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Guild Challenge 2021 – Chris Benedetti and Jan Goebel have agreed to chair this committee and have a great challenge for us:

What does thirty mean to you?

This year is our 30th anniversary.  What does the word thirty mean to you?  Have you been quilting for 30 years?  Was it the 30th wedding anniversary that your husband gave you those pearls (the gem for 30 years)?  Have you always wanted to make a quilt with 30 different colors?  Maybe you have always wanted to make a quilt with some words on it.  The word thirty seems like a basic word you can put on your Quilt / Art.  Maybe you have always wanted to put thirty different blocks on a quilt for no reason.  Maybe you are simply happy the Guild is thirty years old and it is there for you?

Well, here is your chance.  Your challenge is to make a quilt or piece of fabric art of your own choosing but somehow there must be a thread (pardon the pun) to the number thirty.  Your title can make the connection.  Thirty years ago, what was the most popular book, what movie won the Oscar, or how can the gem “Pearl” be represented? Minnie Pearl?  Pearl Bailey?

The criteria are that the quilt is anything you make it and this year 120” perimeter (the sum of all four sides) will be the maximum measurement for your quilt.  It must contain something about thirty.  It requires a Label, Title, and a hanging sleeve – or a way to hang it if it is another object.  Let your imagination be your guide.  After all this is the year for “Let it go and be wild.”

Please contact Chris Benedetti or Jan Goebel with your questions.  Thanks.