August 2019 Newsletter Blog

Our next General Membership Meeting will on Thursday, August 8th at Atonement Lutheran Church Table Walk – 5:30, Meeting – 6:00

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The August Program will be our Quilt Show Wrap-Up


  • Quilt Show Timeline:  See below (I’ve put into pdf format so you can print this)
  • Community Quilters are not meeting in August
  • Executive Board Meeting: August 15th – 10 am Carriage House
  • Quilt Show Meeting – August 15th 1:15 Carriage House
  • Finishing School – August 22: 10-4 Carriage House 

I’m starting off the blog this month with a schedule for the quilt show.  I hope you’ve clipped those stray threads, rolled the pet hair off, put the sleeves and labels on and made out your insurance waiver.  Monday July 29th is Intake at Atonement Lutheran between 2 and 4 pm.


If you’d like to print this timeline, here’s the link: Quilt Show Timeline.pdf


Monday 7/29 2-4 Turn in quilts at Atonement Lutheran
Tuesday 7/30 8-5


Judging at church

Members of Judging Comm. take Judge to dinner

Wednesday 7/31 8-5



Continue judging

Truck loaded at storage unit – LDS Youth assist? 

Truck Parked in area designated by cones at Rec. Center

Quilt Show Chairs take judge to dinner.

Thursday 8/1 7:00 (?)






9:00 (approx.; wait for phone call)

11:30 or 12 noon (approx.)

1 :00 (approx.)

1-3 (or when quilts have been hung)




5:00 or 6:00 (committee decides)

Vendor committee tapes vendor spaces

Potluck comm.  at Rec Center – coffee, water, brkfst items? 

Meet at Rec. Center to unload truck and set up stands. LDS Youth assist.

Boutique setup

Members bring potluck dishes

Deliver items to boutique

Begin bringing quilts from church. When stands are up, start hanging quilts

Potluck for workers when quilts are hung, or nearly hung)

Vendor setups begin

Sponsored, judged award ribbons hung

4-H Brings supplies to kitchen

Outdoor sign setup

Training for Square users (for charges, debits)

Vendor setup ends for the day

Friday 8/2 8:00-9:00


9:00 to 5:00

11 am and 2 pm

Vendor setup finish (if required)

Boutique opens for Quilt Show volunteers

Quilt Show is open

Veterans Presentation

Saturday 8/3 9:00 to 4:00

11 am and 2 pm




Approx. 3:30



Approximately 5:00

Quilt Show is open

Veterans Presentation

Silent auction closes

Truck picks up large sign, goes to Rec Center

Raffle quilt winner drawn; boutique closes

LDS Youth arrive

Close of show, quilt take-down starts.

Outdoor sign takedown

Participants can pick up quilts

After items returned to storage unit, LDS Youth provided dinner

Quilts by the Sea – Headline News!

Volunteer Vacancies

There are still some vacancies for volunteer spots during the show. Check out the Volunteer Schedule (under “Events – Quilt Show” on our website), then call Evelyn DePaolo or Twy Hoch to sign up! 

 Here’s a link to the schedule. (We try to update daily but if you haven’t signed up or want to make sure all the openings are filled please call Twy or Evelyn.)

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“Threads of Life”

We recently got word that the 2019 quilt from Donate Life Northwest will be displayed at our show! Created by people touched by organ, eye, and tissue donations, the quilt provides an avenue for healing, gratitude, and inspiration.

Local connections include blocks made by Carroll and Grump E. Stratton, Patti Page, and Bee Smith. OCQG members Twy Hoch, Rose Shaw, Heidi Ware, and Elizabeth Wood also assisted in its creation. Be sure to stop by the quilt (in the large gym, northwest corner) to admire it and to read the messages in the explanatory book that accompanies the quilt.

Do Be Square!

We use a device called The Square to process debits and charges. If you’ve volunteered for a site that accepts money, it would be a good idea to get training or a refresher on how to use it. (It’s not complicated!) Nan Scott and Shari Stewart will provide that training on Thursday, August 1, (setup day), about 3:30. Shari will be in the boutique and Nan will be at the guild merchandising/small quilt auction location in the big gym. Be there to “Be Square”!

Selecting Your Sponsored Ribbon Quilt

If you’ve signed up to sponsor a ribbon, the time slot to choose your quilt is from 1:00-3:00 on Thursday, August 1. Find Teecia Cornelius and her stack of ribbons, then choose your favored quilt, fill out the form she’ll give you, and get it back to her before 3 p.m. so that we can list the winners in the program insert. (That’s an absolute deadline so the insert can be printed by Friday morning in time for the show.)


Try to park as far away from the Recreation Center as is feasible for your situation. (There’s a City of Newport parking lot on the corner of Ninth Street and Hurbert, across from LaRoca Restaurant. It’s only two blocks away from the Rec Center. There’s also additional parking on the street just east of the Rec Center.)

Timeline Quilt Show

Do read the quilt show timeline that’s in this edition of our blog. Note the times that are important for you to know and to remember . . .

See you at the show,

Darcy de la Rosa, Jackie Stankey, and Jean Amundson

Potluck Dishes Needed for Volunteers

Please Bring Dishes on Thursday Morning at 9:00 to the Rec Center Kitchen

Fellow quilters, this is your gentle reminder that Thursday, July 31, 2019 is the potluck for the Quilt Show.  We need all manner of contributions including appetizers, the ever popular casserole, salads, a quiche or two, sandwiches, delicious meatballs, cheese, crackers, and desserts.  There will be a lot of volunteers, guild members, vendors, and rec center employees working their tails off for us and we need to feed them our best.  So dust off your favorite recipes, or experiment on a new one, and bring your contribution on Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m.  If you want your dishes back, please be sure to label them.  And speaking of labelling, let’s remember that some of us eat gluten free, are lactose intolerant, and cannot eat nuts.  So please label your contribution accordingly.  Thanks so much to all of you for all you do!

Barbara Kinzel

Small Quilt Auction

One of our favorite features at our annual quilt show is the Small Quilt Auction.  This provides the public the opportunity to bid on and purchase their favorite small quilts.  Half of the proceeds will be awarded to a charity randomly selected from the suggestions put forward by the quilters who participated by making and donating the quilts.  This year, the drawing was made by John Raudsep, whose late wife, Rosalie, was a member of the guild.  The charity to receive our gift will be the Lincoln County Food Share.  Thanks to all who participated in this endeavor. 

Lisa Taylor

Check out Oregon Arts Watch ( for a nice article about our show and four photos (including one of our Featured Quilter, Nan Scott). Lori also asked Jean what Cindy McEntee was up to these days! Just scroll down to the photo of our raffle quilt to get to the story.


August Colors:  Purple & Green

Finishing School

Finishing School will be meeting on August 22 from 10 to 4 at the Carriage Hose at the Lincoln County Historical Museum at 545 SW 9th St, Newport. It is a great time to work on a project without being interrupted. You may bring your machine or hand work we will have an iron there for you to use. You may come at any time and stay as long as you like. Bring a sack lunch or go out what ever you would rather do. It is also a great way to get to know other guild members and get help on a project that you need advice on. Fun time is had by all.

I received this next item from my niece and not only did it bring a smile to my face but to others I have shared it withpastedGraphic.png 

I have come to the conclusion that buying quilt supplies and actually using them are two separate hobbies!  

Karen Oetjen

Retreat 2020

Just a reminder….Anyone who is signed up for the Oregon Garden Retreat, your $50 non-refundable deposit is due on or before the September guild meeting 9/12/19.  As it stands now, we have a full retreat with 5 people on the waiting list.  We will fill spots using the wait list so don’t hesitate to contact Georgia if you have not signed up but would like to be placed on the wait list.  Life happens so there still may be a chance for us to find a spot for you.

Gail Chipman

Program Update for September 2019

Sometimes a Great Notion is the new program topic for September.  Favorite and new notions will be presented, demonstrated and given away!!!  Yes, you could have a winning ticket!  This new program will replace the pie social but there will still be cookies and ….. served.  You may find a new tool or notion that you not only love, but get to keep!

Nifty Notions

Marilyn Workman won a Scissor Handled Mug

Quilters Surprise

Bev Hergenrader won an Organizer Basket, 4 1/2” tweezer scissors, playing cards, book mark and cutting mat cleaner.

SABLE – Teecia Cornelius “Blues”

Winners were Toni Brodie, Beverly Hergenrader, Kathleen Holt, Janet DeSau and Twy Hoch.

Block of the Month – Merralee Wilson


Blocks on flag patterns to be used on Veterans Quilts during work party.

Twy Hoch shared a large Thank You Poster from the school children in Philomath for the community quilts.  The community quilters have provided quilts to the Waldport, Toledo and Philomath schools to be used by the school nurses.

The following is a paid ad by Quilter’s Cove:

TLF Tool Sharpening at Quilter’s Cove

Quilter’s Cove is offering a new service from TLF Tool Sharpening. They have been vendors at the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild quilt show for several years and do a wonderful job sharpening scissors, garden tools, rotary blades, knives, garden snippers & loppers, and wood working tools. Leave your tools, kitchen knives, etc. at our shop, Tim will pick them up early Thursday morning and will deliver them back to the shop the following Thursday morning. Because we are doing this as a service for customers payment needs to be in cash or by check. Please make checks payable to TLF Tool Sharpening.

Visit or call Quilter’s Cove at 541-265-2591 for more information.


If you enjoyed Beverly Hergenrader’s moist oatmeal cookies at the last guild meeting, here’s the recipe.