Please join us at Community Quilts Open House at Lee Palmer’s accounting office, in Waldport.

It is so nice to catch up with fellow quilters, & pick up some projects to work on or fabric to help finish your project.

Melissa has made up some new Easy kits for quilt tops for Community Quilts.

Becky will be there with merchandise ie: panels of the bridge, shirts & hoodies, note cards bags etc. Contact her if you have questions or requests. Remember our merchandise is awkward & heavy in big totes & it’s in a storage unit. We can’t haul it all back & forth to our gatherings, so plan ahead & it’ll be waiting for you. Thanks.

Virginia will be there to accept any veteran quilts or blocks you are ready to turn in. We are slammed (in a good way) with many applications for a veterans quilt again & all help is much appreciated. There will be backing & batting available for your veteran quilt top. If any of you can volunteer to make a label or two, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Cheryl Kramer. We have 4 very dedicated label makers who would love a little help. Thanks for all you do. Veteran’s Quilt project.

Virginia, Betty W, Twy, Cheryl, Rose & Lindanne