November 2019 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Oregon Coastal Quilters Executive Board Meeting November 21, 2019

The meeting was called to order by President, Diane Tillotson at 10 a.m.  A quorum was present.


A motion to approve the November 14th Special Executive Board Meeting was made by Jean Amundson and seconded by Sue Stephenson.  The motion was passed by a voice vote.

Treasurers Report –  Janet Sylvester presented the Treasurers Report and it was accepted as presented.

Excess from the prior retreats needs to be dealt with before the end of the year.  The committee will purchase irons, lights, etc as needed to complete retreat needs or needs of the guild. (such as a microphone and speaker, guest speaker costs, etc.)

Question was brought up and discussion followed regarding Guild Retreat Policies on deposits and refunds.  Retreat committee will review Retreat Policies and report back to the Executive Board.

Old Business

Nominating Committee – Meralee Wilson reported the Guild is still in need of a photographer.

Committees 2020

  • Audit – Gail Chipman
  • Block of the Month – Cyndie Wenz
  • Challenge – Jean Amundson
  • Communications – Melissa Hollenbeck
  • Community Quilters – Lindanne Perdue, Sue Stephenson
  • Documentation – Evelyn DePaolo, Twy Hoch, Patti Stephens, Joanne Sedlacek
  • Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg, Karen Oetjen, Ann Marie Kent
  • Hospitality – Barbara Kinzel, Georgia Sabourin
  • Librarian – Pam Werth
  • Membership –  Maria Hunter, Patti Stephens, JoAnne Sedlacek, Cheryl Kramer
  • Photographer –
  • Programs/Workshops – Janet DeSau, Jane Szabo, Chris Benedetti
  • Publicity – Jean Amundson
  • Quilter’s Surprise – Jan McQueen, Debbie Mosley
  • Retreat 2020 – Georgia Sabourin, Jan McQueen, Gail Chipman
  • SABLE – Ruth Hutmacher, Beverly Ohngeren
  • Veterans Project – Rose Shaw, Ginger Dale, Betty Wilson, Twy Hoch
  • Quilt Show – Darcy de la Rosa
  • 2020 Raffle Quilt – Rosanne Berton, Phyllis Mitchell
  • 2021 Raffle Quilt – Melissa Hollenbeck

Committee Reports

Block of the Month – Meralee Wilson reported no block to pick up, December is Wool Ornament Exchange and sign-up for January block.

Communications – Melissa Hollenbeck requests that BLOG information be submitted in writing.

Community Quilters – Sue Stephenson reported that the Newport School District has requested more quilts for school nurses, request for quilts from CASA and Safe Families.  To date the Guild has given away: 342 Quilts, 22 Sitting Pillows, 32 Totes, 50 Burp Cloths, 20 Toiletry Bags, 4 Dog Beds, 84 Oncology Bags, 32 Cardiology Bags, 42 Pillow Cases, 1 Bib and 40 Hospital pillows.

Documentation –  no report

Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg reminded the group that Finishing School will start again in January.

Hospitality – Beverly Hergenrader reminded the group to bring a placemat, silverware and place setting to the December Potluck Meeting along with a “dish to share”.  Donations of canned food or money will be taken for Food Share and will get you a ticket for the centerpiece drawings.

Librarian – Pam Grindell is working on a list of books for the website.

 Membership – Gail Chipman reported that there were 85 members, 2 new members and 2 guests at the November Guild meeting.  Guild membership is at 208. 22 members have already renewed memberships for 2020.  Renewal forms are in your membership books and are due by the January 2020 General Membership meeting.

Merchandising – Becky Mershon reported the committee is looking forward to the new Artwork from Dennis.

Photographer  no report, vacancy for next year will be announced at December meeting and on the BLOG.  

Programs & Workshops – Janet DeSau and Jane Szabo reported there will be games and give-aways 

at the December Potluck. The 2020 schedule for meetings and workshops is almost complete.  2021 will be the 30th Anniversary for the Guild and  the committee is already working on a Fabulous Year of Programs, Workshops and Special Guests!!!

Publicity – Jean Amundson, no report.

2020 Guild Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reminded everyone that the final payment is due by the December guild meeting.  There are still 5 people on the waiting list.

Storage Unit – Meralee Wilson reported that the storage unit will be cleaned out and organized.  Any items no longer needed will be donated.

Veterans Project – Twy Hoch reported that 9 Veterans Quilts were given out this morning at Longview Hills.  There were lots of good stories to share!

2020 Quilt Show – Darcy de la Rosa reported she still has some “participation labels” from the 2019 Qult Show. Participation ribbons not picked up in December at the membership table will be packaged with the 2020 directory.   Sign-Up for the Quilt Show is going well.  Cindy McEntee has agreed to be co-chair. Darcy reported that the Newport Recreation Center is looking forward to being the home of another great Quilt Show.

2020 Raffle Quilt – Meralee Wilson reported that Rosanne Berton and Phyllis Mitchell are in charge of the quilt.

2021 Raffle Quilt – Melissa Hollenbeck reported that the background for the whale is completed and it has been given to Toni Brodie to applique.  Melissa has decided to do the complete quilt herself rather than having packets for members to do.  She will let the membership know if there are items they can help with.

Challenge Quilt – Jean Amundson reported that the information and rules were published on the BLOG and will start sign-ups at the next General Membership Meeting.  Nan reported that the December National Geographic has some articles on women which might be helpful for quilt ideas.

 Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


  • No Finishing School
  • Community Quilters – 12/5 – 10am-2pm at Family Fabrics Waldport
  • No Documentation
  • General Membership Potluck Meeting – 12/12 at Atonement Lutheran Church
  •           Table Walk @ 12:30 pm – Meeting/Potluck @ 1 pm
  • No December Executive Board Meeting
  • Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, OCQG Secretary

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