What’s New at 2023 Quilts By The Sea

1.  DEMOS are back with 2 a day, quilted post cards and wine cozy.  Kits will be available to purchase at Guild booth for $5, all proceeds going to the Guild.
2. BLACK DRAPES have replaced the old white sheets.
3.  SCREENS are being tried out for displaying small quilts.
4.  PAT.E.MAC’s BBQ will be our food vendor for Friday.
5.  Unfortunately we have no food vendor for Saturday, so bring your lunch.  Coolers, water and snacks will be in the break room.
6.  WRISTBANDS will be used for admission proof, no more stamps.  Bring your name tag for free admission.
7.  NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS, see Jane or Pamela for signing up to work at the Show.
8.  SPONSORSHIPS- we have a sponsor, Northwest Quilting and Fun Fabrics.
9.  VENDORS are full! We have 24 vendors to bring us lots of quilting treasures.

Jane Szabo and Barbara Kinzel