NEEDED: A bunch of little face masks – by Sue Stephenson

I have been contacted by Samaritan House and they need both adult and kids facemasks for their residents.  We are doing OK with the adult size (we can always use more for upcoming requests!), but we are short on supply of the child sizej.  Samaritan House is asking for about 50 of these little cuties,
Additionally, when I met with a rep of OSU Extension Services today to deliver masks as they are anticipating being able to open up some of their services soon, I asked if she had any needs for kid size facemasks.  They work with our local 4Her’s, and so yes, they need some also.
Bottom line – time to crank up those machines again.  Any pattern is fine, and while I need you to concentrate on the little ones, we will also be needing all sizes for future requests.  I picked up a BUNCH today, and thanks so much to all of you filling these needs.  Unfortunately this is something that will be with us for awhile, and becomes even more important as our County begins thinking about “opening up” soon.
Our committee has elastic for any of you running short and i am happy to deliver if you give me a call.
You are such a wonderful and giving group of people.  I have said it before, but I feel such a warm fuzzy when I go to pick up and there are so many more than I expect..  Please continue!