OCQG Is 30! Are You Up for the Challenge?

The 30th OCQG quilt show will be August 6-7, 2021! And the guild will be thirty also! If you have an idea for the 2021 OCQG Challenge, now is the time to bring it to the next Executive Board meeting (10 a.m., November 19, via Zoom). Please join the meeting if possible so that the board can clarify any questions, and it would be helpful to send a copy to President Diane Tillotson before the meeting so that she can send it out with the agenda. But if you don’t Zoom or can’t attend the meeting, just send your challenge idea to Diane anyway. The guild needs your input!

Usually, challenge entries are size-limited (20”-30” on a side) so that there will be room to display them in the quilt show. If your challenge is selected by the board, you will coordinate the submissions by communicating the “rules” and requesting entries at each meeting, accepting the entries in June, and keeping track of the June/July voting.  There are special ribbons for first, second, and third place; these are often handmade but that’s not a requirement.  The challenge chairperson becomes a member of the Executive Board that year too, and is expected to attend those meetings.

OCQG has had some wonderful challenges over the years, and your idea for 2021 will carry on the tradition.  Questions?  Ask a former challenge coordinator (Jean Amundson, Ginger Dale, Becky Mershon and others) for answers. The 30th quilt show deserves a challenge. Get your proposal(s) in early and often! 

 Jean Amundson

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Sad News:

I got a call from Lisa Hall who told me that a former member, Benita Goodheart, passed away last night in Idaho where most of her family is now.  Benita’s husband had requested that we let guild members know.  Lisa Hall will be emailing you with the particulars for the blog, but I just wanted to give you a heads up so that you would know that the family approved of the notification.  Benita was a member since 2010 and although she did not renew her membership when she retired and moved in 2018, she frequently came back to visit at Quilt Show time and helped in the Boutique.  She was a talented art quilter and co-chaired the personal portrait challenge with Jeannie Singler a few years ago.  She will certainly be missed.