What is your Veteran’s Quilt Committee up to

OCQG veteran's quilts 2021In addition to making quilts to be awarded to veterans, which includes sewing the tops, quilting the quilts, making labels, collecting info from the vets, and arranging delivery, one of the most meaningful parts of our work is the delivering of the quilts to the vets. It is Sooo rewarding to see the expressions of thanks and awe from the vets, especially during these last few years. We have been very careful to maintain a safe distance, but even with a mask you can see the gratitude. A small thing in this tough time.

I thought I would let you know some of the places we have delivered quilts. We have been to many homes, porches, and driveways but some of the more unusual spots are:

  1. Newport Library parking lot
  2. Newport Airport
  3. Otis Fire Dept. parking lot
  4. Salishan
  5. Moose Hall in Waldport
  6. Quilters Cove parking lot
  7. Longview Hills clubhouse
  8. Agate Beach Golf Course
  9. Pig and Pancake
  10. Atonement Lutheran Church parking lot
  11. Trinity Methodist Church – Toledo
  12. Harbor Village RV Park
  13. Siletz Grange Hall
  14. Devils Punch Bowl
  15. Elk City (required 4wheel drive)
  16. Lincoln County Courthouse
  17. South Beach Marina
  18. Georgia Pacific Parking lot
  19. Waldport Catholic Church parking lot
  20. Enough Antique Store in Waldport
  21. Outside of a dentist’s office
  22. Outside the old South Beach Post office
  23. Newport Nazarene Church
  24. Noels Market in Siletz
  25. Parking lot on Hwy 22
  26. Eleanor’s Undertow in Lincoln City

OCQG veteran's quilts 2021A special thanks to Cheryl Kramer’s husband and Rose Shaw’s husband for accompanying them on many of these deliveries. And a great big THANK YOU!! to all of you who have helped put all these quilts together. We have delivered over 100 quilts so far in 2021 and about 350 total. That is a lot of quilts.

Ginger Dale

OCQG veteran's quilts 2021