The Executive Committee meeting held on ZOOM was called to order at 10 a.m. by President Diane Tillotson.

New Business:

2020 Quilt Show – Darcy de la Rosa and Cindy McEntee announced that due to the current restrictions for large group gatherings the 2020 Quilt Show will not be able to be held.  

  The drawing for the 2020 Raffle Quilt will still be held, date and time to be announced.

  Specific income from Quilt Show advertising will be returned.

  Kathleen Ritzman reported that all vendors have paid.  Kathleen will contact vendors by email to see if they want a refund or if they want to reserve for next years Quilt Show.

  2020 Raffle Quilt – guild members are encouraged to continue to sell raffle tickets. Money and ticket stubs can be mailed in.  Jean Amundson has tickets available in Newport.

  Darcy will contact Quilt Show judge and see if she would like to do next years show.

  Cancellation of show will be announced on Guild website, information to Chamber of Commerce

  Featured Quilter for 2020 Jane Szabo will be Featured Quilter for 2021 show.

  Quilt Show Co-Chairs Darcy de la Rosa and Cindy McEntee have agreed to chair the 2021 Quilt Show and will contact their committee chairs to see if they will agree to carry over for 2021 Show.

  Atonement Lutheran will be contacted to cancel dates that were reserved for judging.

Diane thanked Darcy and Cindy for their willingness to continue as co-chairs for the 2021 Quilt Show!

Debbie Mosley moved that the 2020 Quilt Show be cancelled. Motion was seconded by Marie Hunter and passed by a raised hand vote.

Approval of minutes – Nan Scott moved that the minutes of the February Executive Board Meeting be approved as published.  Motion was seconded by Jean Amundson and approved by a raised hand vote.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Janet Sylvester and accepted as presented.

Old Business

President Diane Tillotson reported that the $200 donation to the Lincoln County Fair will be applied to the 2021 Lincoln County Fair.

Committee Reports

Block of the Month – no report

Challenge – Jean Amundson reported since there will be no Quilt Guild meeting in June, participants in the Challenge Quilt should submit a photo, name of quilter, title of quilt to Nan, Velma and Jean. Also please note that dedline for submission of finished quilts is June ll.  Photos will be posted on the Guild Website so guild members can vote for lst, 2nd, 3rd place.  VOTING ENDS JULY 9th.  Jean will send an article to the local newspapers, News Lincoln County, Oregon Coast Today, Newport Chamber of Commerce and Lincoln County League of Womens Voters.

Communications – Melissa Hollenbeck reported committee communication is going well and gave kudos to the Community Quilters for their help with needs in the county.


Community Quilters – Lindanne Perdue gave the following report:

2020 Distributions to date: Quilts – 75; SitUpon Pillows (after-school programs) – 10; Totes, general – 23; CAC pattern totes – 15; Burp Cloths – 36; Hospital Pillows – 10; Pillow Cases – 16; Oncology/Cardiology Bags – 4.

     Totals are down a little from last year as we have ramped up sewing face masks for various agencies in Lincoln County (more on that below).  We are really short on inventory of quilts, especially twin sized or larger, and many of the agencies we normally serve are returning to full staffing and service.  We have many quilt tops that just need to be quilted, either by machine or tied.  Lindanne has undertaken distribution  and pickup of quilts being completed.

     Our inventory of all other items is good at present.  Many will be distributed in the next month.

     FACE MASKS – We continue to receive calls from agencies needing our cloth face masks.  We are currently collecting kids’ sized masks to fill an order form OSU Extension, primarily for 4H.

We have Collected: 1455 masks and Delivered: 1348.    

     I try to  keep a small inventory on hand to meet urgent needs, but the need seems to be winding down.

     We have delivered masks to the following: Newport Samaritan Hospital, Celebrate Today, Riverbend Hospital, Springfield, Lincoln County Emergency Transit Worker, OCCC, Safe Families, Seashore Literacy and Waldport WIC, Lincoln Co. School District Food Preparation, OSU Extension, Samaritan House, Lincoln Co. Clerk’s Office (ballot counters).

     Totals do not reflect the hundreds of masks made by members for families and friends, and with one exception, do not reflect masks made by out of area members for their local agencies.

      Community Quilters sponsored a “Porch Drop House Block” round robin exchange, with 21 members participating.  The final 21 blocks were featured on a blog post and are now being put together for wall hangings that will be offered to some of our agencies to use as fundraisers.  They are very clever and will surely bring a smile for many years.

     This committee has been purchasing elastic from our local quilt shops for members to use in mask making.  We have also been purchasing wide back material to use as backing as it makes the bundling process a lot easier.  I anticipate that we will somewhat exceed our budget for this year.

Documentation – Evelyn DePaolo reported that it is canceled for June.  Last documentation still need to be copied and mailed.  Hope to have next documentation in September.

Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg, no Finishing School until January.

Hospitality – Georgia Sabourin, no report.

Library – Pam Grindell, no report.

Membership – Maria Hunter reported we currently have 198 members.

Merchandising – Becky Mershon reported the results of the survey for new clothing items:

31 Denim Shirts; 23 Hoodies;18 T-shirts; 13 Sweatshirts.  Becky showed everyone the beautiful new logo.  There will be samples of the clothing items to try on in June and the committee would like to visit the guild Friendship Groups to take actual orders.  Payment can be made when ordered or delivered.  Fabric panels are delayed.  The committee needs storage space for merchandising items, a storage unit would cost $80/month or $500/6months.  

Programs  & Workshops – Janet DeSau and Jane Szabo reported that they are really looking forward to the UFO meeting next year!  The committee is working on rearranging meetings and workshops.  Janet DeSau moved that the June, July and August programs and workshops be canceled. Motion was seconded by Maria Hunter and passed by a hand raised vote.  Programs and workshops will be reevaluated in September.  Jane Szabo recommended that the “Special Meeting” celebrating the Guild’s Anniversary be postponed until 2021.  The guild has some treasury reserve so we should be ok with meeting costs.

Publicity – Jean Amundson willing do some additional publicity to highlight the Quilt Guild activities with photos and Veterans Committee deliveries with photos.  If you have information for publicity, please let Jean know.  Suggestion was made to add Oregon Coast Today and North Lincoln County Historical Society to list.

Quilt Hanging – Debbie Mosley reported there will be no more quilt hanging until 2021. 

Quilters Surprise – Debbie Mosley reported gifts have been purchased and are ready for the next meeting (whenever that might be).

2021 Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reported members can sign-up by mail, information will be on BLOG after May 26th at 6pm and will be registered by timestamp on email.  No deposits yet.  Georgia will be in contact with the Oregon Gardens . Will check regarding numbers that can be in the room and how much cost would be per person if fewer participants.  A decision will be made in September.  Perhaps look at the retreat being held at a later date?  Will reassess when more details are known.   Georgia asked for use of email list to update  members regarding retreat.

SABLE – Ruth Hutmacher reported  that September will be “Fall Fabrics”.  Ruth agreed to continue as committee head in 2021. 

Veterans Project – Rose Shaw reported that the committee has two new members, Diane Tillotson and Cheryl Kramer.  The committee delivered 13 Quilts by Porch Drops in March.  Goal is to get list up to date.  Twy Hoch delivered  block kits to Ruth’s Fabrics and Quilters Cove where they can be picked-up.  Need  to have quilt tops made. Currently have 26 names on the List.  Application sheet is on the BLOG and should be filled out in detail.  Drop Off and Pick Up hours for Ruth’s and Quilters Cover on the BLOG.  Committee would like to have a Guild Letterhead (Nan will make template) for notes to Veterans to be included with a Rack Card and quilt in a pillowcase.  List is growing, can really use more help!

2020 Raffle Quilt – Rosanne Berton and Phyllis Mitchell reported there are 72 packets out, 25 returned, Jean Amundson has packets for pick-up in Newport.  Send stubs and money in before August lst.  The quilt is still hanging at Quilters Cove.

Diane Tillotson informed the group that she felt the meeting went well using Zoom.  Executive meetings will be held by Zoom at regular scheduled dates and time (3rd Thursday at 10am) until further notice.  Nan will renew Zoom subscription for meeting $14.99 per month.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:39 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, Co-OCQG Secretary



  • Finishing School – TBA
  • Community Quilters – TBA
  • General Membership Meeting – Hopefully September
  • Documentation – TBA
  • Exec Board Meeting – June 18th by ZOOM at 10 a.m.