New Retreat Policies

Hi everyone – Your OCQG Executive Board realized there was a need for policies relating to the Guild retreats.  After suggestions, revisions etc, the Board unanimously approved the following policies.  Since they will not be published until next year’s membership book is printed, I wanted all of you to have the opportunity to read them, and print if desired.  We will have a limited number of copies available at the Membership Table for new members.

Thank you to all who worked on this project.  Please email me at if you have questions.

Phoebe Hein, OCQG President



  1. Included are:
    a.  The Guild  Retreat
    b.  The Judy Neimeyer Mini Retreats
  2. If it applies, instructors will be paid their stipulated contracted fee.
  3. Costs for the retreat will be decided by the committee chairmen and divided evenly among the participants. Costs may include but are not limited to:  instructor fees, rental fees, room fees, food fees…etc.
  4. The minimum and maximum number of attendees will be determined by the committee chairmen, taking all details into consideration.
  5. GUILD members have “first preference” for retreats. Organizers will maintain a waiting list for “backup” participants.  NON-Guild participants will be allowed to attend retreats if space is available at the time of the final payment deadline (as set by the committee) and there are no members remaining on the wait list.
  6. RETREATS are self-sustaining. They are listed on the back of the treasurer’s report.  Their funds rollover from year to year.  Any extra income is not absorbed by the guild.
  7. The retreat and its content shall not infringe on any copyright laws.
  8. OCQG Retreats will be scheduled with due consideration for other guild activities, i.e. Workshops, programs, quilt show, etc.….
  9. The $10 discount for Guild committee chairmen and Quilt Show chairmen does not apply to Retreats.
  10. Each Retreat requires a Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable $50 deposit. The due date for the deposit is determined by the committee.
  11. A receipt will be given when the deposit is made. The receipt will include but is not limited to:
    a.  The time, date, and location of the retreat
    b.  Amount paid and amount due
    c.  Required signature of the participant


  1. Retreat attendees must pay the non-refundable non-transferable deposit to receive detailed retreat information.
  2. Deposit and full payment deadline is decided by the committee chairmen.
  3. Any signups without the $50 deposit paid on or before the deposit deadline will lose their spot and be moved to the bottom of the wait list.
  4. It is the attendee’s responsibility to make payment in full on or before the deadline.  If payment is not received on time the attendee will lose their space in the retreat and their $50 deposit.
  5. Retreat fees are non-refundable. If there is a compelling reason a participant can’t attend, they may, rather than lose their fee, find a substitute to attend in their place.  The retreat committee may have a wait list.  In this case, the first person on the wait list will be contacted and the two of them can exchange money.
  6. The Retreat Committee will initiate sign-ups for any Retreat at a date of their choosing. At the time of sign-up, the full Retreat fee, OR a $50 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit will be collected.
  7. The $50 deposit can be counted toward the Retreat fee up to 30 days prior to the Retreat or the final full payment deadline set by the committee.
  8. Full Refunds will be available only if the Retreat is cancelled or rescheduled. In the event of a serious emergency for the participant or an immediate family member a refund may be given and is subject to Board approval.  The refund will not include the $50 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit and any cost to the retreat committee resulting from the cancellation.
  9. No Refund will be given for cancellations by non-members.
  10. If a participant is seeking a refund it is their responsibility to initiate the process with the following steps:
    a.  Fill out a Reimbursement Request (available on the guilds website under Forms) stating the reason for the refund.
    b.  Turn that Reimbursement Request in to the committee chairmen for that particular Retreat.
    c.  The committee chairmen will either approve or deny the request
    d.  If the request is denied the participant can then submit the request to the OCQG Board President where it will be brought before the OCQG Board for further consideration.
    The decision of the OCQG Board is final.

Click here for a more compact, printable version.