QS-Committee Chairs

Quilt Show Committee Co-Chairs

Barbara Kinzel and Jane Szabo

Sub-Committee Responsibilities

We need to fill in the blanks!

Quilt Show Task Responsible Person (s)
Ballot counting  Joan Johnson
Boutique Gail Chipman, Jan McQueen
Budget/finance tracking OCQG Treasurer (Janet Sylvester)
Café interface Phoebe Hein
Challenge quilts Viki West
Children’s corner Jane Towsley
Demonstrations Jane Szabo
Flyer distribution Lynn Moody
Grab bags Meralee Wilson
Guild Activities Betty Wilson/Cheryl Kramer
Hostess coord (workers @ show)  Pamela Potter/Viki West
Inside signs Linda MacKown
Judge contract Barbara Kinzel
Judging support Jackie Stankey, Pat Laub
Hanging Coordinator: Large gym Jane Towsley
Hanging Coordinator: Small gym Jan Hoffman
Layout-show Jane Szabo
Merchandising Penni Myers
Outdoor signs Joanne Sedlacek
Outside Volunteers Coordinator Diane Tillotson/ Barbara Kinzel
Parking coordination (not needed in 2023)
Pipe, drape stand coord Meralee Wilson
Posters, PC design Jane Szabo/Linda Patrick
Publicity: Newspaper/ pre-show ads, etc Jean Amundson
Program book editor Nan Scott
Program book ads Patti Stephens
Quilt intake, return Sue Stephenson/Heidi Ware
Quilt sales coordinator Debbie Mosley
Raffle quilt ticket sales (pre-show) Meralee Wilson
Rec Center interface Barbara Kinzel/Debbie Mosley
Registrar (& helper) Darcy de la Rosa
Ribbon ordering Barbara Kinzel/Jane Szabo
Ribbon pinning (Thurs PM) Janet Baldwin/Teecia Cornelius
Ribbon double-checking Barbara Kinzel/Jane Szabo
Set-up assistance coordination
Small quilt auction Jean Amundson/Velma Freudenthal
Sponsored ribbons Toni Brodie
Storage coordination Dianne Tillotson, Meralee Wilson
Table coordinator Debbie Mosley/Barbara Kinzel
Thursday potluck Lisa Taylor
Truck rental, load/unload Diane and Steve Tillotson
Upper railing hanging coord
Vendors Phoebe Hein
Venue clear-out coord Barbara Kinzel/Jane Szabo
Veterans quilt project Betty Wilson, Sonny and Janet Hamner
Featured Quilter Ruth Hutmacher