Meeting Minutes

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The meeting was called to order at 1 p.m. by President, Diane Tillotson.


Diane read the following thank you notes:

   Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital Med/Surg Unit thanked the Guild for the Sensory Quilts.

   Food Share thanked the Guild for the donation of half of the proceeds from the Small Quilt Auction at the Quilt Show.

   Children’s Advocacy Center thanked the Guild for the quilts they received.

   Latimer Center thanked the Guild for the monetary donation to The Latimer Center.

The Joy of Quilting Quilt Shop is reopening in Florence.

New Business

2020 Budget – Nan Scott presented the 2020 Budget for $63,629.00 as recommended by the Executive Board.  The budget for 2020 has a $335.00 increase over the 2019 budget.

Darcy de la Rosa made a motion to approve the 2020 OCQG Budget for $63,629.00 as presented,

the motion was seconded by Lana Pries and passed by a voice vote.

Nominating Committee – Meralee Wilson presented the following Slate of Officers for 2020.

President – Diane Tillotson

Vice President – Meralee Wilson

Secretary – Toni Brodie (Marian Brown will fill in at Exec Mtg)

Treasurer – Janet Sylvester

Jackie Stankey moved that the Slate of Officers be accepted as presented, Fran Whited seconded the motion and the motion passed by a voice vote.

Meralee reported that the following committee chair positions still need to be filled:



   Room Set-Up

By Laws Change – Diane presented the following By Laws Change to the membership.

Pg 51, Section V, Sect 4c.  Recommend the following change, remove the comma after the word website, should read: c. Make a monthly financial report to Executive Board and Membership, publish on the guild website an annual financial report, and provide financial reports as required by outside agencies.   Motion to accept the changes was made by Darcy de la Rosa and seconded by Jane Szabo and passed by a voice vote.

2020 Challenge Quilt – Jean Amundson made the following recommendation for the 2020 Challenge Quilt.              

Challenge Proposal: Votes for Women!

The year 2020 will be the 100th anniversary of the constitutional amendment ( the Nineteenth Amendment) giving women the right to vote. (Actually, it states that the right to vote can not be denied on the basis of sex.

1. The quilt must speak to the idea of women being able to vote, or that they cannot be denied that right.

2. Quilts must be no larger than 30” in any dimension.  They may be smaller if desired.  Total outside circumference may not be more than 120”.

3. Embellishments are welcome but not required.

4. All quilts must be made entirely by the entrant.

5. A card with the name of the quilt must be pinned to the lower front right hand corner.  The quilt maker’s name must be on the back of the quilt, covered with a piece of paper.

6. Quilts must be brought to the June meeting in a brown bag and will be voted on at the June and July meetings.

A motion to accept Jean’s Challenge Quilt recommendation was made by Darcy de la Rose, seconded by Jane Szabo and passed by a voice vote.

Rules and suggestions for the Challenge Quilt will be posted on the BLOG.

2021 Raffle Quilt – Melissa Hollenbeck showed a sample of a portion of the quilt and said that packets will be available at the next General Meeting for pick-up.

Rec. Center Quilts – Debbie Mosley announced the next rec center hanging will be “Blue Christmas” and requested that quilts be brought to the December meeting.  Quilts will be returned at the February meeting.

Community Quilters – Sue Stephenson thanked the guild members for the wonderful participation in the Community Quilt projects.  Members have been so generous in their donations of fabric that the cupboards are “overflowing”.  Sue encouraged members to check out the fabrics for guild projects.

The community quilters have several quilts to be quilted before new tops will be made.  Next meeting will be 12/5 from 10am-2pm.

Veterans Quilts – Ginger Dale reported that the workshop last month was very successful and lots of beautiful tops were made.  Several members held up the tops from the workshop and received a round of applause.  Labels for the quilts made by Pat Laub are on the table for members to admire. Thank you Pat!  There will be a presentation of Veterans Quilts next week.

2020 Quilt Show – Darcy de la Rosa reported there is still a need for a Quilt Show Co-Chair.  The sign-up board for Quilt Show committees is available for people to sign-up.

Membership – Ruth Johnson reported 85 members present, 2 new members – Diana Johnson, South Beach and Viki West, Yachats and 2 guests.  There are 208 Guild Members.  A reminder to the membership that it is “time to renew”.

Guild Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reported there are 7 people on the waiting list.  Dates for the retreat are Jan 28-31 which coincides with the Albany Quilt Show.  Final payment is due on or before the December  meeting.

December Guild Meeting will be a POTLUCK, bring a dish to share, a placemat and table setting.

Beverly Hergenrader reminded everyone to bring  cash or non parishable food item for Food Share.

Table Walk will be at 12:30p.m. with meeting/potluck at 1p.m. 


Tips & Techniques was the program for the day.  The membership was divided into four groups and rotated around the room to learn:

     Hiding Knots – Twy Hoch

     Hot Fix “BLING” – Dolores Thomas

     Applique – Ruth Hutmacher

     Reducing the Bulk – Jane Szabo

Members had a wonderful time going from station to station to learn the four technique tips.  There was lots of buzzing conversation, laughter, excitement and applause as the groups moved form station to station.  The program was a great success – THANK YOU Twy, Dolores, Ruth and Jane!

Quilters Surprise – Debbie Mosley

    Pat Laub won a light box and an iron-off marking pen.

Nifty Notions – Debbie Mosley

    Jackie Stankey won a mini stash storage and a white pen.

    Sally Ann Morris won a large stash storage.

Sable – Teecia Cornelius

    Jewel Tones winners were Beverly Hergenrader, Kathleen Holt and Renee Dickerson

Block of the Month – Meralee Wilson

    Next month is Wool Ornaments

    Fran Whited won the Block of the Month drawing.

Show and Share

Jean Amundson shared Oregon Springtime and Autumn Intersections which will go to the quilt show silent auction.

Darcy de la Rosa showed a quilt made from the October/November Block of the Month squares.

Teecia Cornelius shared a multicolored painted canvas travel bag.

Judy McCoy and Darcy de la Rosa showed pillow tops from the Mr. Domestics workshop.

Twy Hoch shared Veteran Quilt tops.

Toni Brodie showed a Halloween Wall Hanging that was started at last years retreat.

Dolores Thomas shared a Christmas Table Topper “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.

Delores Wagner showed a Small Auction Quilt made in bright colors and a Teal and Gray Quilt made for her granddaughter.

Linda Reeve shared Dinosaur and Sharks pillowcases for her grandson and a multi colored Big Girl Blanket for her granddaughter.

Joy Johnson showed a Christmas Nome Quilt.

Fran Whited shared a Community Quilt made in Shades of Blue.

Lisa Taylor showed two Small Quilts made with a bird panel for her daughter and daughter’s former roommate.

Maria Hunter has been very busy and shared a Knot Purse, brown and green Community Q, several pillow cases, a Dinosaur Top in greens for her grandson and a multi colored, Multi Animal quilt top for  her grandson.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:57.


Executive Board Meeting 11/21 – 10-11:30 am at Carriage House, Newport

NO Finishing School

Community Quilters 12/5 – 10am-2pm at Family Fabrics, Waldport

NO Documentation

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, OCQG Secretary

Oregon Coastal Quilters Executive Board Meeting November 21, 2019

The meeting was called to order by President, Diane Tillotson at 10 a.m.  A quorum was present.


A motion to approve the November 14th Special Executive Board Meeting was made by Jean Amundson and seconded by Sue Stephenson.  The motion was passed by a voice vote.

Treasurers Report –  Janet Sylvester presented the Treasurers Report and it was accepted as presented.

Excess from the prior retreats needs to be dealt with before the end of the year.  The committee will purchase irons, lights, etc as needed to complete retreat needs or needs of the guild. (such as a microphone and speaker, guest speaker costs, etc.)

Question was brought up and discussion followed regarding Guild Retreat Policies on deposits and refunds.  Retreat committee will review Retreat Policies and report back to the Executive Board.

Old Business

Nominating Committee – Meralee Wilson reported the Guild is still in need of a photographer.

Committees 2020

Audit – Gail Chipman

Block of the Month – Cyndie Wenz

Challenge – Jean Amundson

Communications – Melissa Hollenbeck

Community Quilters – Lindanne Perdue, Sue Stephenson

Documentation – Evelyn DePaolo, Twy Hoch, Patti Stephens, Joanne Sedlacek

Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg, Karen Oetjen, Ann Marie Kent

Hospitality – Barbara Kinzel, Georgia Sabourin

Librarian – Pam Werth

Membership –  Maria Hunter, Patti Stephens, JoAnne Sedlacek, Cheryl Kramer

Photographer –

Programs/Workshops – Janet DeSau, Jane Szabo, Chris Benedetti

Publicity – Jean Amundson

Quilter’s Surprise – Jan McQueen, Debbie Mosley

Retreat 2020 – Georgia Sabourin, Jan McQueen, Gail Chipman

SABLE – Ruth Hutmacher, Beverly Ohngeren

Veterans Project – Rose Shaw, Ginger Dale, Betty Wilson, Twy Hoch

Quilt Show – Darcy de la Rosa

2020 Raffle Quilt – Rosanne Berton, Phyllis Mitchell

2021 Raffle Quilt – Melissa Hollenbeck

Committee Reports

Block of the Month – Meralee Wilson reported no block to pick up, December is Wool Ornament Exchange and sign-up for January block.

Communications – Melissa Hollenbeck requests that BLOG information be submitted in writing.

Community Quilters – Sue Stephenson reported that the Newport School District has requested more quilts for school nurses, request for quilts from CASA and Safe Families.  To date the Guild has given away: 342 Quilts, 22 Sitting Pillows, 32 Totes, 50 Burp Cloths, 20 Toiletry Bags, 4 Dog Beds, 84 Oncology Bags, 32 Cardiology Bags, 42 Pillow Cases, 1 Bib and 40 Hospital pillows.

Documentation –  no report

Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg reminded the group that Finishing School will start again in January.

Hospitality – Beverly Hergenrader reminded the group to bring a placemat, silverware and place setting to the December Potluck Meeting along with a “dish to share”.  Donations of canned food or money will be taken for Food Share and will get you a ticket for the centerpiece drawings.

Librarian – Pam Grindell is working on a list of books for the website.


Membership – Gail Chipman reported that there were 85 members, 2 new members and 2 guests at the November Guild meeting.  Guild membership is at 208. 22 members have already renewed memberships for 2020.  Renewal forms are in your membership books and are due by the January 2020 General Membership meeting.

Merchandising – Becky Mershon reported the committee is looking forward to the new Artwork from Dennis.

Photographer  no report, vacancy for next year will be announced at December meeting and on the BLOG.  

Programs & Workshops – Janet DeSau and Jane Szabo reported there will be games and give-aways 

at the December Potluck. The 2020 schedule for meetings and workshops is almost complete.  2021 will be the 30th Anniversary for the Guild and  the committee is already working on a Fabulous Year of Programs, Workshops and Special Guests!!!

Publicity – Jean Amundson, no report.

2020 Guild Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reminded everyone that the final payment is due by the December guild meeting.  There are still 5 people on the waiting list.

Storage Unit – Meralee Wilson reported that the storage unit will be cleaned out and organized.  Any items no longer needed will be donated.

Veterans Project – Twy Hoch reported that 9 Veterans Quilts were given out this morning at Longview Hills.  There were lots of good stories to share!

2020 Quilt Show – Darcy de la Rosa reported she still has some “participation labels” from the 2019 Qult Show. Participation ribbons not picked up in December at the membership table will be packaged with the 2020 directory.   Sign-Up for the Quilt Show is going well.  Cindy McEntee has agreed to be co-chair. Darcy reported that the Newport Recreation Center is looking forward to being the home of another great Quilt Show.

2020 Raffle Quilt – Meralee Wilson reported that Rosanne Berton and Phyllis Mitchell are in charge of the quilt.

2021 Raffle Quilt – Melissa Hollenbeck reported that the background for the whale is completed and it has been given to Toni Brodie to applique.  Melissa has decided to do the complete quilt herself rather than having packets for members to do.  She will let the membership know if there are items they can help with.

Challenge Quilt – Jean Amundson reported that the information and rules were published on the BLOG and will start sign-ups at the next General Membership Meeting.  Nan reported that the December National Geographic has some articles on women which might be helpful for quilt ideas.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


No Finishing School

Community Quilters – 12/5 – 10am-2pm at Family Fabrics Waldport

No Documentation

General Membership Potluck Meeting – 12/12 at Atonement Lutheran Church

          Table Walk @ 12:30 pm – Meeting/Potluck @ 1 pm

No December Executive Board Meeting

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, OCQG Secretary