and then the motion was approved by a voice vote. Further discussion will follow at a later date regarding the updates for the accounting program in the budget.

Retreat – Diane Tillotson brought up the donation gifts for the Retreat Committee and discussion followed.  Nan Scott, Jean Amundson and Marian Brown will bring a proposed policy regarding the monetary recognition for committee members to the next executive board meeting.

Committee Reports

Audit – Elizabeth Wood reported that the audit has been completed and a formal report will be presented at the next Executive Board Meeting.

Block of the Month – Meralee Wilson reported that the committee is working with a new plan this year.  There will be four technique classes offer throughout the year ½ hour before the General Meeting. The first class was held in February on paper piecing.

Communications – Melissa Hollenbeck received compliments from the board members on the addition of quilt pictures to the BLOGS.

Community Quilters – Sue Stephenson reported there have been 19 Quilts, 9 Oncology Bags, 25 Burp Cloths and 15 Toiletry Bags distributed.  Oncology bags and burp cloths are an ongoing need.  Patterns for both are available at the community quilters table.  Additionally, the pattern for the oncology bag is now available on the website.  There is also a need for more quilts in the 4X5 range for Head Start.  Please stop by the community quilters table and take home a quilt top kit to complete, or take home a quilt “bundle” to be quilted.  March guild meeting program is COMMUNITY QUILTERS – HOW YOUR PARTICIPATION HELPS OTHERS. Meeting is March 14th  at 1p.m.  We will have speakers from some of the agencies that receive the quilts to share the work that their organization does, demos and displays.  March workshop is Community Quilters.  Date is March 23 at Atonement beginning at 8 a.m.  There will be many activities to choose from.  We will have a quilt tying workshop, “Make a Top” workshop and others.  For all of you who have been saving those scraps for dog beds, Twy will be conducting a Dog/Cat Bed workshop, and you will be amazed at the quality of the finished product!  No need to sign up, but please mark your calendars and plan to attend this workshop.  There will be more information on the blog as we approach the date.  Pattern for the toiletry bag will be  on the website in the near future.

Publicity – Jean Amundson was thanked for the wonderful articles that have been in the paper.

Documentation – Twy Hoch reported that the next Documentation will be on March 23rd, it is full with 22 family quilts from Myrtle Point.  

Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg reminded everyone that finishing school  will be next week from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Carriage House.

Librarian – Pam Grindell asked if there was a list of the books on the cart.  There is an old list and she will be given a copy.  Library books can be cleaned out as needed and sold or given away during general meeting table walk.

Membership – Ruth Johnson reported there are 193 members.  There is a new directory update page with renewals and new members which will be available to the membership at the general meeting. New membership cards have been ordered.  Correction to phone number for Cindy Wenz – “8” needs to be added to home number.

Merchandising – Becky Mershon reported that merchandise items will be available on a table at the next general meeting.

Program/Workshop – Janet Desau reported the Barn Board Painting Workshop is scheduled for Friday, April 12-13 at the Visual Arts Center in Nye Beach,  max 20 people – Cost is $105/person ($55 for supplies, $35 for instructor and $15 room rental fee).  Membership requested chairs be added behind their table when set-up is done, Janet will talk with the Atonement secretary and make changes to the set-up diagram.

Publicity – Jean Amundson asked for information on the March General Meeting so she can send the information to the newspaper.  Sign-painting class information will go to the paper closer to the date of the workshop.

2020 Retreat  – Dates for the retreat will be posted once the dates for the Albany Quilt Show are published.

Veterans Project – Twy Hoch reported a date for a sewing party in Newport will be set.  There will be a presentation of 7-8 quilts at the Toledo Methodist Church during a Sunday Service, the date still needs to be determined.

Quilt Show – Darcy de la Rosa, Jean Amundson, Jackie Stankey reminded the group that there will be a Quilt Show Meeting today at 1:15 p.m. at the Carriage House.   The following committee chairs are still needed – Demonstrations, Hostess Coordinator, Large and Small Gyms Hanging/ Takedown Coordinators.

2019 Raffle Quilt – Jane Szabo said approximately $1,000 collected to date. Quilt is currently being displayed at Ruth’s Fabrics in Waldport and Ruth sold 137 tickets in one week!

2020 Raffle Quilt – Ann Flescher reported the blocks for the 2020 Raffle Quilt have been printed and the material will be shopped for.  The committee goal is to have the quilt ready for the Portland Expo in September.  There will be a sign-up at the general meeting for the quilt blocks.  Ann requested a space at a table during the general membership meeting for the 2020 Raffle Quilt. 


Twy Hoch announced that if anyone is interested in learning about the documentation process they can stop by and observe on March 23rd.  Helpers are needed and it’s a good committee to be a part of.


Documentation – February 23rd – 9:30a.m. – 3:30p.m. at the Carriage House

Finishing School – February 28th – 10a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Carriage House

Community Quilter’s – March 7th – 11a.m. – 3p.m. at Family Fabrics in Waldport

General Meeting – March 14th – 12:30p.m. Table Walk – 1p.m. General Membership Meeting at

Atonement Lutheran Church

Executive Board Meeting – March 21st – 10a.m. at the Carriage House

Quilt Show Meeting – March 21st – 1:15p.m. at the Carriage House

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30a.m.

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, OCQG Secretary