Meeting Minutes for December 13, 2018 General Meeting

Oregon Coast Quilters General Meeting December 13, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President, Phoebe Hein.


Jean Amundson moved for acceptance  of the November general meeting minutes.  Motion was seconded by Debbie Mosley and approved by members present.

Phoebe Hein welcomed everyone to the meeting and announced that we would start our meeting with the presentation of Honor Quilts to four Veterans followed by the holiday potluck.

Veterans Quilts 

Sonny Hamner gave a presentation reminding all present of the special meaning of our Veterans Quilts Program, a very special way to give thanks and honor to those who have served our Country.  A very special ceremony for everyone in attendance.  Beautiful red, white and blue quilts were given to:

Don Taylor, U.S.Navy, 1983-1990, 3rd Class Hull Tech

Bob “Trucker”Howe, U.S.Marines 1961-1964 , Military Intell

Merlin “Skip” Lovell, U.S. Navy, 1953-1957 Korean War, QM3

Don Morrison, U.S. Navy Seaman, 1965-1970  Vietnam, Admiral Staff

We were  honored to have the veterans join us for our festive holiday potluck.

Following a very tasty holiday potluck with lots of good conversation, laughter and time spent with friends, Phoebe called the business meeting to order.

Featured Quilter 2019 was announced by Jean Amundson, Jackie Stankey and Darcy Trego by presenting the following facts:

1. learned to sew on a treadle machine while visiting her grandmother

2. “graduated” to a 1935 Singer featherweight

3. her incentive as a young person to sew was diminished because she lived on Taiwan for a number of years and could take a catalog picture to a local dressmaker who would copy it for $3

4. she was “bitten” by the quilting bug in the mid-80’s

5. after retirement from Oregon State University she was invited to a guild meeting by Gladys Schooonover

6. she built the guild’s first website, has been president, workshop chair, block of the month co-chair, newsletter editor, quilt show co-chair and membership committee chair

7. she helped to organize the guild’s first retreat which has now become an annual event

8. many of her quilts have an Asian theme

Our 2019 Featured Quilter believes that quilters are compassionate, giving people – folks who will be there for you in both joyful times and in heartache.  She says, that is the true heart of quilting!  The 2019 Featured Quilter is NAN SCOTT!

Committee Reports

Quilt Show – Jackie Stankey informed the group that sign-ups and folders that explain the duties of the committees are on the table, ready for people to sign-up.

Community Quilters – Sue Stephenson reminded the group that “there is no holiday” for the quilt needs in the community.  There are “quilt bundles” available today for members to take, quilts that need binding, more needs for burp rags and pillow cases for foster children.

To Date in 2018 – 240 Quilts Distributed

                              45 Quilts in Inventory

                              19 Sit Upon Pillows (Childrens’ Afterschool)

                              55 Totes

                  59 Burp Rags

                              36 Hospital Pillows

                              22 Oncology Chemo Bags

                              6 Hospital Teddy Bears

                              15 Stocking Baby Buntings


Phoebe Hein read thank you notes from My Sisters Place staff and board and Latimer Textiles.

Guild Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reported that there are 3 openings, if you are interested please let her know.  Final payments for the retreat are due today.

2019 Raffle Quilt – Jane Szabo has the beautiful, “fully blinged” quilt on display for all to see.  The quilt is beautiful and sparkly thanks to the blinging by Dolores Thomas.  Tickets are available from Jane Szabo and everyone is encouraged to use them as a Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.

President, Phoebe Hein thanked her officers for a year well done and recalled being asked by Cindy McEntee four years ago to be the vice president, which meant 2  years as VP and 2 years as president.  Phoebe said it has been a wonderful experience and a great way to get to know members, all areas of the guild and a fascinating “study in behavior”.  Fun, fun, fun.  Phoebe is now looking forward to signing up to be a part of additional guild activites and  is going to co-chair the Challenge Quilt for 2019.  Phoebe thanked her officers for a job well done and then installed the 2019 Officers:

Vice President – Merralee Wilson

Treasurer – Janet Sylvester 

Secretary – Marian Brown

President – Diane Tillotson is visiting her daughter in Australia and will be installed at the January meeting.

Quilters Surprise – Jan McQueen won an iron.

Nifty Notions – Joan Johnson won Fabric Marking Pens

Holiday Donations

Toni Brodie won a Bundle of Fabric from Lisa Hall

Toni Brodie won a Fat Quarter from Lisa Taylor

Sheila Stevens won a Fabric Package from Maria Hunter

Roseanne Berton won a Frog from Ann Flescher

Velma Freudenthal won  Charm Squares from Maria Hunter

Linda Reeves won  Charm Squares from Maria Hunter

Dolores Thomas won a Fabric Package from Maria Hunter

SABLE – Teecia Cornelius announced winners, Lisa Hall, Lana Pries, Twy Hoch and Ruth Hutmacher.

Rec Center Hangings – Debbie Mosley announced that Mini Quilts will be hung in January.

Block of the Month – Meralee Wilson announced winners Dolores Thomas and Phyllis Mitchell.

Holiday Potluck – Anne-Marie Mann announced that $244 and Food Donations were received for Food Share. Table Centerpieces were won by – Shirley Kemnitz, Tina McCann, Lisa Taylor, Marylynn Kleeman, Jean Amundson, Velma Freudenthal, Rosanne Berton, Dolores Thomas, Lucy Milliken and Pam Grinwell.

New Members were welcomed by Joan Johnson.

President, Phoebe Hein was presented with her “Presidents Quilt” a beautiful,  king size quilt made with bright Kaye Fawcett fabric. A work of art and it brought a giant smile to Phoebe’s face.

Show and Share

Darcy Trego – Billy Bag for her sister, place mats and coasters in pink and green and a T-Shirt Quilt for her daughters wedding.

Anne-Marie Mann –  Orange peel quilt in shades of pink, a table topper from 5” quilt squares and a multi colored “Birds” quilt.

Teecia Cornelius – Chili Pepper Christmas Stockings.

Lisa Taylor – “Stars Quit” made by Lisa’s friend in Portland, quilted by Lisa.

Lisa Hall – A portrait quilt of her 30 year old horse.

Sue Stephenson showed Community Quilts made by our new member Kathy Arehart, one was a beautiful Head Start Nap Quilt with a truck and tractor pattern.

Vice-President Meralee reminded the membership that the January General Meeting will be the “Silent Auction”.  

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, OCQG Secretary

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