Program/Workshop Volunteers Needed

Please consider helping the Program Committee this year. It will soon have no one to run the committee. The meeting programs and workshops are all planned for the year.

There is no setup of tables or chairs, that is all done by the church, only minimal moving of extension cords, irons, and speakers. There are carts available.

Jane could continue the zoom, but will train someone to use the TV which is easy.

Please step up.

The duties are as follows and should be shared to make it easy.
1. Arrive early to open church, get microphones and speaker ready, Jane will train.
2. Introduce speaker and/or help speaker hang quilts if in person.
3. Make sure committees have room at table walk.
4. Signup people for workshops at table walk and announce/promote workshops.
5. Make sure all is returned to church closet and lock up hall.
6. Attend Board meetings on zoom, no driving.

Every Workshop Leader is allowed a free workshop. You also get to chose next year’s programs and workshops, but there are lots of suggestions, resources and help with that, so don’t let that stop you.

Jane Szabo