Announcements October 25, 2020

This was written by the sheriff’s office and posted on their facebook page.  They gave permission for us to share it.
“On October 21, 2020 the Oregon Coast Quilt Guild presented several of our Military Veterans with handcrafted quilts as a “thank you for your service” gift. Each quilt is personalized and represents the Veteran’s branch and years of service. They are very detailed and  beautifully done. We are beyond grateful for this kind, thoughtful, and warm gesture. We have many Veterans that work within our office including active duty members. Their service to our country and our community is an outstanding representation of our office and we couldn’t be more proud.”
The note above is for all of the guild members who have helped and contributed to our project.  We are always receivingthanks for what we are doing. Please know that you are all appreciated, especially in this trying time.
Your Veteran’s Committee
The veteran’s group had another work party last Friday.  We all wore our masks and stayed apart, but in spite of all that we were able to get a lot of work done.  While we were working a veteran, Tony Molina from Siletz dropped in and we awarded him his veteran’s quilt.
Tony served in the Army in Vietnam and since returning from the service he has been involved in many veteran’s projects in Lincoln County.
We will be having another work party on Dec. 4.  We can only have 12-15 people so if you are interested let Betty Wilson know.
Just a reminder to members of the guild.  If you make a veteran’s quilt for someone you know we would really like it if you would let Cheryl Kramer know. If you would like us to provide a label for the quilt, it “needs” to go through Cheryl and even if you don’t want a label, but just want to give a quilt to your relative or friend we would still like to know about it.  The only reason we want to know is for our guild  records and to include them in our total count of quilts awarded.  Thanks for your help with this.

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