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March 8, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President, Phoebe Hein at 1 p.m.
Shirley Gilmore made the motion to accept the February 2018 General Membership minutes. Georgia
Sabourin seconded the motion. Membership in attendance voted to accept the minutes.

Phoebe anounced that the memorial service for Ann Davis, a founding member of the Guild will be Saturday, March 17th at 2 p.m. at Atonement Lutheran Church.
Tina McCann won First Place at AQS in Daytona Beach for her Wolf Wall Quilt. Congratulations!
Phoebe read a thank you note from the Samaritan Pacific Hospice Program for the quilts that were donated for their fundraiser.
Lattimer Center sent an announcement that March 11th there will be an Open House for the Columbia River Gorge Arts Quilts display.


Documentation – Evelyn DePaolo reminded the group that the next Quilt Documentation will be on April 14th.

Newsletter/Communication – Paula Hnyda reported that the BLOG will be updated at least once a month. Paula needs to receive information by the 15th of the month in cut/paste format, so committee chairs need to be proactive getting information to Paula so she can get it out to the membership. Paula is the “Blog Editor”.

2018 Raffle Quilt & Tickets – Nan Scott reported that sales are going “great guns”, half of the tickets out have been sold to date. Information on where the quilt will be displayed will be on the website.

Quilt Show – Jean Amundson reported that the 2018 Raffle Quilt has been chosen to be the cover quilt for the Quilt Shop Navigator Magazine! Registration is open online for the 2018 Quilt Show. There are still some committee needs for the Quilt Show – Boutique chairperson, Sponsored Ribbon chairperson and Demonstrations chairperson. Debbie Mosley has the packets for each of these positions which describes the job. Quilt Show bills should be given to Janet Scanlon. There are two new categories this year, modern quilts and paper piece quilts. Information on the descriptions of these quilts is on the website.

Christmas Placemats – Shirley Gilmore reminded everyone to plan and make a Christmas Placemat.  The placemats will be displayed at the Quilt Show and used at the December Guild potluck. Information for placemat size is on the website, be sure to pin you name on the back and bring to the June or July Guild meeting.

Community Quilts – Paulette Stenberg for Sue Stephenson, reported a name change to “Community Quilters”and read the following note to the members:
I’m Sue Stephenson, and I’ve volunteered to be the coordinator for Community Quilts. I want to start by changing the name of this committee. It really should be called Community Quilters. That’s every one of you! The work of this committee is truly the basis for everything we do in our Guild. It is what qualifies our group for its tax status and is the main reason given when requesting a fee reduction for the rental of the Recreation Center from the City of Newport for our show. And don’t most of us “donate” the beautiful quilts we make to our friends and family? This goes to the very core of why many of us sew and quilt in the first place. I am leaving on an extended vacation and will be returning the first week of April. I am asking that you not bring your donations for Community Quilters until the April Guild meeting. We will also be introducing some new guidelines for fabric and batting donations. Additionally, there will not be a Community Quilters session on the first Thursday of April. We will start fresh in May, and at a new location.

I am counting on all of our members to participate in this committee in one  way or the other. I know you all want to be a Community Quilter!
I’ll see you in April!
The Executive Board is finalizing plans for a new space and storage.

Challenge Quilt – Becky Mershon reminded everyone the Challenge Quilt is “The Elements” – Earth, Air,Fire,Water. Information is available on the website. Sign-ups are needed, deliver your finished quilt to the June meeting. Quilts will be hung at the Quilt Show and winners will be announced at the Quilt Show.

2019 Guild Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reminded the membership that refunds are given only if the dates change. If you are unable to attend you can arrange for someone else to take your place. The 2019 Guild Retreat will have check-in on Tuesday, January 29th and check-out on Friday, February 1st.
The Albany Quilt Show will take place during the retreat dates. There have been some questions regarding early arrivals, will check into possibility. Sign-up next month for 2018 Guild Retreat.

Rec Center Quilt Hanging – Debbie Mosley thanked Patsy for her time heading up this project. Debbie will have information regarding the Rec Center quilts on the BLOG and plans to change the quilts every 2-3 months. You can also watch for information on Facebook. Please remember to have hanging sleeve and name on quilt. The quilts will be taken down the Wednesday before the Guild Meeting and Debbie will return to members at the Guild Meeting. If the quilt is available for sale, please talk with Debbie. DO NOT DROP QUILTS OFF AT THE REC CENTER, Debbie will pick up quilts at the Guild Meeting.

Veterans Quilts – Twy Hoch, reported that there will be 10 Veterans Quilts presented at the American Legion Hall on March 12th at 7 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Membership – Ruth Johnson reported 80 members, 2 guests, 2 new members. The membership list will be posted on the website so all members need to sign a release form which is on the check-in table.

Quilt Show Categories – Nan Scott. Seven quilts are already registered! The new policies, categories and definitions are posted on the Website, go to Home Page, Events, Quilt Show. Do Not Use Old Paper Tags. Be sure to use new Insurance Waiver form (on website). Nan shared a Sign Board that shows the different categories and how to register your quilt. Please say what category when sharing during show and share, Nan will walk us thru the process on the Sign Board.

Programs/Workshops – Cindy McEntee Workshops
Serger Class, tomorrow from 9-4, $30, still room.
Mini Minkee Workshop, Sheila McKay, April 13th, $105 includes kits.
Beginning Baltimore Workshop, May 11th
Judy Neimeyer, May Class Full
Judy Neimeyer, October Class still has room

The Guild Membership was treated to a wonderful recap of Cindy’s adventures becoming a Judy Neimeyer Certified Instructor. The last step of 26 days with Judy and friends, lots of sewing, lots of instruction, not much sleep. One week, 10 days, 8 projects in 5 days, each step part of teaching process, doing a quilt Judy’s way. Cindy’s “Wedding Star” quilt was picked by Judy to be shown at the
Madelyn Island Retreat. Congratulations Cindy! Everyone enjoyed seeing the many projects that Cindy worked on or completed, including a 2 ½ strip paper piecing quilt from antique garage fabric, a points and arches quilt, poinsettia quilt where Cindy added veins, a set of 4 appliqued placemats that were paper pieced, a circles quilt the Double Wedding Star and Point Stars. Judy Neimeyer fabric is available at certified shops. Cindy did her certification instruction completing Phase II and then Phase I. Cindy said it was a wonderful experience to meet people from all over the United States and CONGRATULATIONS CINDY ON YOUR CERTIFICATION. Cindy also just returned from the Quilt University at Thimble Town in Bakersfield, Calilfornia. If you’re interested in becoming an instructor the first step is to take a workshop with Judy. Cindy described her experience as lots of fun
and hard work and reported that Judy was very impressed at the quilting ability of our Guild Members Lisa and Jennifer.

Quilters Surprise – Jean Amundson received a king size natural cotton batting.
Nifty Notions – Jan Hoffman received a rotary cutter.
SABLE – Ruth Hutmacher, Lisa Hall and Pat Laub won 30’s/40’s Fat Quarters.
Block of the Month – winner was Norma Horn.

Show & Share

Jan McQueen – red and white Picnic Quilt and a small Easter Quilt
Laura Martin – Whimsical Character Cat Quilt
Linda MacKown – Basket Quilt in shades of blue
Janet DeSau – Black and white table runner with bright orange flowers
Diane Tillotson – beautiful Lenten Cross Quilt
Shirley Gilmore – Hawaiian Naupaka 5 Petal Flower quilt in blues
Lisa Taylor – sideboard quilt from a neighbors family linens
Ruth Hutmacher – Beach Scene small group quilt
Lindanne Perdue – Alaska Bear Quilt, old quilt from family cedar chest –        1930’s hand quilted, stack’n whack celebration fabric quilt squares
Toni Brodie – Birds on Wire quilt
Janet Webster – Floral Remix Workshop Quilt, hand quilted
Paula Hynda – old paperdolls fabric, self quilted

Veterans Quilts Workshop, tomorrow at Bayshore from 10 a.m. – 4 pm.

Veterans’ Awards – March 12th@7pm, American Legion Hall
Executive Board Meeting – March 15th, 10-11:30 a.m. at Carriage House
Quilt Show Meeting – March 15th, 1:15-3 p.m. Carriage House
Finishing School – March 22nd, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Carriage House
Carriage House Location – 545 SW 9th St., Newport
Next General Meeting – April 12th @ 5:30 p.m., Atonement Lutheran Church

Meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.


FEBRUARY 15, 2018


The meeting was called to order by President, Phoebe Hein at 10 a.m. A quorum was present.


Approval of Minutes – Velma Freudenthal moved that the minutes of the January Executive Board Meeting be approved as published. Motion was seconded by Jackie Stankey and approved by vote.


Treasurer’s Report – treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.


Old Business

Community Quilts – Phoebe Hein reported that Ruth at Family Fabrics in Waldport has agreed to host Community Quilts meetings on the lst Thursday of the month and is willing to provide storage for supplies. Family Fabrics is moving locations on March 1st and will have 9 lockers available for storage at the new location. Space should be ready to go in April. Discussion followed regarding providing free advertisement for use of the space and a monthly rental fee. Nan Scott offered to apply for a Tribal Grant to pay for costs of work space and storage. Further discussion will be carried over for more discussion at next Executive Board meeting in March including whether we should give Ruth free advertising and a monthly rental fee, or only a monthly rental fee. Sue Stephenson agreed to be committee chairperson and will work to educate the general membership about the Community Quilts Program. It will be a goal to provide better reporting back to the guild and encourage better participation by the guild members.


New Business

Veterans Quilt Project will have a presentation at the American Legion on March 12th at 7 p.m. All guild members are encouraged to attend to show support for this project.


Committee Reports

Advertising – no report

Budget – no report

Challenge Quilt – no report

Communications – Nan Scott reported that we are getting closer to having all parts of the website running smoothly. Membership will receive email notification when BLOG updates are put on the web. If membership directory information is put on the website it would be a PDF and would be available to members in “members only” area with same password for all members. It would not be available on the menu system used by the general public.

Motion was made by Debbie Mosley to put the membership directory on the website, password protected, available only to membership and allow redaction only at membership renewal time. Motion was seconded by Sue Stephenson and approved by vote.

Community Quilts – Phoebe Hein read a thank you from the Samaritan Hospital Foundation for the seven quilts they received.

Documentation – Twy Hoch, next documentation will be April 14th from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Carriage House in Newport. Call Twy for appointment.

Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg, next meeting is February 22nd from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Carriage House. Consider it a “mini retreat”.

Hospitality – no report

Library – no report

Membership – Phoebe Hein, the membership has grown by 1, current membership at 179. Send any changes needed to Ruth Johnson.

Merchandising – no report

Programs/Workshops – Jennifer Reinhart reported that all contracts have been signed, the year is full and schedule is on page 6 in the membership book. The committee is currently working on the 2019 schedule and requests that wants and wishes be given to the committee. The committee is finding that presenters are not traveling as much as they used to and cost is very expensive. In order to make workshops doable they need to be filled. Everyone is very excited about the September meeting when the Portland Modern Quilt Guild will be the program.

Quilt Show – Jackie Stankey reminded group that there is a meeting today at 1:15 p.m. The contract has been signed with the Rec Center and the committee is working on parking issues. “Modern Quilts” will be a new category at the show and the definition of Modern Quilts is being composed.

Raffle Ticket Sales – Nan Scott reported 668 tickets were sold at the Albany Quilt Show. To date

have received $1082, tickets out to membership 1225, stubs returned 1089.

2018 Raffle Quilt – Nan Scott, Quilt will be displayed at the Yachats International Show on February 24th-25th and tickets will be sold. She is negotiating to have the Quilt displayed at NW Quilters Guild, May 11th-12th, 44th Annual Festival of Quilts at the Expo Center in Portland.

2019 Raffle Quilt – no report

Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reported there will be sign-up in April. She is working on making dates coincide with the Albany Quilt Show.

Audit – Phoebe Hein reported that the audit will be completed by March Executive Board meeting.

VQP – Twy Hoch reported there will be a March “sew-in” in Waldport and a “sew-in” in Newport in April at the Extension office.

Rec Center Hangings – Debbie Mosley has agreed to take over this project. “Spring Quilts” will be hung next, bring to March Guild meeting and be sure to put name on quilt. Debbie plans on changing quilt display seasonally.

JN Mini-Retreat – Jennifer Reinhart reported May retreat is full and will have two certified

instructors. Registration is open for the October retreat.


Miscellaneous – Nan Scott reported that the New Forms with the New Logo are up on the website.



February 22nd – Finishing School, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Carriage House, Newport.

March 8th – General Meeting at Atonement Lutheran Church, Newport

(12:30 p.m. Table Walk, 1 p.m. Meeting)

March 15th – 10 a.m. Executive Board Meeting, Carriage House, Newport

March 15th – 1:15 p.m. Quilt Show Meeting

Meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.


Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, OCQG Secretary