A Note from Ginger Dale

Quilters, if you are feeling frustrated because your stash is not shrinking enough in 2020, even though we have all been home and sewing so much more than usual, I have the answer for stash reduction.  All you have to do is create an explosion in your house that blows out the wall right behind your fabric storage and blows about 100 gallons of water, pieces of drywall and insulation all over the place.
Yes, this is a true story, but you need to arrange to have a pressure tank for your water well on the other side of the wall you want to blow out.  And make sure that it blows the right direction into your sewing room.  I am not sure how to tell you to make it explode, but I am sure you can find something on Google.
Also, before this happens make sure you remove your favorite fabrics from your stash and place any old equipment that you would like to have replaced in front of the storage wall so everything falls on top of it.  Trust me, next time I will make sure these steps are done before the explosion.
It also helps if you have a back up water source, since insurance doesn’t seem to think being without water for a week is not really a problem.
Seriously, this really happened last weekend.  We should have water by Monday, but I fear it will take a bit longer to get my sewing room back together.  Right now, the whole wall is torn out and the fans for drying will be going for another several days.  Think we were able to save the floor ( fabric absorbs a lot of water, believe it or not) and most of the room is going to be OK.
Right now I just want to go to bed and wake up in 2021.  Can we just have a boring, uneventful, peaceful new year?  Take care all my fellow quilters and I hope we can all be together soon.
Ginger Dale

Have a wonderful Christmas Ladies!