2022 Retreat Postponed until 2023

With great regret and a lot of discussion, the Executive Board has voted to postpone the 2022 Retreat until 2023. Different options were discussed but, safety of our Guild Members and their family members are our top priority.

Right now the 2023 Retreat tentative dates are:

Check-in Tues, Jan 31st and checkout Fri Feb 3rd, 2023 to coincide with the 2023 Willamette Valley Quilt Show.

We do know that the Oregon Gardens rates will be going up. With that being said, the Retreat rates will go up accordingly. Your Retreat Committee is already working on the new contract.

Right now the two options are:

1. Let your payment ride, keep your slot for the Retreat, and pay the difference. If something in your life, comes up before the May General Meeting sign-ups begin then you get your full refund. After sign-ups start we revert to the usual refund rules unless, Heaven forbid, we are still in a predicament with covid.

2. Full refund and you can sign up again, most likely at the May General Meeting.

There will be an email sent out to the Retreat Attendees this evening, or Friday. Please respond with your choices.

Sincerely, Your Retreat Committee
Georgia, Gail and Jan McQueen