OCQG Quilt Auction

This year the Quilt Show, one of our biggest revenue streams had to be canceled. One of the Activities of the show is our Small Quilt Auction. We are going to have the Auction, but it will be quite different this year because we are going to utilize the Web based Auction site called 32Auctions. We are hoping that we can replace some of that revenue to carry us through this coming year with our future Face to Face meetings, Guest Speakers and Classes. We need help from all of you. Since we are having this Auction online, we are not limited by the size of the quilts This is an exceptional guild of exceptionally talented people and I know every member will be proud to see our Auction. If you cannot donate a project, then be an ambassador by telling everyone you know about it and ask them to pass the word too. The more people that know about it means the better chance of selling all our quilts. Our goal is to have our auction in September. We will advise the date of our Auction at a later date. We need the quilts by August 15th. The following people have volunteered to be our collecting stations along the coast.

  • Viki West – Yachats
  • Jane Szabo-Waldport
  • Jean Amundson-Newport
  • Roseanne Berton-Lincoln City

You can contact me if this does not work out for you, and I will make some arrangements to have your project picked up. I know this will be a great success because once this guild sets its mind to something there is no stopping them.

Thank you for your time Chris Benedetti