Vacant committee positions – Volunteers needed!!!

This is a reprint of an important blog post by Phoebe Hein that was lost in the shuffle because several of us put up posts on the same day.  We’re working on consolidating the blog posts.  Thank you for your understanding.

This is a plea for volunteers!  We currently have ONE person signed up for next year’s Hospitality Committee.  As you all know, that committee needs more than one to perform the associated tasks.  All of us appreciate the coffee, tea and other snacks so graciously provided and set up for our meetings.  Two, preferably three, additional members are needed.

Also, Programs and Workshops currently has ZERO members signed up to head this committee.  Almost all of the months have already planned and we have two members volunteering for meeting set up and take down so a large part of the work has already been done for you.

PLEASE consider volunteering for one of these important positions.  You can let Diane Tillotson know by phone (541-223–1093) or email ( or by telling her in person at this Thursday’s meeting.

Thank you,

Phoebe Hein, President