General Meeting Minutes January, 2019

Oregon Coastal Quilt Guild General Meeting January 10, 2019

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The meeting was called to order at 1 p.m. by President, Diane Tillotson.


Diane read thank you notes from Food Share Newport and Past President, Phoebe Hein.

Diane has fliers from a couple of quilt shows in Washington and the Eugene Quilt Guild 2019 schedule

for the members to look at.


  Secretary Marian Brown noted the following three corrections to the published minutes from the December meeting; Name corrections Darcy Trego should be Darcy de la Rose, new member Susan Prukop made community quilts and  material used in Phoebe’s Presidents Quilt was Kaffee Fassett not Kaye Faccet.

Jackie Stankey moved for acceptance of the December General Meeting Minutes as corrected.  Motion was seconded by Ginger Dale and approved by members present.

2020 Raffle Quilt ideas will be presented at the February General Meeting.


2019 Quilt Show – Jackie Stankey reported that people need to sign-up for committees.  Currently there are not enough committee chairs to hold the January meeting.  Lisa Taylor reminded members we need to make “little quilts” for the Silent Auction table.  Size requirement is no more than 18X24.

2019 Raffle Quilt – Jane Szabo has tickets and fliers ready, please pick up tickets and sell them to friends and neighbors. The quilt tag will include the names of all members that helped on the quilt.  Sign-up is available to help sell tickets at the Albany Quilt Show on February 1st & 2nd .

Community Quilters – Sue Stephenson once again thanked the membership for their outstanding work and reminded the group that the need for quilts continues.  Sue shared some of the quilts, a baby quilt, a quilt for the new Habitat house, a sudoku quilt, a quilt make from dog print fabrics.  The committee needs tops made, quilting and binding of quilts.  Burp Cloth pattern is available and Pillow Cases for Foster Children are needed.  

Membership – Ruth Johnson reported 90 members present at the meeting.  Ruth thanked her table helpers and reminded the group that the Directory deadline is January 28th.  Ruth also reported that we have some new advertisers.  Directories will be available at the next guild meeting with membership cards.

Finishing School – Karen Oetjen reported it will start up again on January 24th.

Documentation – Twy Hoch reported this is the 20th year for the guild documentation.  There will be training workshops on Saturday January 12th & 19th at the Carriage House from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.  The process of documentation is fascinating so come join the group.

Rec. Center Hangings – Debbie Mosley reported that many positive comments have been received from the public (including men)  regarding the quilts.   Small Quilts will be hung next and returned for pick up at the March meeting.  Quilts for March should be “quilts in green”.

Reimbursements – Janet Sylvester, treasurer reminded the membership that if reimbursement forms are given to her before the meeting, the checks will be ready for pick-up during the break or after the meeting.

Challenge Quilt – Ginger Dale reported fabric is available for the challenge quilts and encourages all guild members to participate.  The blocks will be displayed at the quilt show and Ginger reminded everyone they do not have to be a part of the voting.  Blocks can be as simple or complicated as the quilter wishes and should be 24 1/2” square or 24 x 36.  Blocks can be turned in when finished and  need to be in by June meeting to be included in the voting.

Veterans Block of the Month – Ginger Dale reminded everyone to sign out a packet.

Programs/Workshops – Janet DeSau is looking for committee members.  Please talk with her if you are interested in helping.  The February 14th program will be Marie Bostwick with a program titled “When The Going Gets Tough – The Tough Turn to Quilting”.

2019 Guild Retreat – Georgia Sabourin reminded members to bring a Birthday Bag for someone else, it does not need to be quilt related and not more than $10.  Retreat is Tuesday, January 29th – Friday, February 1st  and promises to be a fun time!  Gail will email the list of supplies needed for her project.

Billy Bag Workshop Show & Share – Becky, Karen, Judy, Phoebe, Liz, Phyllis, Gail and Jan shared their beautiful Billy Bags with the membership.  The bags are very creative with lots of pockets with no two bags being the same.  All the bags were beautiful, lots of colors and themes.

Silent Auction – The program for the meeting was the annual “Silent Auction” which seemed to be enjoyed by all.  The room hummed with conversation, laughter and the exchange of money as members found “must haves” on the tables.  It was definitely an event enjoyed by all!

Special Drawings – Thanks to donations by Marie Hunter and Jackie Stankey’s daughter. 

Jan Hoffman – thread keeper

Beth Nicholson – label set

Linda Reeve – applique pattern

Darcy de la Rosa – applique pattern

Anne-Marie Mann – “Arctic” fat quarter

Dee Hill – Jelly Roll

Nifty Notions

Jan McQueen – organizer

Quilters Surprise

Ann Flescher – pressing mat

SABLE – Gold/Silver

Kathleen Holt and Diane Tillotson

Block of the Month – Merralee Wilson

This year there will be some demo classes to show different techniques being used in the monthly projects.  February paper piecing will be demonstrated at 12 noon before the beginning of the General Meeting.  February block of the month project will be a paper pieced mug rug.

Show & Share

Cheryl Kramer shared a quilt made from “ugly fabric” and placemats with a Judy Niemeyer pattern “Broken Daisies”

Carol Nelson shared a table runner in blue that she dedicated to her mom and a Christmas quilt

Sonny Hamner shared a beautiful king size quilt in blue, purple and while called “Something Different”

Fran Whited shared a bathroom jelly roll rug and a Community Quilt for boys named “Into The Wild”

Lisa Taylor shared a family quilt top from the 1940’s in mint green

Sue Stephenson share some Community Quilts. 

Janet Webster made a quilt in shades of purple and a quilt in brown stripes 

Knotty Ladies tied a quilt in black and pinks

Meeting was adjourned at 2:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Marian Brown. OCQG Secretary