EarthWindFireWater Challenge

WHAT:  Make a quilt embodying the concept of one or more of the medieval basic elements – earth, wind, fire, and water.

SIZE:  Quilts must be no more than 30” in any dimension, with a total outside circumference of no more than 120”.  Quilts may be smaller if desired.

Embellishments:  Welcome, but not required.

DUE:  Quilts must be brought to the June meeting in a brown paper bag and will be voted on at the June and July meetings.

OTHER:  All quilts must be made entirely by the entrant.  A 3” x 5” card with the name of the quilt must be safety-pinned to the lower front right corner.  The quilt-maker’s name must be on the back of the quilt, covered with a piece of paper.  A hanging sleeve is also required.  (Sleeve instructions are on page 10 of the directory).