August 2019 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

August 15, 2019

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The meeting was called to order by President, Diane Tillotson at 10 a.m..  A quorum was present.

Jean Amundson announced that the “displayed at show” ribbons were available for pick-up today.


A motion was made by Jane Szabo to approve the minutes of the Executive Board Meeting on July 18, 2019.  The motion was seconded by Ginger Dale and approved by a voice vote.

Treasurers Report – Janet Sylvester, treasurers report was accepted as presented.  Janet will move a portion of the  Chamber of Commerce fees from the Quilt Show to the general budget as stated in prior minutes.

Diane read the following Thank You notes –

   Paul Reed one of the veteran quilt honorees sent a thank you and a $50 donation

   Coffee Creek Quilters donation

   Quilt Show Visitor that bought a Dresdon plate pattern from the boutique (looking for a missing template)

New Business

Merchandising – Rose Shaw presented a suggestion to contact Dennis McGregor and commission him for a new  picture featuring the Yaquina Bridge to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Quilt Show.  Nan recommended that the idea be pursued for bid, which usually requires a down payment. It is important to give the artist very few specifications and to allow “artistic freedom”. Motion – Nan Scott moved that the merchandising committee be allowed to pursue a contract with Dennis McGregor which would be brought back to the Executive Committee for final approval.  Motion was seconded by Jackie Stankey and passed by voice vote.

Quilt Show Entrance Fee – Jean Amundson brought up the idea of increasing the Quilt Show admission fee.  The bill received from the recreation center was higher than last year.  If the admission was increased to $7 it would provide approximately $1000 in additional revenue.  Discussion followed.

Phoebe Hein moved that the admission fee for the Quilt Show be increased to $7.00 per person.  The motion was seconded by Georgia Sabourin and passed by voice vote.  Parking issues will be discussed at a later date.

Committee Reports

Block of the Month – Meralee Wilson, no report.

Challenge – Ginger Dale reported there were lots of good remarks on the Patriotic Challenge Medallions.  NOW there are lots of quilts to be made with the medallions.  There will be a workshop scheduled in Newport for October.  A Veterans workshop will be held in Waldport on September 20th from 10am-4pm at the Bayshore Clubhouse.  Everyone is encouraged to participate.  There was a suggestion that an explanation of the challenge quilts be displayed at the Quilt Show.

Communications – Melissa Hollenbeck reminded members to check their area on the website to keep it current.  

Community Quilters – Elizabeth Wood reported that Sue Stephenson is ready to get started again and the next meeting will be at Ruth’s in Waldport on September 5th from 10-2pm.  

Quilt Distribution 2019 – 1/1/19 – 8/15/19

Quilts Distributed                                         222

SitUpon Pillows (After-school programs)      22

Totes             21

Burp Cloths                                                   180

Hospital Pillows                                              21

Childrens Corner Pillows                                48

Pillowcases                                                      72

Tote Bags                                                         20

Dog Bed                                                             4

Oncology bags                                                 84

Cardiology bags                                               46


Seashore Literacy Center, Waldport WIC, Philomath School District School Nurse, Blodget School Nurse, Kings Valley School Nurse, Waldport Schools Nurse, Toledo Schools Nurse, Lincoln Co. Fostr Parents Association, Lincoln County Head Start, My Sisters Place, Samaritan House, Childreens Advocacy Center, Samaritan Hospital Oncology, Samaritan Hospital Cardiology, Habitat
For Humanity, Samaritan Hospice, Newport, Samaritan Hospice, No Lincoln County, Lakeview Senior Living, Lincoln City, Neighbors For Kids, Kids’ Zone.

Sue met with a rep from Lincoln County Youth Shelter.  They are asking for quilts for the teens they shelter.  The quilts would stay with the child after they leave the shelter.  They have 12 beds and currently have 2 girls and 4 boys.  Overall, they serve approximately 50 kids per year.  We will also get them a supply of pillowcases.

Documentation – Evelyn DePaolo reported that the September date is full.  October still has some space available.

Finishing School – Paulette Stenberg reported it will be held next Thursday at the Carriage House.  It is time to get started on UFO’s.

Hospitality – Diane commented on their great job at the Quilt Show.

Library – Pam Grindell said all is going well.

Membership -Ruth Johnson handed out the membership booklet update sheet.  Ruth also announced that the Membership Roster is on the website as a password protected document.  Ruth will give information to members as they check in at the next General Membership meeting.  The roster can be found at  The roster is nonchangeable and nonsearchable.

Merchandise – Becky Mershon reported sales at the Quilt Show were not as good as last year.

Nomination Committee – Merralee Wilson will ask for volunteers to be elected officers (will be nominated and voted on by general membership) and will make a sign-up for committees.

Programs/Workshops – Janet DeSau reported the September meeting will be “new notions and tools”.  Suggested demonstrations for teachable techniques – 10-15 minute presentations: multiple seam ironing, perfect corners, end of a binding and using a binding tool.  Janet and Jane are working on next years programs.

Publicity – Jean Amundson reported there will be no September article.  October will be Mister Domestic.  The board thanked Jean for the great job with articles about the guild  and guild activities.

2020 Guild Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reported status quo, retreat is full with a waiting list.

Veterans Quilt Project – Ginger Dale reported that the presentation of quilts at the Quilt Show were well received and greatly appreciated by the Veterans.

2019 Quilt Show – Final meeting will be today at 1:15 at the Carriage House.

2021 Raffle Quilt – Merralee Wilson reported the quilt is complete.  A photo will be taken and post cards made before the Expo in Portland.  Jane Szabo will order tickets, question – how many? After discussion it was decided 8000 tickets would be ordered.  Ticket expense will be part of the 2020 Budget.  Rack Cards will be made later.  Portland Expo is September 27, 28, 29.  Information will go out in the BLOG, sign up to sell tickets at the show will be at the September General Meeting.

Budget – Janet Sylvester reminded the executive board members that committee budgets are due and can be given to her at the September meeting or by email. Reminder that current committee chair is responsible for next years budget.

2020 Challenge – Proposals should be submitted to the Executive Board in September.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.


Finishing School – 8/22; 10am-4pm at Carriage House, Newport

Oregon State Fair – 8/30; 10am-3pm, Salem

Community Quilters  – 9/5; 10am-2pm, Family Fabrics, Waldport

General Meeting – 9/12; Atonement Lutheran Church, Newport

       5:30pm – Table Walk          6:00pm – General Meeting

Documentation – 9/14; 9:30am-3:30pm at Carriage House, Newport

Executive Board Meeting – 9/19; 10-11:30am – Carriage House, Newport

Veterans Workshop – 9/20; 10am-4pm, Bayshore Clubhouse 

       1512 NW Oceans Drive, Waldport

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown, Secretary OCQG

Printable Version of August Board Meeting: