OCQG Weekly Posts thru Fri., March 8th, 2024


Those of you who took the SMOOCHIE class last month, please bring your quilts (no matter what stage of completion) to the Guild meeting on Thursday for show and tell.

Thanks, Pamela

Community Quilts Work Day Reminder

COME JOIN THE CREATIVE FUN on Friday, March 15, at Atonement Lutheran Church. Did you sign up for our Work Day? Or were you thinking about signing up but missed the signup sheet at our last meeting? Here is everything you need to know.

We will be meeting from 9:00-4:00. Bring your lunch. Bring your sewing machine and your favorite thread. Bring your preferred sewing tools. Bring a story to tell about when you knew you loved quilting.

Activities: We have quilts to tie and an expert teacher to support the process. We have items to sew: French Seam Pillowcases (with no raw edges) from kits to delight our senses of color and pattern and snuggly baby blankets to hem. We will make pillows from quilt squares and fat quarters AND we will stuff and sew them closed (we have a request for 24 pillows from Seashore Family Literacy). We plan to work intensely in the morning and use the afternoon time to finish up what we started.

Come join the fun!

Change to the OCQG Bylaws

At the February 15, 2024, meeting,  the Executive Board recommended the following change to Article V, Section 4c, under duties of the treasurer, regarding the annual financial report:

Change “publish on the guild website” to “post an annual financial report.” 

The rationale for this change is that the website can be accessed by nonmembers, who should not be privy to this kind of financial information. By using the word “post,” the treasurer will have a few copies and announce the availability of the annual report at a general meeting. Of course, any time a member wants to see the annual report or the budget information they may do so.

As the Parliamentarian, Jean Amundsen will bring this proposed change to the March guild meeting for a vote of the general membership.