Quilt Show Kickoff Meeting Thursday!

Hear ye, hear ye, all quilt show subcommittee members (and other interested persons)

Come to the first meeting for the 2019 quilt show on this Thursday, February 21, Lincoln County History Center Carriage House building, at 1:15 p.m. We have some important business to discuss/decide, and your information packets will be available for pickup. It’s really important that each subcommittee be represented at each monthly meeting between now and the quilt show, so put the meetings on your calendar now (third Thursday of each month).

Come, participate, have a treat (meringue kisses this month, in honor of Valentine’s Day), and get your “how-to” packet so you’ll know what to do and when to do it!

Looking for a Few Guild Members!

Just a few quilt show subcommittee positions are still vacant, thanks to the many guild members who have signed up to help. However, the remaining jobs are critical—please consider whether one of them would be a good fit for you:

Large and Small Gym Hanging Coordination (two positions):

  These people direct and coordinate the many volunteers who actually erect the show on Thursday, August 1 and take it down Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. Erection of the show is usually finished before mid-afternoon on Thursday. They sign up and schedule the hanging and takedown volunteers, usually beginning in June or May. They are also invited to participate in the show hanging committee meeting in mid-July (when the actual layout for each quilt is decided). No ladder work is required!

Hostess Coordination:

   This person signs up/schedules the quilt show volunteers for Friday and Saturday. The job usually starts in June when a signup chart is brought to the general meetings in June and July (May if desired). During the two days of the show, the hostess and her helper(s) check to make sure volunteer positions are covered. They also collect and count the monies from the entrance, raffle quilt, and a couple of other stations where money is involved. The funds are then turned over several times each day to the guild treasurer, Janet Sylvester.

Demonstrations Coordination

   This person schedules vendors and guild member volunteers who demonstrate techniques and tools during the show. Since there are two bed turnings and two veteran quilt presentations each day, there are only about four-five demonstration slots during each day.

Each of these positions has complete “how-to” information packets that provide guidance and suggestions—you won’t be left “turning in the wind!” Come to the quilt show meeting on Thursday, February 21, Carriage House building at the Newport History Center, 1:15 p.m. to sign up for one of these jobs and to pick up your info packet, or let Jackie Stankey, Darcy de la Rosa, or Jean Amundson know that you’ll take the job. You’ll be much appreciated!

Oh Howly Night by Ruth Hutmacher