April Blog “EXTRA”

Here are a few articles that should have been included in the April Blog so you get an “EXTRA” this month – nothing fancy, just the facts, M’am.

Quilt Show Roster

The quilt show co-chairs are thrilled with the sub-committee signups! There are only two positions left, and when they get filled, our roster will be complete. We still need someone to coordinate demonstrations at the show, and boutique chair Jan McQueen needs someone to do boutique computer work (spreadsheets, mostly). Please contact Jean Amundson (541-265-5544, or mjeanamundson@gmail.com) if you can do one of these important tasks.

And don’t worry, if you miss out on signing up to fill these jobs, there will be hundreds of slots available for helping with judging, setting up the show, and working during the actual show!

Christmas Placemat

A reminder from Shirley Gilmore:  we are making Christmas placemats which should be brought to the guild meeting in June or July and given to Shirley Gilmore or Betty Wilson so we can include them in our quilt show in August ~  Not to be judged, just displayed.

Be sure that your name is on the back of the placemat.  Members can contact either Shirley or Betty for information.

Betty    541-444-7157
Shirley  541-574-0596

The Elemental Challenge

It’s not too late to join the 2018 “Earth – Wind – Fire – Water” Challenge!  You can feature one or more of these four medieval elements in your quilt.  This is a reminder that the quilt should be turned in on Thursday, June 14, 2018 (at the OCQG meeting).  Please note that in addition to the other requirements, a hanging sleeve would also be needed on your quilt.

Three quilts will be designated winners of this challenge through voting by OCQG members.  Voting will be at the June 14 and July 12 general membership meetings.  Winners will be revealed at the quilt show, where all quilts will be displayed in a special section.

See the poster display at the next few Guild meetings to get an information and sign up sheet.  Or simply drop an email to Becky Mershon bmershon@peak.org or Judy McCoy jmccoy@peak.org.