June Blog II

Below are a few update articles that are in addition to the June Blog.  Read on and stay in the know.

Hello Quilters,
Finally going to start the Quilt in the Garden signup at the June General Meeting.  We are looking forward to another fun filled Retreat in 2019.  Dates are Tues Jan. 29th checkin & Fri Feb 1st checkout.
Rates remain the same: 1 ppr – $440, 2 ppr – $290, 3 ppr – $260 & 4 ppr – $240.

    There will be more information at the signup table & updates in the future.  A $50 nonrefundable deposit is due on or before the Sept 13th meeting.  Final Retreat payment will be due on or before the Dec. 13th meeting.  Hope to see you at the Retreat.

Your Retreat Committee,
Georgia, Cyndie, Linda, Renee & Sherry

COMMUNITY QUILTERS.  We meet on the 1st Thursday of each month, and our next date will be June 7, beginning at 10:00.  Our meeting place is Ruth’s Family Fabrics on 101 in Waldport, next door to the Subway.  We welcome members to come and go at their leisure.  Bring your lunch if you plan to stay awhile.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR SEWING MACHINES!  We have limited space to work, and our primary focus is to create “kits” for the guild members to take home and complete.  You will be asked to select a pattern from our extensive collection, and then pick out materials to create a quilt top.  You have the option to stay and cut the material as directed in the instructions, or take the material home to do the cutting.  We have found we have a better response and quicker turnaround when the material is pre-cut in the kits.  So come on down and become a bonafide kit designer – it’s a lot of fun to be so creative!

UGLY FABRIC CHALLENGE (now called BEAUTY FROM THE BEAST).  We have decided to put this challenge on hold until after the quilt show.  If you took a fabric for this challenge already, you can now take a deep breath.  For those who wanted to participate but were put off by the short time frame to complete, we will bring back those “lovely” materials to the October guild meeting.  We’d like to have a nice selection from which our guests can choose their favorite at the 2019 show.

DOG BEDS.  Community Quilters is no longer accepting dog beds or materials for dog beds.  Currently there are no organizations willing to accept these items.  However, we have noticed in the past that many of our members include orphan blocks, accurately cut strips and blocks, etc., in the bags left with us for dog beds.  These items were clearly intended to be used in a quilt, but sometimes we find we have cut too many pieces to use in our creations.  We are happy to accept these items to be used in the construction of community quilts.

URGENT NEEDS.  We have received many requests for quilts that are more appropriate for boys, especially teenagers.  Good fabric choices are sports, Star Wars, camo, local high school colors, local college colors, pro athletic teams, etc.  These quilts need to be at least lap, and even better, twin sized. We are also hearing that all kids really gravitate to quilts that have flannel or plush as backing.  We will have a good supply of flannel in our storage to use if you need it.

We have also had a request for “burp cloths” to be used with babies who come in with drug issues.  We don’t have a lot of specifics to provide, but all of us moms remember those spitting up times and what we used to control the mess.  We have been advised that these are made from flannel, and can be pieced.  I’m sure they would be happy with virtually any size, but let’s limit the size to no larger than 2X2.  I’ll pass along more specifics as we receive them, but this is a great opportunity to use up those flannel scraps, and the need is extremely urgent.

Sue Stephenson

Small Quilt Auction – Just want to remind everyone it is time to turn in any small quilts you want to donate. Please put a label on it & pin the name of your favorite charity to the quilt. I won’t be at the June meeting so turn in any quilts to Anne-Marie Mann. Thank you.

Linda Reeve

Member raffle ticket sales must be finalized by the July meeting, but we still have about six weeks to sell.  Can you pick up another packet … or two … of three?  There will be a useful ‘NanMade’ prize for the person who sells the most tickets.  We have 186 members and only 74 have picked up tickets.  Please do your part to make this major fund raising effort s success this year.

Nan Scott

Don’t forget to read the minutes of the May meeting before the June 14th general meeting so that you will be informed.  Read them here.