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JULY 12, 2018

 The meeting was called to order at 6p.m. by President, Phoebe Hein.


Jackie Stankey moved for acceptance of the June General Membership minutes.  Motion was seconded by Shirley Gilmore.  Membership in attendance voted to accept the minutes.


Phoebe Hein read a thank you note from Oscar Eager one of the Veteran Quilts recipients.

Phoebe Hein reminded the group that “side talk” makes it difficult for members to hear and asks that everyone refrain from “side talk” during the meeting.  If you have hearing issues, please move to the front of the room.  If requested, the speaker will be moved to the front of the room.

Pat Laub reminded the guild members that quilt intake is July 30th from 1-5pm at Atonement.  Remember to have hanging sleeve, paper label, insurance waiver and fold quilt so the label is on the top.


Challenge Quilts – Becky Mershon reminded members to be sure and vote, winners will be announced at the Quilt Show.

Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg  reminded group it is a good time to get those last minutes items done before the Quilt Show.  Meeting is July 27th, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Carriage House.

Community Quilters – Sue Stephenson expressed THANKS to the guild for the amazing and beautiful quilts that have been made.  Kits are available.  No August meeting.  Regular meetings are the first Thursday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Ruth’s in Waldport.

Silent Auction Quilts – Linda Reeve reported that small quilts have been on display at the Newport Library.  The viewers’ choice winner from the library display will designate a charity to receive $50 from the guild.  The Silent Auction quilts will be displayed and sold at the Quilt Show with half of the Auction proceeds going to Lincoln County Food Share.

Quilt Show – Jackie Stankey & Jean Amundson gave an enthusiastic presentation update on the upcoming Quilt Show.  Advance tickets are available tonight for $6.00.  There are still 80 Hostess slots available, please sign up tonight to help.  The group was reminded about the hanging sleeve on quilts (directions are on the website and pg 10 of the Guild Membership Booklet).  The paper label should be on the right hand bottom corner, sew well to quilt.  There are 231 Quilts Entered in Quilt Show, 88 members, 169 Quilts for Judging.  A special THANK YOU TO NAN for her hours spent helping with registration!  Insurance forms and labels are available at tonights meeting.  The Quilt Show Program book is almost done. Street Banners are up on the west side of Hwy 101 (yeah).  All committees are working hard, the vendor spaces are full, we’re ready for a great show.  Quilt show meeting Thursday, July 19th @ 1:15 p.m. at the Carriage House.

2019 Raffle Quilt – Jane Szabo gave us a first look at the 2019 Raffle Quilt, a beautiful colorful Mariners Compass with the Guild Lighthouse.  Julia Bailey, did the applique and bling and quilting will be done soon.   Phoebe reminded the guild members that the Lighthouse and Ship panels are copyrighted and cannot be used for items to be sold.

Outreach Suggestions – Phoebe Hein reminded the guild that we have an Outreach Fund that can be used for capital improvements or outreach, which keeps us within the guidelines for the IRS.  2017 Outreach was given to 4-H Coastal Ranchers Quilt Group – $500, Lincoln County Fair – $150, Latimer Center $100. Phoebe asked for recommendations for this year.  It was recommended to give to the 4-H Coastal Ranchers and the Coffee Creek Quilters.  The donations will be further discussed at the Executive Board meeting.

Featured Quilter Jennifer Reinhart – Excited! Excited! Excited! Jennifer is working hard on getting ready for her Quilt Show display and hopes everyone will stop by to view.  There will be 4-H’ers giving ribbons again this year.  The Cafeteria Concession Stand will be run by the 4-H Quilt Group.

Jennifer made a secret announcement to those in attendance at the meeting about a personal challenge she is doing.  Quilt guild members can bring a quilt top for Community Quilts to her area on Friday of the show, must be masculine or appropriate for a boy, she will “quilt” the tops as a gift to the guild.  Do not bring batting to the show.

Membership – Ruth Johnson announced there are 85 members present, 5 guests and 2 new members present.   There are now 190 guild members.  Ruth gave a special thanks to Linda MacKown, Rose  Shaw and Gloria Zirges who were the greeters at todays guild meeting.

Program/Workshops – Jennifer Reinhart.  Last 2018 Workshop, Billy Bag will be a 2 day workshop, cost $60, Friday and Saturday after October meeting.  August Program will feature ALL Quilt Show Winners.  Bring your award winning quilts to share and be recognized!  September program will be the Portland Quilt Group presentation and display from the Sister’s Quilt Show. Info at Instagram Acct: blackwebdiva.

PROGRAMFinally Finished Objects

Nan Scott shared “Jewels Lost, Found and Redeemed” started 2003-04 for a former student when she received a wedding invitation.  Quilt was started when Nan retired and moved to the coast, lost pattern, found pattern in Quilters Newsletter Magazines. Finished 2018,  Bayshore Quilters did the quilting.

Fran Whited shared 2012 Block of the Month Snowflakes done by guild members.  A beautiful blue and white quilt done with the snowflakes “falling” across the quilt.  Fran did a “faced finish”.

Jean Amundson shared “Montana Cartwheels” a bright colored , paper pieced quilt, started light years ago, purchased at the Quilt Gallery in Montana where Judy Neimeyer was a store clerk.  Jean has renamed the quilt “Free Wheeling”.

Velma Freudenthal 2006 attended her first Quilt Fest in Chicago and got reprouction fabrics, rubber stamp and vintage muslim.  Was her perpetual hand piecing project at Bayshore. Quilt is named “Antique Lemon Stars”, put together in 2017, quilted in 2018 all hand pieced and hand quilted.

Paulette Stenberg – 2008 “A Long Road to Done”.  Coast Shop Hop from Brookings to Astoria purchased a Nancy Chung Hawaiian Quilting pattern.  The quilt was a learning experience and required the help from Nancy Chung at the Bandon retreat one year.  Quilt was entered in the 2017 Quilt Show and then ripped apart and redone, hence the name “A Long Road to Done” and lots of help from friends.

Cindy McEntee – 2012 Class on embroidered wall hanging.  Out of her element, hand embroidery, only done on Fridays.  Beautiful wall hanging of flowers with a multi stripe border, bling and antique buttons.

Cheryl Kramer – 15 years ago started a Dresden Plate Quilt in shades of green, just finished as well as made 2 matching pillow shams.

Matt Buckman – 2003 tryptic of outside titled “Flowing Through The Seasons” was designed to be put on the blank wall along the stairway in their newly built home.  The quilt  was finished in 2018 and machine quilted in pattern of waves.

Melissa Hoffman – quilting for 1 year shared “Me and The Dog Quilt” a multicolored batik fabric showing lots of dog items.  First free motion quilting she has completed.

Judy McCoy – 2013 Pat Durbin workshop Beach Wall hanging completed.  Also shared a painted flower pillow.


Merchandising – announced that Guild Quilt Bags are for sale, cost $20, colors pink, red, blue, orange, lime.  Will also be available at Quilt Show.

Rec Center Hangings – Debbie Mosley reported a need for Patriotic Quilts to hang.

Christmas Placemats – Shirley Gilmore reported that 56 placemats have been received and will be displayed at the Quilt Show.

Nifty Notions – Jean Amundson won a Nest Organizer which keeps “stuff” handy.

Quilters Surprise – Anne-Marie Mann won a Quilters Journal.

Betty Jones won a Swivel Cutting Mat and Needle Threader Light.

SABLE – winners were Pam Grinnell, Jan McQueen and Sheila Stevens.

Block of the Month – Meralee Wilson reported this months Block of the Month were squares for the Veterans Quilt Program.  A sample of the August Block of the Month was shown.

Show & Share

  • Sue Stephenson shared a 3 ½ year project, a Mille Fiore quilt “How To Eat An Elephant”, hand pieced and hand quilted.
  • Anne-Marie Mann shared her first machine quilting “Bear Paw Nine Patch”, a red, white and blue quilt from left over scraps and a scrap quilt for Community Quilts in shades of blue.
  • Jane Szabo shared “Slice” a bright colored quilt with a first time facing binding.
  • Chris Benedetti showed “Pod Cats” a small Auction Quilt in shades of brown and a Photo Quilt that was made for her mom in shades of blue which has been shared with everyone in the neighborhood.
  • Paulette Stenberg shared “Birds on the Roof” a quilt in blues that she made for her neighbors and a modern quilt “Snow Geese” in shades of blue that was machine quilted in modern quilting form.
  • Linda MacKown showed a bright fall colors, Ann Shaw quilt from a class in 2016, titled “Autumn Fire”.  The quilt has a flange binding.
  • Dee Hill showed a December Block Quilt in Christmas colors for the Silent Auction.
  • Diane Tillotson showed a baby “Bumble Bee” rag quilt in black and yellow.
  • Jelly Roll Rugs were shared from the quilters that had participated in the class offered at Sew Hound in Siletz.  Fun, beautiful, colorful rugs.
  • Gloria Zirges shared some “special finds” from the neighbors, “Swan Lake I’ll Miss You” quilted by Jana Middlekoff in June 1997 along with several small quilts.
  • Matt Buckman shared that his daughter lives in Senegal and  on a visit fabric was brought back from her village done by traditional hand loom , quilt is titled “Addie’s Quilt”. Also shared a black and white quilt with bright colors titled “Random Works” and “Fire Log Cabin” made from family denim material.
  • Shirley Gilmore shared a wheel chair long lap quilt in red/white/blue that will be given to Quilts of Valor.
  • Gail Chipman shared “Reaching for the Stars” a large quilt in teal, green and blues.  Gail shared she learned the lesson to plan ahead with such  a large project as more than once she ran out of fabric.
  • Carol Nelson shared from the coast of Maine “The Ultimate Hour”.
  • Cindy McEntee shared “Labyrinth” a beautiful quilt in shades of blues and green.


A request was made that the Guild have more information regarding the Lincoln County Fair next year.


  • Executive Board Meeting – 7/19, 10-11:30 a.m. at Carriage House
  • Quilt Show Meeting – 7/19, 1:15-3 p.m. at Carriage House
  • Finishing School – 7/17, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Carriage House
  • Next General Meeting – 8/9, 5:30 p.m. at Atonement Lutheran Church
  • Carriage House Location -545 SW 9th St., Newport

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, OCQG Secretary


 JULY 19, 2018

 The meeting of the Executive Board was called to order by President, Phoebe Hein at 10:05 a.m.

A quorum was present.

Minutes – Sue Stephenson moved that the minutes of the June Executive Board Meeting be approved as published.  Motion was seconded by Becky Mershon and approved by vote.

Treasurer’s Report – Gail Chipman, treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.

Gail reminded the group that the far right column on the treasurer’s report  is the total to date.

Gail also reminded everyone that we need the receipt from Laser Quick in order to pay the bill, please ask for one when you pick up printed material.  Please cash checks promptly so that we do not have “lingering” checks outstanding.

Old Business

Outreach Funds – Suggestions from the General Membership meeting were the 4-H Quilters, Coffee Creek Quilters and Latimer.  Jennifer reported that the 4-H Quilters did not need additional funds, however the 4-H Textiles and Clothing Project, Ocean Beaches 4-H Club could use some funds.

Motion: Jean Amundson moved that Outreach Funds be given as follows: Coffee Creek $400, 4-H Textiles and Clothing Project $200, Latimer $200.  Motion was seconded by Debbie Mosley.

Discussion followed after which Jean amended her motion to be Coffee Creek $300, 4-H Textiles and Clothing Project $300, Latimer $200.  Amended motion was seconded by Debbie Mosley and passed by vote.

New Business

Phoebe Hein, President brought up the need to have a committee for set-up/take-down at General Membership meeting.  Discussion followed: Cindy reported it takes approximately 30-45 minutes; Jennifer agreed and said it needs to be a “commitment” that people follow thru on; general consensus was that it is a good idea; recommended that Cindy check with Atonement Church Secretary to confirm that diagrams for set-up are correct and  needed changes be made; the new committee would be responsible for setting up the committee signs, banners, etc. (tables and chairs are done as part of contract with Atonement).

Motion: Jackie Stankey moved that a new committee for meeting set-up and take-down be formed.  The motion was seconded by Janet Sylvester and passed by vote.  Elizabeth Wood and Janet DeSau graciously agreed to be the committee. Thank You!

Gail Chipman, treasurer gave an explanation of End of Year Accounting Report.  The treasurer’s report is compiled routinely the middle of the month to be as accurate as possible for the Executive Board Meeting.  The  Fiscal End of Year Report (November 30th) will be available at the January Executive Board Meeting.  If your committee would like a hard copy, please let the Treasurer know.  A copy will be given to the Secretary to be included with the January minutes.

Lincoln County Fair and guild involvement was discussed.  It was agreed that better information regarding the fair and registration is needed. Meralee Wilson offered to attend Fair Board meetings and bring information back to the Executive Board.  Thank you Meralee! It was decided that it does not fall within the guidelines of the Guild to take an official position about the future of the Commons.


Budget – Janet Sylvester reminded everyone that budgets are due in September.

Challenge Quilts – Becky Mershon reported the quilts are ready to hang at the Quilt Show and that voting has been completed and results will be announced at the Quilt Show.

Communications – Nan Scott is doing BLOG and requests that all information be in no later than Sunday following the meeting.  Nan has received a request to make the BLOG printable, this will be done AFTER the Quilt Show.  There will be a request for help with the Communications Committee made at the August General Membership Meeting.

Community Quilters – Sue Stephenson reported that 47 quilts have been delivered and 53 quilts are in inventory.  Deliveries to My Sister’s Place, Samaritan House, Little Boys, Seashore Literacy, Hospice, Calvary Church Soup Line, Apartment Fire Victims, Children’s Advocacy Center, Doernbecher, Foster Parents and Habitat.  Needs are for Queen Quilts, Burp Rags, Boy’s Quilts, Totes 24” x 30” or 24” x 30” Totes with handles for Seashore Literacy Group.  They need 20 Totes for August presentation.

If you know of charities in the Lincoln City area that could use quilts, please let Sue know.  Sue also repeated the “Jennifer Reinhart Challenge”, bring a community quilt top for boys/masculine (no flowers) to the Quilt Show on Friday and give directly to Jennifer.  The quilt top and backing should be pinned or bundled with you name on it. Do not bring batting to Quilt Show, take batting to August General Membership Guild Meeting.  Jennifer is doing this Challenge as a personal Thank You to the Guild.

Finishing School – Karen Oetjen reported everyone is busy “finishing” for the Show.

Membership – Ruth Johnson, written report, 85 members were present at July General Meeting, 5 guests and 2 new members.  Total membership 190.

Merchandising – Rose Shaw, Quilt Guild Bags will be available for sale at Quilt Show for $20, lots of fun colors.

Programs/Workshops – Jennifer Reinhart.  August meeting will be the Quilt Show Wrap Up.  September meeting will be the Portland Modern Quilt Guild.  Next years schedule is filled, will not be doing workshops as discussed before.  Possible future programs/workshop: Janet Webster and Barn Square Workshop with business support, perhaps a Quilt Show Block Find in conjunction with Quilt Show.

Publicity – Jean Amundson, articles are being placed in Newport News Times, News Lincoln County and Oregon Coast Today.  Final articles will emphasize our featured quilter, Jennifer Reinhart.

Quilt Show – Jackie Stankey & Jean Amundson, meeting this afternoon at 1:15 p.m.  Biggest issue currently is that there are still 35 slots available for hostesses.  Banners are hung and are described as awesome and amazing!

2018 Raffle Tickets- Nan Scott, reported 5778 sold, $5500 received, tickets are ready and available for show.

2018 Raffle Quilt – Nan Scott, Quilt is going to be displayed at The Cove until the Quilt Show.

2019 Raffle Quilt – Jane Szabo, need to name the 2019 Raffle Quilt.  Committee will decide the winning name and the winner will receive a packet of Raffle Tickets.

VQP – Ginger Dale, reminded everyone that there will be presentation of Quilts of Valor at the Quilt Show.

Rec Center Hangings–  Debbie Mosley, currently Patriotic Quilts are hanging and look beautiful.  Quilts will be changed in September and will be “fall quilts”.  Wall quilts are preferred over large quilts for ease of displaying.

Niemeyer Mini-Retreat – Jennifer Reinhart, payment in full for the retreat is due August 9th.


 Remember to support the Brick & Mortar Quilt Stores, more and more seem to be going out of business.

FISH newsletter, Lebanon Food Share had an article on Paulette Stenberg and her donation of 18 Raffle Quilts to their program over the years.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.


  •  Quilt Show Meeting today at 1:15 p.m. at Carriage House
  • July 26th – Finishing School, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Carriage House
  • August 3rd & 4th – QUILT SHOW at Rec Center
  • August 9th – General Membership Guild Meeting, Atonement Lutheran Church
  •               (5:30 p.m. Table Walk/6:00 p.m. General Meeting)
  • August 16th – 10-11:30 a.m. Executive Board Meeting at Carriage House
  • August 16th – 1:15 p.m. Quilt Show Meeting at Carriage House

Respectfully Submitted by Marian Brown, OCQG Secretary