Zoom Guild Meeting Reminder, Community Quilters Request, Zoom Class

March 11, 1pm, Zoom Guild Presentation 

Your Program Committee has an informative program planned for you in the Zoom Room beginning at 1:00 PM today, Thursday March 11th. You should have received your Zoom Invitation from Nan.  Click on and tune in!

Debbie Wendt of Wendt Quilting will give a presentation on Egyptian Tentmakers Appliqué, A look into the artisans of Cairo, Egypt.  Her collection of the Tentmakers’ work and steps of their applique technique and may also include other crafts from Egypt.  She will have a trunk show and PowerPoint presentation showing the men at work.

While living in Cairo, Egypt Debbie was introduced to and befriended the men known as Tentmakers.  They make the applique decorated panels used as tents for ceremonies.  Tentmaker references have been recorded as far back as Biblical and Pharaonic times.  It is a dying art.  She will share the pieces she purchases while living in Egypt and others purchased since she left. 

Community Quilters Request

Greetings fellow Community Quilters. (As a reminder, that designation encompasses ALL guild members!)  It’s Tuesday morning, and I have just returned from delivering quilts and other items to some of the agencies we generally serve in Newport, and while doing so, I gleaned some information that I would like to share with you.  Covid has presented some real challenging obstacles to groups who exist to help others as they have not been able to meet with their clients in person, and so often many don’t have access to a computer or internet.  But things are changing.  Kids are getting back to the classrooms, and apparently beginning in April, even the high schools will begin to offer hybrid learning.  Everyone I spoke with today felt there will be a significant need developing in the next month or two for more facemasks for little and big kids.  Our facemask inventory is almost gone.  So we are requesting everyone to get those machines fired up and start turning out some facemasks.  One agency in particular is in the process of putting together “book bags” for their young clients.  These are fabric bags that can hold a book or two, and include a facemask.  I suggested the possibility of providing them with a good sized, sturdy bag that came with a matching facemask, and they were really excited about that.  As these agencies are slowly opening up again to be able to meet in person with their clients, they will also be ramping up handing out our beautiful quilts and pillowcases.  Currently our inventory on quilts and pillowcases is really good, but we are down to about 20 facemasks.  The more creative you can be in making these book bag/facemask combos, the better!  The bags can be plain or fancy, just be sure that the handles are securely fastened.  Since these will be going to kids, this is a great opportunity to use some of those appropriate fun fabrics, such as sports, animals, transportation, cartoon and movie characters (like Star Wars-we get a lot of requests for items made of these fabrics).  Quilters Cove has again volunteered to be a drop off/collection point for these items, and you can always give someone on the Community Quilters Committee a call and we’ll make arrangements to get them from you.  You all responded so incredibly when we first asked for facemasks, nearly a year ago now, and we are hoping to repeat that experience!  Thanks so much to all of you who have continued to support Community Quilters.  

Sue Stephenson

Lindanne Perdue

Jan McQueen

Upcoming Zoom Workshop

Want to take a zoom workshop?
The Guild will present its first zoom workshop on May 14, 9-12 am. Emily Taylor will be presenting a “Collage Quilt” workshop where everyone has a front row seat!  You don’t have to pack up and move.  You will need any beginning pattern from her website, collagequilter.com (special code will be provided for a discount).  The class fee is only $35, members and $45 for non members.
Sign up early as we have limited spaces.  Email Jane, szabojj@peak.org, to sign up or for questions.

Emily Taylor Is a self-taught artist, fabric designer and quilter.  She has been a creative entrepreneur in the quilt industry for 12 years.  Emily has been featured on QVC for her wallpaper murals and has created over a dozen fabric collections.

Her quilts have been featured in the quilt & craft magazines, Art Quilting Studio, Be Creative, and Where Women Create.  Emily is the author of Collage Quilter: Essentials for Success with Collage Quilts, published in 2019 and Take Flight~Fun with Textile Collage, published in 2020.  Her foolproof collage quilt patterns combined with enthusiasm for teaching her students the secrets of success have generated a loyal following around the world.

Jane Szabo