New Board Committee – Meeting Coordinator

The Executive Board approved a new committee at the March meeting to relieve some duties from the Program/Workshop committee. It is called Meeting Coordinator and should have at least 2 persons but 3 is better in case someone has to miss a meeting.

The meeting coordinator will be responsible for the following:
1. Contract with meeting location once a year for meetings and workshop days and arrange payment, this includes designing meeting room chairs and table setups, which is already arranged.
2. Have a church key and open and close meeting place.
3. Make sure setup is correct.
4. Assign and label tables for committee spaces.
5. Setup microphones and speaker. Cart is available and directions with pictures will be available.
6.: Optional- Zoom if possible.
All volunteers will be trained and have plenty of written and picture directions. There is NO moving chairs or tables, just working with the church for proper arrangements.
Please consider joining this important committee. Email or call Darcy or Jane Szabo for more details and training.