Community Quilters Update and 2021 Retreat Info

Community Quilters

Hello Fellow Community Quilters.
The needs for facemasks has finally died down.  I am still collecting any you have made and keeping for future needs.  I do believe this is something that will be with us for awhile to come, and there will no doubt be requests coming in later.  Our current need is for bed-sized quilts.  Our inventory is pretty low, and we are especially short on quilts for males, as it seems it always is. Many thanks to all who have continued to make quilts during these challenging times, especially to our wonderful longarm quilters and those who have been tying quilts. It seems difficult for me to get myself inspired and motivated to work on projects, even with all this time at home.  I believe I am missing the comraderie and motivation I get when I am around all of you.  Knowing that, I am even more impressed with those of you who have kept those machines turning out items for our neighbors who need to feel cared about now more than ever before. I will be making deliveries to several of our agencies this week, so we will need to replenish our inventory as quickly as we can!  I will still be making pickups at Ruth’s and the Cove at least once a week.

2021 Retreat

2021 Quilting in the Gardens Retreat Signup will be on Thursday, June 4th starting at 7 p.m. sent to my email address:
    The Retreat dates are Tuesday, February 2nd thru Friday, February 5th to coincide with the Willamette Valley Quilt Festival which, at this time, is still a “go”.  We will take deposits starting in September.  There will be an information email sent to all that signup.  The cost should be the same but will be double checking with the Resort after all of this craziness to make sure nothing has changed.  If there is any change in the cost it should not be more than $5-$10 per person.
    At this time the rates per person are:  Single:  $440, Double: $290, Triple: $260 & Quad:  $240
    So, get your fingers ready to send a signup email but no sooner than 7:00 p.m. Thursday June 4th.
Your Retreat Committee,
Georgia, Cyndie W, Gail & Jan M