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Hand Painted Cloth Using Natural Dyes
Two Day Workshop led by Casey Newman 

The workshop, coming up on April 11 & 12, is part of the 2024 Newport Paper & Book Arts Festival, in its 27th year at the Visual Arts Center.

It’s coming right up, and there are still slots available in this 2-day workshop on hand-painted cloth using natural dyes.

Thank you to Janet Webster for letting us know about this upcoming local event.  For any Guild members who may be interested, here’s the link to the announcement. 






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Sponsored Ribbons

Ladies, it is time to award your special quilt at the Quilt Show to match your imaginative title by signing up on the Sponsored Ribbon poster board.

First, put your name on the poster board; next, place your imaginative title on the line beside your name; then, pay $10.00.  Sign up at the next Guild meeting!!

This is an opportunity for the Quilt Show to earn more money and for you to place a ribbon on your special title.  It can be titles, such as, “It makes me smile,” or “My Oh My,” or “Blue on Blue Beauty.”

We think all the quilts in the show are special, and this is an opportunity to select more winners!

Diane Tillotson, Chair

Quilt Show Sponsored  Ribbon Committee

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Do you have a key to the Community Quilts room in Waldport? If so please contact Lindanne at or give her a call.


Finishing School will be meeting on March 28 from 10 to 4 at the Carriage House at the Lincoln County Historical Museum at 545 SW 9th St., Newport. It is a great time to work on a project without being interrupted. You may bring your machine or hand work, and we will have an iron there for you to use. You may come at any time and stay as long as you like. Bring a sack lunch or go out–whatever you would rather do. It is also a great way to get to know other guild members and get help on a project that you need advice on. Fun time is had by all.


Enter your quilts now for the 2024 Quilt Show. Darcy is ready to receive your registration. Have ready the:

Quilt Name, Size, Pattern, Quilter, Price, and Description.

Go to our website:
Go to Events on top and click Quilt Show

Review the Policies and Categories
Click REGISTRATION, review the page and hit Register

It should be easy to fill in all your information and submit.
Send a digital picture to Darcy or give her a real picture at the Guild meeting.

If you need help, just ask Jane at the Guild meeting or call or email.

The “Other” Category is now called “Other Technique.” We hope that is more descriptive of the category, either whole cloth, embroidery or painted, not just pieced and/or applique.

Jane Szabo, Jan McQueen and Debby Thompson,

Quilt Show Co-Chairs

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Those of you who took the SMOOCHIE class last month, please bring your quilts (no matter what stage of completion) to the Guild meeting on Thursday for show and tell.

Thanks, Pamela

Community Quilts Work Day Reminder

COME JOIN THE CREATIVE FUN on Friday, March 15, at Atonement Lutheran Church. Did you sign up for our Work Day? Or were you thinking about signing up but missed the signup sheet at our last meeting? Here is everything you need to know.

We will be meeting from 9:00-4:00. Bring your lunch. Bring your sewing machine and your favorite thread. Bring your preferred sewing tools. Bring a story to tell about when you knew you loved quilting.

Activities: We have quilts to tie and an expert teacher to support the process. We have items to sew: French Seam Pillowcases (with no raw edges) from kits to delight our senses of color and pattern and snuggly baby blankets to hem. We will make pillows from quilt squares and fat quarters AND we will stuff and sew them closed (we have a request for 24 pillows from Seashore Family Literacy). We plan to work intensely in the morning and use the afternoon time to finish up what we started.

Come join the fun!

Change to the OCQG Bylaws

At the February 15, 2024, meeting,  the Executive Board recommended the following change to Article V, Section 4c, under duties of the treasurer, regarding the annual financial report:

Change “publish on the guild website” to “post an annual financial report.” 

The rationale for this change is that the website can be accessed by nonmembers, who should not be privy to this kind of financial information. By using the word “post,” the treasurer will have a few copies and announce the availability of the annual report at a general meeting. Of course, any time a member wants to see the annual report or the budget information they may do so.

As the Parliamentarian, Jean Amundsen will bring this proposed change to the March guild meeting for a vote of the general membership.

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Veterans Quilt Project Sew-In

As of February 8, 2024, guild members of the Veterans Quilt Project have made and presented 557 quilts to veterans of Lincoln County.  The sew-in is held at the Siletz Grange every third Wednesday of the month.

Free:  Embroidery Unit for Bernina 440QE        

I am trying to clean out my garage, and I have an embroidery unit for the Bernina 440QE that I would like to gift someone.   It has never been used, never even taken out of the box (sigh).   If you are interested, just look me up in the book and call or email me.

Judi Ruder

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Rec Center News

Come out to the Rec Center and see the “On a Quilted Breeze” quilt. Susan Cronenwett donated her winning 2011 Raffle Quilt to the Rec Center. Thank you, Susan.  This winning quilt was accepted into the Houston AQS show and won Viewer’s Choice at the Pacific NW Quilt Show.

Quilt Show Volunteers Needed

We still need volunteers for Flyer Distribution, Guild Activities, Quilt Out-Take and Small Quilt Auction. We have plenty of instructions and will guide you to be successful. Please  help out to have a terrific Quilt Show!

Contact Barbara Kinzel or Jane Szabo

Evelyn DePaolo is our Featured Quilter for 2024

Evelyn started quilting with Rose Shaw, a friend of 40 years, in the 1980s. She learned to hand-piece and hand-quilt with cutout cardboard templates. She still feels that hand quilting is her favorite. She enjoys quilting with her friends, the Bayshore Quilters.

Evelyn joined the Guild in 2005 and has been on several committees: Documentation, Community Quilters, Vendor. She has won several awards for her quilting: numerous blue ribbons, Golden Needle (best hand quilting) and Best in Show.

We all look forward to seeing her great display at the Quilts By The Sea Quilt Show on August 2-3, 2024.

Finishing School 

Finishing School is a great time to work on a project without being interrupted. You may bring your machine or hand work; we will have an iron there for you to use. You may come at any time and stay as long as you like. Bring a sack lunch or go out, whatever you would rather do. It is also a great way to get to know other Guild members and get help on a project that you need advice on. Fun time is had by all.  Meeting on February 22 from 10-4 at the Carriage House at the Lincoln County Historical Museum at 545 SW 9th St., Newport.

Workshop April 12, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, $75

Charisma Horton will be coming to Newport for a program and workshop in April. The workshop will be on the “Pop Star” Quilt, one of her newest patterns.  It has been suggested that members who attend the workshop may want continue piecing their Pop Star quilt project at the Retreat!

Sign up early to reserve a spot before we open it to nonmembers. Contact Jane Szabo to sign up or for more details.

For Sale: Janome AQS2009        $199.00

All accessories and instruction book included.  Great machine for taking to classes and retreats; it weighs only 12 pounds.  It has 18 built-in stitches and two built-in button hole stitches. Has automatic needle up/down button, tacking stitch button, and speed control.  Comes with a hard cover for storage and travel.  Due to ease of use, it would be a terrific machine to teach someone to sew on.

Call Viki at (541) 914-5542 or email at

Quilt Show Meeting 2/15 1pm

Thursday, February 15, 1:00 pm, Newport Library (downstairs room)

This is our first meeting. Please attend to get your committee folder with instructions. If you aren’t able to attend in person, a Zoom link will be sent out for joining virtually (if I have your email). If you are thinking of volunteering for a committee, please join us at the meeting for more information.

Jane Szabo, Jan McQueen (coming home soon) and Debby Thompson


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January 2024 Board Meeting and General Meeting Minutes

Nancy Nash is now the Blog Editor. Please send all emails to


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Finishing School will meet on Jan.  25

Finishing School will be meeting on January 25 from 10 to 4 at the Carriage House at the Lincoln County Historical Museum at 545 SW 9th St, Newport.

It is a great time to work on a project without being interrupted. Bring a machine or hand work and we will have an iron there for you to use. Come at any time and stay as long as you like. Bring a sack lunch or go out whatever you would rather do. It is also a great way to get to know other guild members and get help on a project that you need advice on. A fun time is had by all.


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2024 Challenge Quilt

The 2024 Challenge Quilt is upon us and we have an exciting challenge planned for you that many will want to participate in. The challenge is to create a quilt that represents four seasons of the year. The quilt can be any shape but not to exceed 120 inches in circumference. The four season quilt can be anything you can create…things like trees, birds, flowers, objects, etc. You may embroider, embellish, fuse applique, pieced, or anything else. The quilt is your imagination and creation, so be as creative as you can.

Examples of challenge quilts

Remember any embellishments are allowed. So ladies and gents sign up for the Challenge Quilt today. You must email a picture of your finished quilt to Nan Scott by the May meeting along with your name, the name of your quilt and the dimensions of your project.

The quilt needs to be turned in at the June meeting by you or someone that can bring it to the June guild meeting. Please remember to put a hanging sleeve on your quilt. Members will be able to look at the quilts at the June meeting but will be voting on line. We will be displaying the quilts at the 2024 Quilt Show but they will not be for sale there. You may pick them up at the Quilt Show or donate them to the 2025 small quilt auction or the on line fundraiser. This should be a very fun challenge so sign up or email Diane Tillotson ( and get your juices flowing.

OCQG Scrapbook Retrospective

(From Jean Amundson)
I agreed to review the bins of OCQG scrapbooks (1991-2004) that were in the guild’s storage facility. I have chosen a few items of historical information to save and now am recommending that the rest be discarded. (The photos and pages aren’t suitable for recycling and there’s some mildew, etc.) If you are interested in seeing the albums and/or retrieving any photos, please contact me before February 29. After that, they will no longer be available.

Here are some impressions I gathered during the review:

1. A lot of us look a lot younger in the photos . . .
2. Many of the quilt designs in the photos are similar to the ones we see during Show and Share in today’s meetings (but may have been hand-quilted? I couldn’t tell from the photos). Everything old is new again!
3. From the guild’s beginnings, we’ve been passionate and dedicated about outreach,
charitable activities, and quilt history.
4. We’ve always displayed a good sense of humor.
5. Linda Goebel was our dedicated historian for many years. Thanks, Linda!

Finally, here are a few facts from those earlier years:

1. The first organizational meeting and invitation to join the guild was March 21, 1991, in Room 8 of the Naterlin Community Center, Newport (now the City Hall building).
2. The first quilt show was Saturday September 21, 1991, at First Presbyterian Church,
3. A logo contest was held at that first quilt show. Attendees were invited to vote for their favorite from 17 entries. The Sunbonnet Sue mermaid designed by Linda Goebel was selected.
4. The 1992 quilt show was at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds on August 8. There were 280 attendees.
5. The guild was featured at an art show at the Visual Arts Center in 1996.
Over the next few months I’ll share some more of the information and items I found and saved.

OCQG members, you have a special history!

Feb. 9th Smoochie Workshop with Karen Walker

It’s not too late to register for the Smoochie class. Please contact Pamela Potter ( to make a reservation. Here are the fabric requirements.

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Quilt Show News

Come to the January Guild meeting to meet our 2024 Featured Quilter.  She will be working hard to get ready for an awesome display at our Quilt Show, Aug 4-5.

In order to have a successful quilt show we need more volunteers for some committees.  Our first meeting is not until Feb 15 and every 3rd Thursday, 1 pm at the Newport library or zoom, that’s only 7 meetings. Sign up with Jane at the meeting or I’ll come asking.

The open committee chairs are:

    • Demonstrations
    • Hanging Coordinator-small gym
    • Publicity articles
    • Quilt intake, return
    • Ribbon pinning
    • Small quilt auction
    • Truck rental/driver
    • Set-up Volunteer Coordinator

Jane Szabo, Jan McQueen, Debby Thompson

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Jan. 11th Guild Meeting Program: Neck, shoulders, back and hips, back and hips

Do any of these body parts talk to you while working on your quilts??

I’m sure almost every one of us and can answer yes to that question. Then you won’t want to miss the January 11th guild meeting. Our guest speaker will be Betsy Brooks and she will be talking to us about ergonomics and self care of our bodies while sewing. She will also incorporate movement and self massage techniques to prevent injuries. Betsy is a registered nurse, a massage therapist AND a yoga instructor.

And her enthusiasm is contagious.

See you there!

Lynn Moody, Program Committee

Going to the 2024 Retreat?

All members signed up for the retreat in 2024 final payment due 1/11/24 Click for more info.

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All members signed up for the retreat final payment Jan 11, 2024

All members signed up for the retreat in 2024 at Aldersgate Lodge will be asked to make their final payment on or before the January 11th guild meeting. If not attending the meeting, please forward your check to Gail Chipman, 294 NW Armstrong Way, Corvallis, OR. 97330.

Make all payments to the order of OCQG. Total charge for the retreat this year per individual is $340, so all those who have made their $50 deposit will have a balance of $290 due by January 11th, 2024. If you haven’t signed up yet, and are interested in joining us, please contact Gail at 541-602-7760.

Gail Chipman

Forget something at the Dec. guild meeting?

Hi Guild members,

Did you leave a “cute bag” at the Guild Potluck Meeting last week? It is in the Guild church closet. You may pickup your bag anytime the church office is open, Tuesday – Friday, 10 am- 3 pm. Or you can pickup it up at our next Guild meeting January 11, 12:30, where we learn about keeping our bodies healthy while quilting.

Jane Szabo

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