2023 Challenge Quilt Info

I am excited to announce that the 2023 challenge quilt will be a paint chip challenge.


Layout of samples of materials, selection of materials

What the heck is a paint chip challenge you ask. You will pick a sealed envelope at random that contains two paint chips. Ninety percent of your quilt must be those two colors; you can add one other color that is no more than ten percent of your quilt.

Your fabric must be solid or read as solid. It could be a tone on tone, a batik that is different shades of the same color, or a grunge for instance; but no prints. The quilt can be any shape, but it cannot be more than 120 inches all the way around.

You can sign up at the December meeting; or text or e-mail me – Viki West – by the December 2022 meeting. We will hand out the paint chips at the January 2023 meeting, or find a way to get them to you if you don’t attend in person.

You will pick a sealed envelope and find two paint chips inside. If you really hate your colors, and can find someone to trade with, that is fine. But you don’t get to choose another envelope.

You must have a picture of your finished quilt to Nan Scott by the May 2023 guild meeting; Nan will be sending out an email regarding what information needs to accompany the picture. The quilts need to be turned at the June 2023 guild meeting, or you need get it to me by the June guild meeting if you are not going to be attending. Members will be able to look at the quilts at the June meeting, but we will be voting on line.

We will be displaying the quilts at the quilt show, but they won’t be for sale there. If you don’t want to keep your quilt you can donate it to our 2023 on line fundraising auction next fall, or save it for the 2024 quilt show small quilt auction. This is a really fun challenge, so sign up today; you won’t have to even think about your new project until after the holidays are over.

Viki West