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September 13, 2018

President Phoebe Hein called the meeting to order at 5:55 p.m.


Irene Shipley from Lincoln County Food Share and the two representatives/program speakers from the Portland Modern Quilt GuilD, Kimberley Benefield and Judy Livingston, were introduced and welcomed.


Mary Lou Mate made a motion to accept the minutes from the August 2018 general meeting. The motion was seconded by Ruth Hutmacher, and the minutes were approved by those present.


Phoebe regretfully announced that guild member Matt Buchman is moving to the United Kingdom.

Elizabeth Wood shared that former member Jeannie Singler died recently in South Carolina. Sympathy cards may be addressed to Jeannie’s family, 228 Summer Winds Drive, Inman, SC 29349.

Additional announcements were as follows:

  • Boutique sales checks are available from Jan McQueen.
  • Doni Boyd’s quilt, “Welcome to the Neighborhood,” has been juried into the Santa Clara International Quilt Show.
  • Committee budgets (income and expense) for the 2019 guild year are due to Janet Sylvester today.
  • The deposit for the January 2019 retreat is due to Georgia Sabourin.
  • Committees with vacancies for 2019 are:
    • Advertising
    • Block of the Month
    • Niemeyer mini-retreat
    • Documentation
    • Hospitality,
    • Photographers
    • Programs and Workshops
    • Raffle Ticket Sales.
  • A signup poster was on the table near the kitchen.
  • People interested in the needs being addressed by the Community Quilters Committee are encouraged to read about those needs in the guild blog.
  • Candidates for the 2019 Challenge should be presented to the Executive Board at the September 20 meeting (10:00-11:30, Carriage House, Newport).
  • Ideas for the 2020 raffle quilt should be presented at the October 11 general meeting.
  • Bayshore Quilters (Waldport, Bayshore Clubhouse) will have a sew-in for the Veterans Quilt Project on Friday, September 21. Sewing machines will be needed.
  • Ruth Johnson announced that 84 members and 3 visitors (in addition to Ms Shipley, Benefield, and Livingston) were present.


Cindy McEntee announced that there are still vacancies for Dawn White’s Billie Bag workshop on Friday, October 12 and 20 (a two-day workshop, with “homework” in between the two dates). Cost is $60.


Cindy then went on to introduce the two speakers from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. The trunk show and slide presentation helped us understand the modern quilt concepts of “Attitude”— freedom of choice, lack of rules, use of social media; and “Modern Design”—simple and graphic, use of negative space, and alternate grid works of quilting. Their two husbands graciously served as “quilt wranglers” for the trunk show.


Marge Hoyt won the Nifty Notions drawing and Marylynn Kleemann won Quilter’s Surprise.

SABLE winners were Lana Pries, Sheila Stevens, and Betty Wilson. Block of the Month winner was Teecia Cornelius.

October’s SABLE fat quarters should be Halloween fabrics. Meralee Wilson announced that the blocks of the month in October will be divided into groups so that members can make table toppers or table runners.


Documentation for September 15 has a full schedule. The next documentation date is November 10.


Debbie Mosley announced that the Recreation Center quilt displays for November-December will be Christmas holiday quilts. Members should bring quilts for the display to the November meeting; they’ll be returned at the December potluck.
Elizabeth Wood showed a Violet Craft pattern she made as a wedding gift.


  • Anne-Marie Mann showed two quilts: a lap quilt of scrap fabrics she made for Community Quilters and a “twister” quilt made from a layer cake pack.
  • Twy Hoch also displayed a wedding gift quilt, this one made from batiks.
  • Fran Whited is giving a Beaver (OSU) lap quilt with a flannel backing to her new daughter-in-law. She also donated a quilt to Community Quilters.
  • Janet DeSau is giving her granddaughter “Ode to Tie Dye.”
  • Karen Donobedian showed three small, whimsical color crayon quilts for her sisters and a brother- in-law.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Amundson, Secretary Pro Tem




The meeting of the Executive Board was called to order by President, Phoebe Hein at 10 a.m.  A quorum was present.

Minutes – Ginger Dale moved that the  minutes of the August Executive Board Meeting be approved as published.  Motion was seconded by Twy Hoch and approved by vote.

Treasurer’s Report – Gail Chipman reminded the group that the end of the year is almost here, everyone needs to make sure all bills are turned in before November 30th.  

Old Business

  • Purchase of computer and FUND accounting software – Nan Scott is willing to donate a computer.
  • FUND Accounting system for non profits called Church Windows is recommended. Software package is currently 25% off and would cost $285 which would include 6 months of support.  Yearly support is $110 and would include telephone support and updates.  Downside of this program is that it only runs on a PC.  Nan has a computer that she is willing to donate to the guild.
  • A motion to purchase the Fund Accounting Basic program which includes 6 months of support was made by Ginger Dale and seconded by Shirley Gilmore.  The motion was approved by vote.  Nan Scott will purchase the program and then request reimbursement.  Nan recommends that “month just ended” reports be made at meetings by the treasurer.
  • Discussion followed regarding: What Funds and Sub Funds? The following were suggested with additions as needed: Outreach – Retreats – Capital Improvements – Quilt Show

New Business

  • Quilt Guild Squares – Nan Scott reported that the guild owns 4 Squares for bankcard charges.  Nan recommended that one person be designated to be in charge of the Squares (need to keep batteries charged) and learn the program on the Square.  Elizabeth Wood volunteered to be in charge of the Squares and will learn the program from Nan.  
  • Quilt Show Calculator – Phoebe reported that there had been a request for the purchase of a calculator for boutique sales, one was purchased for $34.  Nan Scott moved that Phoebe be reimbursed $34 for the purchase of the calculator.  The motion was seconded by Janet DeSau and approved by vote.  
  • Seahorse Invitational Swim Meet – Phoebe shared that a letter had been received from the Swim Team Coach regarding moving the Seahorse Invitational Swim Meet to the first weekend in August starting in 2020 and sharing the Newport Recreational Center and Food Court with the Quilt Show. The big question is: Can both events be held at the same time?  The major problem is parking and lots of discussion followed.  There will be follow up questions to the coach regarding what a swim meet involves such as scheduled event time and parking issues. It was suggested that guild members park on a side street rather than taking prime parking spaces.  Further discussion to follow.
  • 2019 Budget – Janet Sylvester handed out the proposed budget for 2019.  Membership dues will remain the same.  Banners purchased and future purchases will be put in capital outlay. 
  • Niemeyer Mini Retreats – These retreats will be removed from the budget and will be put on by “Judy Junkies” and will be available to the Guild members as an activity. Fall attendees will be first people contacted for spring retreat.  End of the year balance will go back to the Guild and any items previously purchased for the mini retreats is the property of the Guild.
  • Additional Workshops – There was a request that more workshops be added to the yearly schedule by the program/workshop committee. A Dresden Plate workshop was suggested.
  • Motion – Nan Scott moved that the 2019 Budget be approved as changed with Total Income $63,294 with reserve account and Expenses $63,294.  Motion was seconded by Ginger Dale and approved by vote.

Committee Reports

  • 2019 Raffle Quilt – quilting is done without crystals and will be shown at the Portland Expo as a “quilt in motion”.  Ginger Dale will square up quilt and put a temporary binding on for the show.
  • 2019 Challenge Quilt Ideas were presented –1)  A Witch, A Pumpkin and a Cat, 2) Medallions for Vets and 3) How Do You See the Sea.  A vote was taken and Medallions for Vets suggested by Ginger Dale was chosen as the 2019 Challenge Quilt.
  • Veterans Quilts and Quilts of Honor will be presented at the American Legion on October 8th at 7 p.m.  Currently there will be 6 quilts given and everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.
  • 2020 Raffle Quilt – Bring ideas to the October meeting.
  • 2019 Committee Chairs – There are still needs for Advertising and Hospitality chair-persons.  Notice will be posted on BLOG.
  • Keys to Storage Unit – Becky Mershon and Phoebe Hein have keys.   An extra key is available at the the storage unit office.
  • Membership – Ruth Johnson showed the new Rack Cards.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:45.

Reminders – 

  • September 27th – Finishing School,10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Carriage House
  • October 4th – Community Quilters 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Ruth’s Fabrics in Waldport
  • October 11th – General Membership Meeting, Atonement Lutheran Church, Newport
  • (12:30p.m. Table Walk, 1 p.m. meeting.) NOTE TIME CHANGE
  • October 18th – 10 – 11:30 a.m. Executive Board Meeting at Carriage House

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, OCQG Secretary