For the Week of March 13-19

Quilt Registration is Open!  Registering quilts online is relatively easy as long as you have your information at hand.  In this blog, Jane Szabo takes you through the process step by step.  We need quilts, quilts, quilts to make a successful quilt show – so Ready, Set, SEW!

How to enter a Quilt into our 2023 Quilts By the Sea Show.

Have this information handy:
Name of quilt
Name of Maker
Who quilted it?
Pattern name or source
Width and Length
Is this quilt for sale?  Price?
What category will it fit?  See decision tree
Digital Picture-or take to Guild meeting for picture or call Barbara or Jane

  1. Go to Guild web page,
  2.  In lower right hand corner see
    Visit and READ the registration page HERE  to register your quilts.
    Click the “HERE”
  3. Read thru page and on bottom of page, Click “register”
  4. Fill in the form and click submit at bottom after reviewing your answers.
  5. Email picture to Darcy.

Any questions, call or email Darcy, Jane or Barbara.

Hopefully that was easy. We are here to help.

Registration closes July 4th.
Be sure you have a 4” sleeve on your quilt and paper label before dropping off your quilt July 31, plenty of time to sew on a sleeve!

Your Quilt Show Chairs,
Jane and Barbara

Executive Board and Quilt Show Committee Meet Thursday this Week

The Board will meet via zoom at 10:00.  The link will be sent to Board members on Tuesday.  Be sure that someone from your committee is there to ensure a quorum.

The Quilt Show meeting follows at 1:00(?) either in person at the Newport Library or via zoom.  Jane will send the link and confirm the time.

New webmaster on Board!

Donna Harwell, a new member and computer guru, has agreed to serve as our new webmaster following Linda Patrick who stepped down for family reasons.  I was only serving in the transition, so this will be my last blog post.  If you have information that needs to go in the blog, please resume sending it to:

Thank you, Donna and Linda! and thank you MEMBERS for your patience.