Suffrage Challenge Quilts & Recent Photos

Suffrage Challenge Quilts
Velma and Jean picked up the suffrage challenge quilts from Latimer today, March 1. Although the museum was open to the public for just two weeks of the time the quilts were there, the comments from those who saw them were very favorable.
People who gave their quilts to Velma can make arrangements to get them back from her, and the same goes for those that ended up with Jean.

Don’t miss out on open house March 14 for “Forest River Quilt” by Kathryn Bradley

Reservations must  made by calling 503-842-8622 space is limited.

Here’s a link to the Latimer Spring 2021 Newsletter. March:April 2021 Newsletter.pdf

Here are some photos taken by Diane Tillotson of the Veteran’s Sew in Day and the February Community Quilter’s Drop in.